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New battery test systems capable of reproducing safe, continuous and pulsed battery charge/discharge

time, performance parameters such as capacity, power output, internal resistance, impedance, open circuit voltage, and discharge time must be monitored and recorded. To test these new battery applications, a Spanish... more


24 hour solar electric energy without conventional battery

A German independant SME, located in the south of Germany, was founded in 1996 and is active in the following areas: material science, Al-alloys, ceramic materials, micro technology, corrosion science, light weight construction, car body manufacturing,... more


Improved lithium-ion battery performance with nanofoam metal current collectors

The institute has developed innovative nanofoam metal current collectors using a low cost and scalable ultrasonic method. The nanoporous foam collectors are designed to prepare copper metal for the anode and aluminum or nickel for the cathode... more


UK company is looking to integrate its solid-state battery with Internet of Things applications

The UK company has been a solid-state battery technology innovator since 2008. It has developed a type of lithium-ion battery, which, instead of using the usual liquid or polymer... more

United Kingdom

Battery charging management system for lead acid and lithium ion batteries

A Croatian SME is R&D oriented and their activities can be divided in two main programs: battery regeneration and industrial electronics (BR/IE). These two programs have a common goal: to save energy by applying... more


An Italian company is searching technical know-how in the field of power electronics and battery systems

up a specific branch developing a unique hybrid architecture, implying specific know how on power electronics, battery management systems and system control (software and hardware). The needed technology concerns... more


Greek company active in power electronics is looking for European suppliers of rectifiers and battery chargers under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

technologies (IT), telecommunications, industry, medical, marine sector, hospitality and constructions. The inquire refers to the need of rectifiers and battery chargers with voltage output: 110 VDC, 220VDC,... more


Robotic ankle for research.

movement. Also, it incorporates encoders to estimate angular position and two pressure sensors inside the sole. The technology package incorporates all the systems needed to start working immediately, including a battery... more


Drivetrain integrated DC-DC converter for multiple voltage level vehicles

Hybrid vehicles of the new generation use two different voltage networks. The starter and other high power components are primarily powered by the higher voltage (48 V) battery. The low power components are mainly... more


Motion and navigation open platform for the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) of things

, angular rate and pressure. -Power and control unit: It can be powered either by a battery, or through micro-usb cable. The power control unit provides regulated voltages for the board and recharges the more


Innovative precise tester of batteries

international project with research and industrial partners The battery tester is an electronic device intended for testing the state of an battery - for testing the charge actually... more


Making sensors and devices IoT (Internet of Things) ready, in a way that is both user-friendly and manufacturer-friendly

message. The hardware is extremely low power. There is already keen interest from the makers of doorbells. Even with the smart functionality, with a single AAA battery the doorbell will last for 3 years. The hardware... more

United Kingdom

Multi-skilled revamping of street lighting

vehicles at the same time • an accumulation battery • a display to access information and to pay for the services provided Finally, a speed bump, covered by an amorphous flexible photovoltaic module, could be... more


Dutch multinational in energy is looking for innovative solutions to lower the costs of renewable energy generated on their future wind or solar farms

, including inverters, battery management and monitoring system) of batteries. - New battery design concepts for easy recycling - Hydrogen supply chain solutions to transport hydrogen... more


A Chinese company is looking for cloud monitoring iot system of urban smart manhole covers

. Development of intelligent wireless sensor for manhole cover; 2. Development of special battery for intelligent covers; 3. Development of communication network and Internet of things for intelligent covers. more


Activation unit for increased performance of reaction electrodes, solid-state storage devices and membranes in metal-air batteries

Metal-air batteries are a new battery type with a theoretical storage capacity up to a hundred times higher compared to Li-ion batteries. A major practical obstacle is the currently achievable low number of charge-discharge... more


[Eureka] A Korean research institute is seeking R&D partners for developing precursors for ALD (atomic layer deposition) process

for ALD process to obtain higher GPC (growth per cycle) 2. High performance thin films for smart window or thin film battery applications The institute aims to join Eureka project with the deadline of call on... more

South Korea

High flow rate active vibratory mesh nebulizer for humidification, decontamination and liquid deposition

its circulating pump. The nebulizer and its electronic control unit can easily be integrated (small size and battery) and coupled with other systems to build a complete innovative device. Other Technical characteristics... more


German Industrial IoT specialist offers LoRa™-based wireless sensor network (end-devices and gateway) for research projects and commercial products

offered network solution is to enable short-term, minimum effort process data collections. The installation of the battery-powered sensors is 100% cordless. Thus, Industrial IoT pilot installations can be executed... more


Open architecture exoskeleton.

structure material: Stainless steel and type 7005 aluminum. • Adaptable to people from 1.45 to 1.95 meters tall. Max. user’s weight: 100 Kg. -Electrical features: • Power upply: Battery LiFePO4 (22,4 VDC @ 12... more


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