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Test & validation equipment for aerospace sector

The Greek SME was founded in 1995. The company has a long history of providing development services and products in the space, defense and aeronautics sectors. The company works very closely with the European industry having provided software... more


Miniaturized ice detection sensor for aerospace and automotive applications

protocol) Battery powered Hermitically sealed Dimensions: 3cm x 2cm x 2cm (LxWxH) Weight: 120gr The Greek company is seeking for industrial partners or SMEs from mutliple sectors, namely the aerospace, automotive,... more


Patented new innovative torque coupling technology with applications in automotive, aerospace, industrial and marine sectors

The UK SME’s was established in September 2013 to patent and commercialise their novel torque transmission technologies. Their primary business activity is therefore in the development of patents for torque coupling products and licensing of... more

United Kingdom

A Czech company specialized in advanced engineering services and development of innovative products is looking for cooperation in automotive, railway or aerospace industry

aerospace industry wishing to outsource some engineering services, such as static and dynamic analysis, optimization, light-weighting, multibody simulations, computer fluid design, part of product development,... more


Evaluation and test partners sought for specialist cutting tools for machining advanced alloys in aerospace, medical, oil & gas and automotive industries

The UK SME specialises in manufacturing high end special cutting tools/services to distributors or end users for a large range of industry sectors including aerospace, medical, automotive, oil and gas and general... more

United Kingdom

Innovative self-aligning lead screw and ball screw nut to be used in linear actuation

structures or misalignment issues to be accommodated without thought for accurate installation. The technology has applications in multiple sectors including: • aerospace • automotive • industrial • marine • robotics • automation • defence... more

United Kingdom

Axially and radially cooled brake disc with cover

industry. The prototype of the system is available for demonstration. The university is ready to offer manufacturing or licence agreement to manufacturing companies from automotive, aerospace or machinery industry. more


Non-destructive determination of residual strains/stresses and microstresses in polycrystalline materials by means of neutron diffraction

technical assistance: The partner sought is industrial companies from metallurgy, engineering, welding industry, partner developing new materials, nuclear power plant industry, automotive, railway or aerospace... more


Polyurethanes: new 3D-Modelling and Tooling Techniques.

The Austrian SME is a start-up (founded in 2015) active in the plastic industry. In the fields of aerospace, automotive and engineering, big blocks from polyurethane or epoxy resins are used for 3D-modelling or... more


Chromate free smart release corrosion inhibitor technology seeks application partnerships within paints/primers and coatings sector.

Corrosion protection of metallic surfaces is fundamental across a wide range of sectors, including: the construction of industrial, commercial and domestic buildings; aerospace and aircraft; and the automotive... more

United Kingdom

Evaluation and test partners sought for specialist routers for the sign industry or window manufacturers

The UK SME specialises in manufacturing high end special cutting tools/services to distributors or end users for a large range of industry sectors including aerospace, medical, automotive, oil and gas and general... more

United Kingdom

A technology (an installation) for production of ultrapure hydrogen and oxygen

range of applications of ultra-pure hydrogen and oxygen (medical equipment, vacuum equipment, food processing, electronics, analytical technique, the military-industrial complex, aerospace complex, road transport,... more


The Slovak company specialised in the development and production of high-quality aluminium parts made by impact extrusion technology using mechanical and hydraulic presses is looking for long term partnership

products are used in a great variety of applications such as: automotive industry (OEM, tier1, tier2), defence / aerospace industries, household appliances, consumer products, electronic industry. Company is active... more


Aerographite: A high-performance graphene-based functional material with tunable mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical properties for application in the chemical and energy sector, electronics and biomedical applications

electrode materials Electronics: - shielding of radiation in network applications or aerospace applications Biomedical industry: - carrier material in medical engineering and biotechnology Other applications -... more


Innovative precise tester of batteries

The research unit has broad R&D activities in the field of space physics, remote sensing, aerospace systems and technologies, composite and advanced material, special purpose devices. It has implemented successfully... more


Highly specialised medical system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in human body on Earth and in space conditions

The research unit is the leading institute in the country in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, solar-terrestrial and space physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new device to manufacture customised sintered materials

power electronics, structural materials, biomaterials, aeronautics and aerospace. This new technology is useful: -to produce many kinds of materials such as ceramics, composites, metals by sintering small and... more


Innovative man-made fibre development from lab to pilot scale

: development of fibres from biopolymers, spinning of fibres from CO2, development of aerogel fibres from cellulose (e.g. aerospace application), development of fibres with electrically conductive and/or sensory... more


Nanoceramic coating for light alloys, superior to anodising and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO)

UK company seeks manufacturing agreements in emergent fields. These may include aerospace, various titanium products, transport and engine parts (Al pistons, turbochargers), luxury items, but also food and medical... more

United Kingdom

Specialised scientific diagnostic system for assessing the effectiveness of operators in extreme conditions

The institute is the leading unit in Bulgaria in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, solar-terrestrial and space physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric physics,... more


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