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Meteorological radar products for agriculture

, and related hail probability d) Very short term forecasting (nowcasting) through tracking of intense precipitation and hail bearing cores. In agriculture, like in many other applications, the main source of data... more


Early warning system for effective and high quality agriculture

the conditions on time that could affect the agriculture in a negative way and will be able to take all the necessary precautions. The company wants to give its licence rights of the system, which the company... more


Knowledge, methodologies and solutions for a free-residue agriculture projects

of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and there is an urgent need of searching new solutions applicable in agriculture to old and new menaces. The use of natural raw materials, together with botanicals extracts... more


Smart monitoring solutions for health and agriculture offered to partners for technical, research and services agreements.

The company is a young SME incorporated in Spain and based in Madrid. It has experience in the full development of solutions, from the early stage of research to the final stage, introducing the product to the market. Its main expertise includes... more


Production technology of starch-based sorbing agent applicable in food, alcohol and agriculture industries

technology is of particular interest to food, alcohol and agriculture industry. Thanks to the simplicity and low costs of the production process, quick implementation of the technology on the industrial scale... more


Biotechnical tool-box characterizes effects of bioactive substances on crop plants - environmentally friendly agriculture

environmental changes. In a nutshell, a growing world population needs more food, more renewable raw materials and more energy. Accordingly, the development of new biotechnological methods to increase the efficiency of agriculture... more


Portuguese non-profit R&D organisation offers modular and distributed weather/abiotic sensing based on a wireless network for precision agriculture, focused in viticulture.

precision agriculture. The RTD team has been working in precision agriculture in national and European projects for more than 10 years. The offered system is a solution based in... more


Water treatment with very low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to optimise the irrigation process and achieve key benefits for water use, crop yields and soil quality

Population growth, climate change and limitations of natural resources mean that agriculture must become more productive, efficient and environmentally sound. According to the United Nations (UN), the world population... more


Scaling up of fermentation processes

, cosmetics, agriculture and food industry. Besides the collections and R&D capabilities, the company is specialized in approaching next steps for a consistent and profitable production for industrial applications:... more


Innovative Slovak SME has invented a new drought relief seed coating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions and is looking for partners for testing of this technology (for verification of its effectiveness)

The Slovak SME specializes in ecological innovative chemistry based on superabsorbents in various industries, mainly in agriculture has invented a new seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields... more


A French SME, expert in precision weather services, proposes high spatial and temporal resolution data throughout Europe

: weather stations, pluviometers (rain gauge), X-band radar - Personal training The SME searches partners for technical cooperation agreement, in agricultural sector to provide solutions in processes for sustainable and precision agriculture.... more


Non-random chitosans

for the many bioactivities of chitosans, such as their antimicrobial, plant-strengthening and wound-healing activities, which make them extremely valuable compounds for applications in biomedicine, agriculture,... more


Coating, painting, glueing and cleaning of complex 3D-geometries

, painting, gluing or cleaning. Sectors can be: assembly of medical equipment, interior decoration, metalworking (e.g. welding), aerospace, agriculture (use of pesticides), automatic cleaning (e.g. toilet seats),... more


Innovative device for activation of water used for plant spraying.

devices for anodic oxidation of water, a university from Latvia has developed his own water activation unit for application in agriculture. The aim was to improve construction of the device and its exploitation... more


A French SME selling home fragrances and cosmetic products is looking for formulation suppliers and/or conditioning and packaging manufacturers in Europe

essential oils with at least 60% of ingredients obtained from organic agriculture. Their products are distributed through specialized networks and shops dedicated to "natural and healthy" products. In their... more


A UK based company offers a social media type of functionality for smart devices:offering secure easy connection, tracking and management of sensors and beacons

fields such as manufacturing, waste collection and agriculture. Automation will lead to reduction in operational costs in addition to increasing both process efficiency and quality. According to surveys, 67%... more

United Kingdom

Computer vision solutions for application in pig farms

neural networks in various environments, computer vision and machine learning has developed advanced computer vision solutions for utilization in husbandry and agriculture. The company offers thermal imaging and... more


Design and implementation of electronic traps with sensors for detection and population monitoring of plagues.

pesticides. A prototype of electronic traps based on Raspberry and 4G communication, humidity and temperature sensors and power supply from solar panels has been developed. Precision agriculture is currently... more


Green technology to collect and recycle vine shoots (branches) into winemaking accessories

Winemaking agriculture like other industries is now facing the need to reduce its environmental footprint. One of the issue is to favour the circular economy by adding value to by-products and limit wastes. After... more


Research and development into new fertilizers and biostimulants

quality. The main research lines of the group are: 1) Biostimulants: any improvement in the agricultural system that produces an increase in harvest should reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and improve... more


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