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Augmented Reality remote assistance

An Italian software company has developed a remote assistance platform in augmented reality for Android and iOS smartphones / tablets to provide support to maintenance operator by... more


UK SME offers a novel interactive augmented reality technology and holographic booth for license agreements

A UK SME has developed an augmented reality, immersive technology in collaboration with a British University to enhance knowledge retention and engagement. Findings indicated the... more

United Kingdom

Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Officially incorporated in 2014 at Canakkale, Western Turkey, the SME is specialised in the development of virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR), product prototyping... more


SME offers software technology delivering mixed and augmented reality solution for maintenance, repair and remote support for further development

UK SME has developed a task support tool that enables augmented and mixed reality visualisation across a secure, encrypted connection. This system is compatible with the leading... more

United Kingdom

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