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Biomass estimation system in aquaculture based on 3D images

In aquaculture, the food costs represent approximately 45% of the operating costs in a fish farm. Thus, the reduction of food costs is essential to achieve the sustainability of such industry, existing great potential... more


Encapsulation technique for alternative feeds in the aquaculture industry

small and uniform particle sizes (around 50-100 micrometers) that are easily detectable and consumable by fish larvae. The microcapsules developed using the encapsulation technology act as an alternative aquaculture... more


Biomass detection system in aquaculture based on optical sensors and neural networks

In aquaculture, the food costs represent approximately 45% of the operating costs. Thus, the reduction of food costs is essential to achieve the sustainability of such industry, existing great potential both in... more


Portuguese company offers a precise monitoring technology for aquaculture systems. Commercial agreements and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

Portuguese company enables precision aquaculture. The solution allows users to monitor and predict water quality changes, without dealing with sensors maintenance. The company developed a compact and easy to install... more


French aquaculture and marine resources cluster is offering its expertise and network under the scope of Horizon 2020, Bio-Based Industries or Interreg calls

sectors including fisheries, aquaculture, food processing and packaging, sustainable development and marine research. In the framework of the new BBI work plan, the Interreg funding and the upcoming H2020 calls,... more


The company, which develops innovative offshore aquaculture equipments, is looking for R&TD and financial partners to enable the production of their submergible equipments and their commercialization at the international market

The company´s submersible feeding, control and command platform is developed at the stage TRL 3 (Technology Readiness Level). The design reflects its suitability for the defined functionalities, its structure has been supported by calculations... more


Customized products made of ultra-high performance concretes (UHPC) with an increased lifespan and minimum weight and maintenance costs

, architecture, aquaculture or energy. The company has a highly controlled UHPC which allows to reduce up to 70% the weight of the structures compared to ordinary concrete. The material fulfills the mechanical... more


Sludge thickening by low energy microflotation technology

. Applications are not only in municipal waste water treatment but also in food industry, slaughterhouses, aquaculture, chemical industry, steel works and textile industry. Plants can be supplied with capacities... more


UK marine eco-engineering company seeks partners to create, develop and rebuild reef systems

partnerships are most likely to be with companies active within the following sectors/ industries: offshore renewable energy, oil & gas, aquaculture, coastal defence and invasive species management This SME... more

United Kingdom

Development of ultra-high performance concretes (UHPC) with local materials and optimization of the obtained products

, design and calculation of structures…) and the last four years producing precast UHPC structural elements for civil engineering, aquaculture, energy and housing sectors. The technical team of the company is highly... more


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