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Power cable management for mobile construction machine

An Austrian company active in the construction business is seeking an innovative solution for the electric cable management for mobile construction machines (~25 tons). I. PROBLEM... more


Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction

In terms of automated production and level of digitalization, the construction industry is still significantly behind other industries. Megatrends like big data or the Internet of Things (IoT) offer great opportunities... more


Construction company looking for partners to develop modular industrialized houses

A Spanish building company working in a bio passive wooden houses sector would like to find a partner dedicated to the development of modular industrialized houses willing to form a joint-venture company. The goal of the joint-venture would... more


Innovative tool for risk assessment on construction sites

of evaluating the existing risks in a construction site taking into account items on the organizational structure, existing resources and material conditions. The construction... more


Electric drive as a construction component for bicycle production

The German SME developed an electrical drive for bicycles and is now producing and selling it since 2015 to 13 European countries and to Canada for retrofitting of conventional bicycles. The innovative electric drive is maintenance-free, very... more


Expertise in Construction Materials, Energy efficiency and Renewables energies

providing an added value to the traditional construction. This facet includes the energy efficiency and the simplification in the installations' work. Following a model of open innovation, the company works... more


Wooden prefabricated construction system with a infill insulation based on natural materials

University from the Czech Republic developed an innovative technology of wooden prefabricated construction system that can be used for civil and residential construction. Presented... more


Full automatic pattern construction for the garment industry and other textile processing industries

A Hungarian family-owned SME is offering a new simple construction method for the garment industry. It is consistent, modularly organized and transferable to a wide range of garment types. Outline of the problem... more


Spanish large company looking for solutions to reduce costs in construction and rehabilitation in dense urban areas.

A Spanish large company working in the sectors of technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials is interested to promote cleaner and more sustainable industry. Social housing urban landscape... more


3D digital models to collaborate and support full cycle construction projects.

economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. The 3D model technique is the development process of a mathematic representation of any... more


Software to manage time, cost and quality decisions in the construction process using a life cycle approach.

considered in the different phases of the process (planning, design, execution, monitoring …) to run an efficient and effective construction project. A good integration of all these data and share of information... more


Spanish large industrial company is looking for innovative solutions to enable circular economy in the construction industry.

A Spanish large company working in the sectors of technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials is interested to move towards circular economy models in the construction... more


Italian University is offering the construction of stable mammalian cell lines hyper-producing recombinant proteins to pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres

Italian university department of biology and biotechnology is offering the construction of cell lines for the production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells to be used for structural biology studies. Recombinant... more


Construction of a sustainable, energy self-sufficient office building. Partners sought for transfer of implementation expertise as well as energy storage and wind energy solutions

life cycle assessment (construction, utilization, demolition). The concept includes the use of renewable raw materials and the reduction of space requirements. The building should be made from wood and it should... more


Single-step process for the economic production of natural fiber composites (NFC) like wood-plastic composites (WPC) for various applications e.g. in the construction sector and automotive industries

been produced with costs 30 - 50 % lower than in conventional processes. Partners could be (WPC-)compounders, pulp producers, manufacturers of refiners, or producers in the areas of construction (fiber slabs,... more


Slovak research institute has developed a novel thermal storage materials based on molten salts applicable e.g. in corrosion testing of construction materials. The institute is looking for cooperation via financial agreement or services agreement

corrosion, liquid-fluoride salts must be thermodynamically stable relative to the materials of construction; that is, the materials of construction must be chemically noble relative... more


Innovative lightweight eco thermal concretes and eco lightweight granulate products (ELG-products)

A Serbian company has been developing innovations and the core management team owns several patents that enable cheap, swift and high-quality construction of prefabricated and masonry buildings. Its innovations... more


Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. Controlling infrastructures (a bridge, a building) is mandatory, not only at the time of creating... more


A licensee sought for a special device for exciting stringed tensometric sensors

Monitoring of building construction years after its completion might be difficult. Built-in sensors in buildings are usually connected to specialized proprietary devices that might be obsolete after years and often... more


New technology for recycling cardboard packaging

. The company using waste for example cardboard packaging and using it as an input material for construction material which is their final product. The company final products have more advantages than usual more


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