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Novel osteoconductive coatings in mono and bilayer structures used in biomedical applications

, the Romanian research team obtained in laboratory conditions novel materials designed for the biomedical applications, especially for orthopaedics. The novel osteoconductive coatings, in mono and bilayer structures,... more


R&D on demand services in biomedical engineering

This research and development company was founded in 2016 as the idea of four graduates of Biomedical Engineering. They were passionate about engineering design, numerical analysis and rapid prototyping technology... more


An innovative software for management of biomedical storage facilities and stored material

A UK company active in the field of software development created a software programme for management of storage facilities and stored material in biomedical research. Storage facilities in biomedical... more

United Kingdom

Wet bench technology for chemical processing in microelectronics, solar and biomedical industry

operations in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology sectors (photovoltaic, solar, biomedical industry). Wet benches are essential components in the production and treatment of silicon wafers through... more


Italian biomedical company seeks commercial partner for a new technology developed an isolators for cell therapy techniques. Technical assistance will be provided

An Italian company established in 1998 in the biomedical sector focused in time with the medical and diagnostic fields. The company quickly became a reference point for the scientific community, providing a precious... more


Cold atmospheric plasma device for surface treatment of materials in biomedical applications or for surface cleaning and surfaces activation.

biomedical to industrial manufacturing for surface cleaning and surfaces activation in order to solve issues related to paint-ability, printability, adhesion and bonding between dissimilar materials. Some success... more


Portuguese SME offers and develops innovative technologies for medical devices. Commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or services agreement are sought.

The main focus of the Portuguese SME is to develop innovative products in the biomedical and healthcare areas. Its main areas of interest are the following: - Monitoring and diagnostic devices • Physical rehabilitation... more


Novel antibiotic and antitumor agent produced by the marine actinobacterium Streptomyces althioticus

biomedical relevance. Due to the increasing need for new antitumor agents with improved activity, fewer undesirable side effects and greater selectivity compared to the current drugs in use in the fight against... more


Innovative technologies for medical devices

The main focus of the Portuguese SME is to develop innovative products in the biomedical and healthcare areas. Its main areas of interest are the following: - Monitoring and diagnostic devices • Physical rehabilitation... more


Smart polyurethane pressure-sensitive adhesive with controlled tack

adhesives obtained have been characterized and their applicability has been validated in different uses, such as biomedical or low temperature conditions. These PSAs can be applied in the following sectors: •... more


Novel trainer device for prevention and treatment of spinal deformity.

The Bulgarian inventor with over ten years of experience in applied R&D has developed an innovative trainer biofeedback device for prevention and treatment of spinal deformity applicable in the field of biomedical... more


Polish university presents new class of high quality luminescent semiconductor quantum dots having positive surface charge and is looking for license agreement

and optoelectronics is looking for cooperation. Developed nanoparticles meet the requirements of biomedical and medical industry. The nanoparticles are not toxic, have relatively small size and hydrophilic nature... more


Graphene transistor system for measuring electrophysiological signals

interfacing. In this context, solution-gated field effect transistors (SGFETs) with the use of graphene as the conductive channel (gSGFETs) hold tremendous promise in biomedical applications due to the excellent... more


A wound dressing for abdominal viscera protection in negative-pressure wound therapy

A Spanish Biomedical Research Institute has developed a wound dressing for abdominal viscera protection in negative-pressure wound therapy that prevents adhesion to the internal organs tissues of the abdominal... more


In vitro platform for cosmetic ingredients and novel formulations

supported by a Scientific Advisory Board integrated by scientists with a strong academic and business background in biomedical research and cosmetic development. The team provides technological support for the... more


Design of novel multicomponent nanosystems for the treatment and diagnostics of solid tumors

object. Prediction of their behavior at changing their composition, temperature, pH is important for succesful nanocomposites biomedical use. Even a small aggregation occurs in nanosystem or even only a change... more


Biomaterials research expertise and facilities offered with a view to joining a European project consortium

topic of biomaterials, which is the study of biocompatible materials used for biomedical applications. More precisely, the research team focuses on synthesis and characterization of bioactive glass that helps... more


Printed medical solution

industrial partners working in the health-care area (pharmaceutical or biomedical companies) interested in the development of innovative medical devices in the regenerative medicine field. The startup wants to... more


Carbosilane dendrons functionalized with fatty acids: Formation of micelles and uses in biomedicine as antiviral, antibacterial, antiprionic, antimicrobial and drug transporters.

technical assistance, with companies and institutions in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and environmental sector to foster the exploitation of this invention. more


Nanocapsule compositions for the controlled released of agents of therapeutic interest

Spanish research team from a of a university hospital and a Spanish university are working on biomedical research in biomaterials and biomedicine. The hospital team works on the rheumatology and dermatology department... more


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