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Innovative process of integrated culture of marine species

Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA). This aims to combine the culture of a main species with other species capable of exploiting the waste generated by the main culture. The main species may be any of those typically... more


Fish disease diagnosis using an optical immunoassay virus detection kit

main viruses in the South-East Asian region which can affect the population of food and ornamental fishes. This virus detection kit will be very handy for conducting post vaccine fish health monitoring in aquaculture... more


Innovative bacterial production process of lysine and other carotenoids.

130 tons e.g. for aquaculture and poultry breeding with an expected value of US$ 423 million in 2019. In search for alternative and renewable sources, bacterial fermentation has become the focus of several chemical... more


Know-how to improve the performance of concretes or precast elements and reduce their cost

engineering applications • Integration of advanced materials in a structure to minimize resources, transportation and costs • Disruptive applications in non-construction sectors, as aquaculture, industry or urban... more


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