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Integrated circuit design and computer architecture for high performance computing

knowledge and experience in ASIC design/physical implementation, computer architecture (memory hierarchies/management), IP block development (distribution with encryption), SoC processor chip development, and... more


Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop an evaluation for nearly zero energy solar architecture

energy solar architecture derives from high energy consumption as around 25% of energy and 50% of it is expected to be used for cooling and heating. Solar architecture is a kind... more

South Korea

Advanced hardware architecture which disables the execution of malware – looking for licensees

A German SME, active as distributor for electronic devices of an American manufacturer and as a consultant for German clients of this manufacturer, has developed an advanced hardware architecture which disables... more


Advanced process for efficient hydrogen production through photoelectrochemical solar water splitting based on a new photoelectrochemical cell design and a new module architecture

design with a novel arrangement of electrodes and membranes and thus, an improved, much more efficient module architecture for the process of photoelectrochemical solar water splitting. In principle, sunlight... more


Fast, automated generation of high performance simulators for microprocessors

The Austrian company is a service and technlogy provider in the embedded systems and IoT market. When designing a new or modifying an existing microprocessor architecture it is expedient to evaluate the more


Dutch law enforcement organization is looking for a new information architecture that offers citizens and businesses the opportunity to analyse data in a confidential manner to solve cold cases.

Investigative capacity is scarce. On a daily basis, the organization has to consider whether extra efforts should be made to try to solve new cases or to keep investigating old or cold cases. The impact of unsolved cases on society is considerable.... more


Platform that offers a single environment for the visualization and exploitation of all the monitorable signals regardless of their nature or origin.

includes adequate tools for conducting customized analysis sessions at the user level to help continuous improvement and decision making based on the study of data, both instantaneous and historical. The modular architecture,... more


IoT sensor hub solution for commercial applications

tailored IOT solutions for different industries and deploying sensors in the fields. The scalable architecture developed by the Singapore SME is capable of reducing 80-90% of the time required in the customised... more


Unique microporous polymer structure through a special manufacturing process offered for a license agreement

great impact on cellular activity by modifying their proliferation, migration, differentiation and cell adhesion. These cellular properties are also influenced by the 3D architecture of their extracellular environment.... more


Osteoinductive 3D scaffold for bone defect treatment to be transfered from a French Technology Transfer Office

Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-grade collagen and hydroxyapatite materials into a single biomaterial. On the other hand, the resulting scaffold architecture is a biomimetic one since its architecture... more


French Technology Transfer Office proposes an innovative unmanned-aircraft vehicle system

-aircraft vehicle system (UAVS) into an airplane during the flight. The architecture developed is based on a set of propellers and wings. This new kind of architecture is an hybrid... more


Automatic gas detection system and alert software for smart industrial monitoring through infrared cameras

standard in the industry for alarm and data. It is fully configurable by user through HMI (Human-Machine Interface) - Multi-Architecture: Centralized (single server) or distributed architecture... more


An Italian company is searching technical know-how in the field of power electronics and battery systems

up a specific branch developing a unique hybrid architecture, implying specific know how on power electronics, battery management systems and system control (software and hardware). The needed technology concerns... more


Novel lightning threat indicator easily usable in meteorology, mainly to indicate the lightning threat (e.g. in operation of airports)

and applied research and new developments in the field of civil engineering and architecture. Over a period of more than forty years the institute has developed to address the changing needs of theoretical, numerical... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new device to manufacture customised sintered materials

few m2). The technology developed by the French laboratory concerns a patented device with new architecture and components using SPS techniques. SPS compacts material powders by very strong pressure with short... more


3D digital models to collaborate and support full cycle construction projects.

also interested in research cooperation agreement with entities (companies, universities or research and technology centres) interested in developing a project about 3D models and their use in architecture or... more


R&D company seeks non toxic insect glues to be tested and spread on specific materials (cardboard/plastics)

of device trapping on different species of insects. The novelty of the device is in its architecture. The company is now searching for different type of glue adapted to different insect species, mainly bed bugs,... more


Russian company specialized in neural networks is looking for international partners for technological cooperation

to visualize its architecture, launch the training of the network and export the trained neural network for further implementation. Trained neural networks classify objects into different categories according... more


Surgical device for corneal transplantation

novel shape of the inner architecture. This shape already allows uncoiling of the Descemet Membrane during release from the shooter. Thereby, the number of subsequent surgical steps and the likelihood of complications... more


Air retaining grids, enabling stable gas layers under fluids

A German university offers an air retaining grids technology. This technology describes a new way of architecture and construction of surfaces, that is capable of keeping a layer of gas stable, even under changing... more


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