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Miniaturized ice detection sensor for aerospace and automotive applications

SMEs from mutliple sectors, namely the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, agrofood industry in order to integrate the proposed sensor in their systems under commercial agreement with technical assistance. more


Offering advanced Platinum thin-film temperature sensor elements for highly-accurate and reliable temperature measurement in automotive, energy, safety, building, life science and home applications.

Today temperature sensor elements are essential components in lots of application fields such as automotive, medical engineering/life sciences, thermal processing, exhaust systems, home applications etc. As they... more


A French SME is proposing to automotive suppliers to adapt validation plans to French (and European) methods

A French SME, acting as a technology center, is located in northern France. It is specialized in ground transportation sector, especially automotive and railway. It has for assignment to support companies in their... more


Established Slovak technological company is offering hemming head cleaning device suitable for use in automotive industry and robotic applications

The Slovak company was founded by inventive enthusiasts in robotics and drone technology with deep scientific background and many years of experience in these fields. The company is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of high... more


Netherlands based importer in the automotive industry is looking for solutions to improve sales conversion from test drives to purchase.

Dutch/Netherlands based international car manufacturer/importer in the automotive industry, is looking for innovative solutions to optimize the potential of test drives. The test drive is a vital customer journey... more


Novel composite frame modular system for engineering applications in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries for a commercial agreement with technical assistance

The conventional manufacturing of carbon components is based on lamination technologies. The increasing use of carbon fibre composites is displacing aluminium or steel in many engineering areas (aerospace, automotive,... more


Single-step process for the economic production of natural fiber composites (NFC) like wood-plastic composites (WPC) for various applications e.g. in the construction sector and automotive industries

been produced with costs 30 - 50 % lower than in conventional processes. Partners could be (WPC-)compounders, pulp producers, manufacturers of refiners, or producers in the areas of construction (fiber slabs, floors, furniture), automotive more


A range extender technology package is offered as a subsystem for hybrid power management systems to be used in automotive, marine and power generation applications

for the range extender and its technology components (engine, generator and controller) are not limited to automotive, but can be any application requiring range extender functions in for example marine, general... more


Development of natural composite materials and product design for the transport industry

composites is not always straightforward and the learning curve can be long. A small UK company has 15 years of experience in the development of natural products and materials for the automotive, rail and aerospace... more

United Kingdom

Expertise in aluminium electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors

The Turkish company was established in Kayseri, 2018. The company produces embedded hardware and software solution for industry, automotive, defense industry etc. Recently, they are working for more than 45 embedded... more


Rolled unidirectional tape of dry carbon fibres for light-weight applications

A German research institute, active in textile engineering, has developed a process including a pilot plant for demonstration. The increasing use of carbon fibre materials, e.g. in airplane and automotive engineering,... more


Evaluation of material and/or trial methods in transportation tests environment

A French SME, acting as a technology center, is located in northern France. It is specialized in ground transportation sector, especially automotive and railway. It has for assignment to support companies in their... more


Flexible liquid crystal (LC) cell smart window films

glass (architectural), but options are compromised where biaxial curvature is needed such as in automotive applications. The company’s LC cell approach can conform to the window and achieve rapid switching with... more

United Kingdom

Energy storage in multifunctional structural composite material

an additional functionality in the composite material. The combinations of these properties enable using this multifunctional composite material as a structural component in the automotive and aeronautics fields,... more


Cost saving surface pretreatment technology for optimizing gluing, coating, imprinting or painting of plastic parts and other components.

Plastic parts/surfaces for e.g. automotive or packaging applications often have to be coated, imprinted, painted or glued on other materials. A common problem with such nonpolar surfaces is the low adhesion which... more


Drivetrain integrated DC-DC converter for multiple voltage level vehicles

space requirements. The constant cost pressure in the automotive industry requires a system for charging both batteries with significantly reduced effort. A system that is currently being developed at a German... more


A French SME offers a software technology which strongly isolates safety and non-safety critical applications to be executed in a same hardware platform

heterogeneous systems built around open source technologies, which target the consolidation of electronic components in Automotive, Industrial, edge IoT market segments. For instance, to cope with the revolution... more


Passive hexapod positioner with innovative preloaded joints for accurate reconfigurable positioning of fixtures or jigs

welding, automated assembly and other manufacturing application. This is especially important in automation applications such as automotive white body assembly, automotive light... more


Monitoring system for structural health of bridges and buildings in urban and remote locations

The German company is an engineering company with a focus on high-tech developments in automotive and sensor technologies. It has a history of more than 17 years in international business relations in general... more


Swiss SME offering soft artificial muscle transducer for robotics, automation, wellbeing and prothesis seeks commercial agreement

ideal to be used in portable devices and wearables. The company has made initial durability tests in accordance to automotive standards on prototypes of actuators to validate the technology and ensure its functionality... more


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