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The intensification of the process of fuel combustion

fuel combustion it is proposed to use the electronic-catalytic processes of preparing the fuel-air mixture and processing of fuel and air by barrier or gas discharge for combusting the fuel. The additional formation... more


Eenergy-efficient internal combustion engines

The Ukrainian company founded in 2013 has been a provider and manufacturer of internal combustion engines. There are a lot of vehicles in the world that pollute the atmosphere, and the company has set itself the... more


Cold end gas condenser design and manufacturing for combustion fumes heat recovery in waste-to-energy plants.

A Basque small company that designs and produces tailor-made ceramic & cermet formulations wants to produce a new specific product for combustion fumes heat recovery and condensation technologies. Therefore, it... more


Low-cost modernization of fuel preparation processes and optimization of combustion in industrial boilers of different types and liquid fuel furnaces.

A small Ukrainian company since 2002 has been developing technology and since 2007 has been producing equipment for processing heavy fuel to save fuel, reduce harmful emissions and utilize oil sludge for the oil industry. Company combined the... more


Serbian institute offers plasma technology know-how and engineering support for optimisation of combustion systems in small and medium industrial plants

Serbian laboratory offers plasma technology on-shell solutions, know-how, and engineering support for optimization of combustion systems in the small and medium industrial plants. In particular, the laboratory... more


Automatic condensing boiler for burning biomass of high moisture content

The proposed technology was designed by a research team at a specialised research centre which is part of one of the leading universities in the Czech Republic. The Centre’s research and development activities focus primarily on combustion... more


A Polish company is offering an innovative energy storage and power management system and seeks a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

consists in the fact that the offered system can be used as an efficient alternative to power generators with combustion engines, which eliminates air pollution. The idea of the system assumes the use of solar... more


Turkish new technology electric boiler inventor is looking for license or manufacturing agreements

combustion taking place compared to natural gas boilers, the electric boiler is operating 3 times less noisy. A standard natural gas boiler is operating at 32 decibels where the electric boiler is operating at... more


Brussels-based company is looking for logistics companies with waste trucks, long road or express services to test a new fuel additive that reduces emissions and consumption and to enter a service or technical cooperation agreement.

combined with the fuel at the molecular level. This leads to a more complete combustion, cutting CO2 equivalent emissions by 44%. Once treated, the fuel remains compliant to the international norms, ASTM, as... more


A Turkish company looks for expertise in the design of fluidized bed incinerators for sludge and grate type incinerators for the municipal waste and biomass under research or technical cooperation agreement

systems that involves the application of combustion processes under controlled conditions to convert waste materials to inert mineral ash and gases. The 3 T’s of combustion (temperature,... more


Technology for waste incineration, implemented in the installations of the thermal destruction of wastes

destruction of wastes Series "E". The hybrid technology of thermal waste disposal combines advantages of two processes: pyrolysis, with its ability to control the rate of waste thermal decomposition, and direct combustion... more


Decentralized refinery of used industrial mineral oils

larger quantities (approx from 0.5 tons) it is bought as a secondary raw material and due to its very low price it is usually used as "energy oil” mainly in combustion (in metallurgical industry, cement industry,... more


A Slovak university has developed an additive for improving the cetane number in diesel or biodiesel fuels with a significant effect on the reduction of ignition delay of fuel engines

Cetane number is a significant factor in the quality of the diesel fuels and has direct effect on reducing the fuel ignition delay after the injection into the combustion chamber. As a result of the short delay,... more


Environmentally friendly waste-to-energy (WtE) technology based on high temperature matter conversion processes

Cypriot based engineering SME specializing in waste management solutions is offering a new high temperature waste-to-energy (WtE) technology, which improves the waste-to-energy combustion process safety and at... more


A range extender technology package is offered as a subsystem for hybrid power management systems to be used in automotive, marine and power generation applications

technology package consist of: 1. A working prototype of a range extender (internal combustion engine (petrol), electric generator and controller). 2. A test bench for range extender prototypes. 3. Mechanical... more


French Technology Transfer Office offers a novel reactive form of solid boron

reactive form of elementary boron is requested. Its use as an additive for solid-fuel rocket propellant is also particularly interesting due to its high combustion enthalpy, superior to that of all other metals. The... more


Promoting of vegetation on ash and slag deposits

fuel combustion). From coal combustion result 10-30% by-products, of which the preponderant quantity is ash. The most common and used ash management solution is permanent storage... more


Dual-fuel retrofitting of marine power engines with liquified or methane gas, allowing savings and lower pollution.

natural gas (CNG). Nonetheless, this technology has not yet entered the marine sector. The well-known advantages of the engines powered by gas can be summarised as follows: cleaner combustion with reduced particulates,... more


Thermal spraying technology for applying metal coatings on polymer substrate

metallizing. In hypersonic metallizing the feedstock (metal wires) is melted by the electric arc and the molten metal is sprayed by a jet of propane-air mixture combustion products. The technique requires abrasive... more


Non-combustible plastic door with excellent heat resistance and insulation

performs with high heat insulation. - It completely block the spread of fire and combustion gas. - It does not create fine dust like cotton or wool. - It does not generate harmful pollutant. - When the fire is... more

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