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Automatic condensing boiler for burning biomass of high moisture content

and gasification of solid fuels - especially biomass. Concerning combustion, research concentrates on fuel assessments, analyses of combustion efficiency, production of harmful substances, equipment modernisation... more


Spanish company with expertise in extraction and purification of bioactive compounds offers valorisation of agroindustrial biomass

The Spanish company with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization, purification of bioactive compounds from plants, as well as preclinical and clinical scientific support, develops products for food supplements/nutraceutical market... more


German GreenTech Company seeks partners for it’s economically innovative solutions to increase the added value of residual materials and biomass

The German client is a leading company providing solutions and leading-edge technologies for extraction and de-oiling of industrial biomass waste streams. Additionally, it is specialized in developing and providing... more


Innovative technology for a high efficiency and zero emission drying of waste sludge or biomass without use of external fossil fuels

technology with an ideal use for treating any kind of waste sludge or agricultural residues (biomass) without use of external fossil fuels, thanks to the thermal energy recovery in the incineration step. The new... more


A Turkish company looks for expertise in the design of fluidized bed incinerators for sludge and grate type incinerators for the municipal waste and biomass under research or technical cooperation agreement

looking for expertise in the design of fluidized bed incinerators for sludge and grate type incinerators for the municipal waste and biomass. The company aims to enter into a research or technical cooperation... more


Seeking technological cooperation partner for scaling up of anaerobic treatment of biodegradable waste liquids

. This new technology uses plastic carriers for the biomass retention in the anaerobic digestion tank and gas-lift recirculation in the filtration tank, reducing the damage caused to the biomass... more


H2020 FTI company search to optimize and develop a market niche (families living in EU mountain areas) innovative cogeneration system fueled by very low cost energy source as forestry wastes

The AIEL-Italian Biomass Association estimates that the average annual demand for single-family heating systems (≤ 40kWt) is more than 50,000 biomass boilers referring to the main... more


New bioreactor for growing plant cell culture in suspension

Plant cells are grown to produce both biomass and natural compounds. In both cases, the replacement of the culture medium may be necessary, which is an important problem as the manipulation of the culture itself... more


A Dutch chemical company is looking for technological approaches creating novel bio-based products with lignin.

biorefinery technology, which aims to make the most efficient use of biomass by valorizing all output streams. All biomass constituents are separated into a range of products and... more


Wastewater bioremediation coupled with energy production via photosynthetic microorganisms

identified as a major nonenergetic cost of the global process to produce microalgae biomass. Microalgae production as a by-product of wastewater treatment is a promising option to significantly improve economics... more


An award-winning pellet boiler with innovative burner offered under the joint-venture agreement

Increasing the use of biomass derived from organic, renewable materials for heating, electricity generation and transport purposes can help to diversify energy sources, create growth and jobs, and lower greenhouse... more


Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) calibrations

optimising services and developing the NIR calibration on biomass sector but also in other issues. Both industrial and academic partners are sought for services and research cooperation agreements. more


Horizontal bag-type anaerobic bioreactor offered for license agreement

circulating warm air under and around the bag. The heating can be solved by a classic hot water system, but it is not part of the design. The system may include a homogenization tank for mixing fresh biomass with... more


Anaerobic digestion technology coupled with the most advanced membranes

specific component. This technology can be applied to water treatment in superior quality and improvement of the productivity of gaseous biomass. Features of the technology are as follows: - Biogas including... more

South Korea

Heat recovery technology based on the organic Rankine cycle and operating with temperatures from 85ºC to generate up to 300 kWe.

development of industrial, geothermal, biomass and marine/fluvial applications. For industrial applications, it is necessary to have knowledge of the industrial processes and the technologies to recover the wasted... more


A Chinese environmental protection company is looking for European high efficient semi dry anaerobic digestion technology and equipment under a technical cooperation agreement.

.). It is specially focused on research, manufacturing and application of bio-gas equipment. The company also can provide consultancy service for the comprehensive biomass resources development and application. It... more


A French laboratory offers a non-destructive humidity measurement tool in materials

of humidity and the progress of drying of a material. Other industrial sectors such as biomass (fuelwood) and agriculture, that require the humidity control of large volumes of materials (wooden fuel chips, grain... more


Sludge thickening by low energy microflotation technology

biomass the sludge needs to be dewatered. If the sludge is to be disposed of, each percentage in volume reduction leads to savings. The low energy microflotation wastewater treatment technology developed by a... more


A French SME is looking for process or technology of producing bio organic acids

renewable resources, biomass like wood, straw, nutshell, etc ... Per example, whey is a major waste from the cheese industry. Whey contains mainly lactose, and some lactic acid. Bio-treatment would increase the... more


Tailor-made ceramic formulations for coatings with advanced properties for the energy sector

point can reach 650ºC (1200º F), steam at 300ºC (572ºF) and a metal surface is estimated to be at almost 500ºC (932ºF). This is very suitable for instance in very abrasive and hot environments (biomass boilers... more


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