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Knowledge, methodologies and solutions for a free-residue agriculture projects

of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and there is an urgent need of searching new solutions applicable in agriculture to old and new menaces. The use of natural raw materials, together with botanicals extracts... more


Production technology of starch-based sorbing agent applicable in food, alcohol and agriculture industries

technology is of particular interest to food, alcohol and agriculture industry. Thanks to the simplicity and low costs of the production process, quick implementation of the technology on the industrial scale... more


Technology for resource-saving agriculture utilising minimal pre-tillage and post-tillage process in the agricultural complex.

solution of production and management tasks. No-Till or conservation agriculture is a concept of resource-saving production of agricultural crops that aims to achieve an acceptable profit along with a high level... more


A Portuguese non-profit R&D organization offers modular and distributed weather/abiotic sensing based on a wireless network for precision agriculture, focused in viticulture.

precision agriculture. The RTD team has been working in precision agriculture in national and European projects for more than 10 years. The offered system is a solution based in... more


Antigens for specific detection of antibodies against Coxiella burnetii, and some chlamydial and rickettsia species with practical use in agriculture, livestock production, slaughterhouses, milk production, animal skin-processing and veterinary industries

• Rickettsia slovaca antigen for ELISA test Potentialities of application of this technology: Professions at high exposition risk: personnel in agriculture, life stock production, slaughterhouses, milk production,... more


Highly innovative Slovak SME has invented a new seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions and is looking for partners for testing of this technology (verification of its effectiveness)

Slovak SME specializes in ecological innovative chemistry, consulting, and research & development of new solutions for clients in various industries, agriculture, and transportation has invented a new seed treating... more


Seeking partners for technology applicable on minimal pepper harvest machine

A Korean SME specializes in recruitment in the field of agriculture by creating a novel job, such as ‘Coordinator in farm’ and development of new technologies to make agriculture... more

South Korea

Russian company specialized in neural networks is looking for international partners for technological cooperation

through voice recognition, which is implemented in the library ); transportation; education; agriculture (for example, determining the approximate population of parasites on the site by analyzing photos of pheromone... more


New applications for electrically-driven vehicles

development and production of gearboxes for agriculture and electric vehicle transmissions. The present range of off-the-shelf parts include: electric transaxle, gearboxes, dual drive units and complete powertrains.... more


Non-random chitosans

for the many bioactivities of chitosans, such as their antimicrobial, plant-strengthening and wound-healing activities, which make them extremely valuable compounds for applications in biomedicine, agriculture,... more


Calculation and satellite imagery tools for crop production management

The SME, a spin-off from a primary University and devoted to the technological transfer in agriculture, is developing innovative tools for resource management in agriculture using... more


An Italian company is searching technical know-how in the field of power electronics and battery systems

production at the customer’s plant and applied on on-highway vehicles and off highway machinery (Agriculture, industry, marine, Construction etc.). In order to extend the technology to diesel-electric hybrid powertrain... more


Design and implementation of electronic traps with sensors for detection and population monitoring of plagues.

pesticides. A prototype of electronic traps based on Raspberry and 4G communication, humidity and temperature sensors and power supply from solar panels has been developed. Precision agriculture is currently... more


Retrofitting of a one-megawatt biogas plant or for newly constructed plants

. All plant components are driven by the centralised control system. The company is looking for partners from agriculture industry for acquisition of the technology under a commercial agreement with technical... more


A Turkish researcher offers mechanical thermal camera to licence the technology

MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) thermal camera that is based on mechanica resonance has developed by a Turkish researcher and originated from Turkey. Thermal imaging has been commonly used in agriculture,... more


Robotised and innovative automatic hydroponic systems

for the Lean Intelligent Agriculture (LIA) robot product. This innovative robot has already received several prizes, it is patented especially for the proprietary in self-calibration devices probes calibrations.... more


Research and development into new fertilizers and biostimulants

quality. The main research lines of the group are: 1) Biostimulants: any improvement in the agricultural system that produces an increase in harvest should reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and improve... more


Innovative device for improvement of watering and irrigation systems

commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners operating in the field of agriculture, bio-foods; floral industry; irrigation and watering, agricultural companies in order to implement... more


[EUREKA/Eurostars2] Partners sought for its odour removal of livestock excretion using innovative microorganism and production of natural manure and feed using excretion in research cooperation agreement

A Korean company established in 2000 is securing microalgae processing technology aiming to improve the efficiency of agriculture and stockbreeding industry. To be more specific, the technology is about odour removal... more

South Korea

Proteomic fingerprinting as a rapid and cost-effective tool for the identification and traceability of fishery products

well as research institutes in the field of fisheries and biodiversity research to design pilot studies and establish a work flow. The vision is to apply this method to a broad array of multi-celled organisms (incl. plants, meat products),... more


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