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Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction

In terms of automated production and level of digitalization, the construction industry is still significantly behind other industries. Megatrends like big data or the Internet of Things (IoT) offer great opportunities... more


Revolutionising the tunnel construction industry with a digital twin

In terms of automated production and level of digitalization, the tunnel construction industry is still significantly behind other industries. Nevertheless, the megatrends like big data or the internet of things... more


Innovative tool for risk assessment on construction sites

of evaluating the existing risks in a construction site taking into account items on the organizational structure, existing resources and material conditions. The construction... more


Romanian company offers patented sewerage construction technology for technical cooperation

Even though the Romanian company is new on the market, the manager of the company has a long experience in machinery for construction. The goal to achieve economies of work force and means led to the design of... more


Development, construction and testing of an innovative contactless charging device for e-bikes

The German company has many years of experience in the processing of mineral castings. The development idea is based on a planned project of an e-bike manufacturer, a battery manufacturer and several municipal administrations and public utilities... more


A Polish construction company seeks technological partner to develop usage of an ecological cellulose fiber gypsum boards

use of ecological gypsum boards with cellulose fiber for the construction of residential boxes instead of the ones commonly used for the prefabrication of plastic panels. A technological partner is sought for... more


Software to manage time, cost and quality decisions in the construction process using a life cycle approach.

considered in the different phases of the process (planning, design, execution, monitoring …) to run an efficient and effective construction project. A good integration of all these data and share of information... more


Partner sought for the co-development of a project related to energy efficient renovations in the construction/building sector.

project is to ensure faster and more cost-effective deep renovations, resulting in high-energy performance, design and construction methods with low embodied energy and on-site works organization, lower cost of... more


Full automatic pattern construction for the garment industry and other textile processing industries

A Hungarian family-owned SME is offering a new simple construction method for the garment industry. It is consistent, modularly organized and transferable to a wide range of garment types. Outline of the problem... more


A Polish construction company is looking for a technology partner to develop a modular residential box.

A Polish company specializes in the manufacture of prefabricated bathroom modules, and cooperates with a large hotel franchises mainly in France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and other countries. The company is looking for a technological... more


Test and bio-repair techniques for new material construction: recycled aggregates, recycled concretes and recycled mortars

international Universities and Academia. The problem that the group addresses is: - reduce the use of conventional raw materials - improve the management and recycle millions tons of construction and demolition... more


Polish innovative company dealing in the construction of machinery and equipment for a specific customer order is looking for the clients abroad.

scratch along with programming, design, construction and implementation at the customer's. The company distinguishes itself in the market: - wide product range witch can make adaptions based on customers’ needs -... more


Single-step process for the economic production of natural fiber composites (NFC) like wood-plastic composites (WPC) for various applications e.g. in the construction sector and automotive industries

been produced with costs 30 - 50 % lower than in conventional processes. Partners could be (WPC-)compounders, pulp producers, manufacturers of refiners, or producers in the areas of construction (fiber slabs,... more


Italian University is offering the construction of stable mammalian cell lines hyper-producing recombinant proteins to pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres

Italian university department of biology and biotechnology is offering the construction of cell lines for the production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells to be used for structural biology studies. Recombinant... more


Construction of a sustainable, energy self-sufficient office building. Partners sought for transfer of implementation expertise as well as energy storage and wind energy solutions

life cycle assessment (construction, utilization, demolition). The concept includes the use of renewable raw materials and the reduction of space requirements. The building should be made from wood and it should... more


Innovative lightweight eco thermal concretes and eco lightweight granulate products (ELG-products)

A Serbian company has been developing innovations and the core management team owns several patents that enable cheap, swift and high-quality construction of prefabricated and masonry buildings. Its innovations... more


Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. Controlling infrastructures (a bridge, a building) is mandatory, not only at the time of creating... more


A licensee sought for a special device for exciting stringed tensometric sensors

Monitoring of building construction years after its completion might be difficult. Built-in sensors in buildings are usually connected to specialized proprietary devices that might be obsolete after years and often... more


New technology for recycling cardboard packaging

. The company using waste for example cardboard packaging and using it as an input material for construction material which is their final product. The company final products have more advantages than usual more


A Polish company is looking for technology partner for developing transport adapters for a prefabricated residential box with its own position adjustment.

The company is working on a solution enabling the installation of residential modules in both completed buildings and those under construction. The solution is to guarantee easy connection of transport adapters.... more


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