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Liquid concentrate extender for short-time preservation of boar semen

to prepare and takes longer time. The Czech animal breeding institute has developed a liquid form of an extender concentrate for the dilution and preservation of boar semen. The dilute solution can be stored... more


Treatment of Teat Stenosis with Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device in Cows

are usually removed from the breeding. This situation causes great damage to the livestock economy. (Since the success rate of existing conventional methods is less than 1%, cows affected by this disease are removed... more


An established Slovak research institute has developed a new amaranth variety and is looking for licensees or investors

in combination with adaptation to a wide range of growing regions. The institute was established in 1990, aimed to solve actual problems of genetics and breeding of selected agricultural crops, forest and fruit... more


Stress and metabolic monitoring system to improve fish production

system goes beyond data collection, processing the information using a powerful algorithm and providing fish farmers with a reliable stress indicator and a breeding selection tool. more


British start-up is seeking technology and research partners who can help analyse animal movement and behaviour.

improve the output and yield for the farmer. This means that they will build underlying capabilities in nutrition, grazing, breeding, genetics, management and farming economics that can be relevant to different... more

United Kingdom

Italian company specialized in insect flour production is looking for partners under research and development agreement

model of intensive grasshoppers' breeding that allows the achievement of an intensive production. The research will focus on the most efficient heating and ventilation system for the development and reproduction... more


Vimentin3-based fertility diagnosis

fertility and sperm quality is not only important in humans, but also applies to veterinary medicine in terms of horse and other animal breeding. Thus industrial partners dealing with fertility in humans as well... more


Smart camera surveillance system for animals observation

camera surveillance system can be easily adjusted for research on other species (mammals, bees etc.) as well. As a result, the smart camera surveillance system could be used not only for diurnal and nocturnal animals breeding... more


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