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Artificial Intelligence Engine Development Technology

Artificial Intelligence Engine Development Technology The product is expected to have the following characteristics: -Development of communication network quality management engine... more

South Korea

Artificial intelligence-based hardware biometric authentication system

. The technology is designed to work in local environments but can also be used in tandem with cloud. The biometric solution based on hardware intelligence can be leveraged for sensitive applications, such as... more


Artificial Intelligence enabled stock management solution

their customers fully customized process management solutions that enables close monitoring of their processes and helps to achieve better efficiency. Company has been working with artificial intelligence... more


Using artificial intelligence to shorten the time in the wind turbine design process

Artificial intelligence has been widely applied to lots of design processes over the last few years, given its ability to tackle the behavior of many processes, starting from a set... more


An artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithm that predicts sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) from an electrocardiogram (ECG)

A UK-based medical software company applies artificial intelligence to patient data to produce new early warning products. They are seeking to develop an early-warning system for... more

United Kingdom

Energy saving technology using artificial intelligence seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance

Central energy grids need to constantly balance the energy demands of the network. One way they do this is by financially reward businesses for turning up, down, or shifting their energy use in real-time in accordance with the energy grid's... more

United Kingdom

Logistics management software powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine-learning technology

The software developed by the Singapore-based company is suitable for all logistics companies. Incorporating blockchain, AI and machine learning capabilities, the software is designed to empower small and medium-sized companies with the ability... more


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the service of investigating the correlations and the enhanced treating of the multiple chronic diseases

in the most effective and coordinated manner. A Greek SME company dealing with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions presents a novel approach towards the effective... more


Artificial Intelligence platform for marketing personalization based on context-aware recommender systems for eCommerce, retail and tourism

A Spanish technology centre based in Barcelona, specialized in applied research & innovation to foster competitiveness of companies, has developed an artificial intelligence platform... more


French company offers an innovative artificial intelligence-based solution that disrupts the way organisations participate in the Horizon 2020 programme under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The French company created in 2017, results from several European projects. It has developed an AI-based software that facilitates Horizon 2020 calls screening and project preparation. This data-driven solution compares the applicant project... more


Seeking partners for a machine that observes the visibility distance with deep learning and scientific method of data analysis by applying artificial intelligence technology

A Korean company has specialized in development of A.I (Artificial Intelligent) visibility system to be applied on image visibility meter equipped with weather sensor with light-receiving part and light-emitting... more

South Korea

UK start-up seeks software developer with UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience Design) AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) to develop a professional social media and communication, cost centre management platform

within the industry by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) that will give the employer the ability to view and manage the workforce both contracted and those... more

United Kingdom

A drug discovery and development company offers its artificial intelligence (AI) platform for a co-development opportunity to find new medical uses for a chosen drug and/or to identify new drugs for a selected indication

A clinical-stage drug discovery and development company based in Barcelona (Spain) has developed an efficient and predictive proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology for... more


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