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Composite Airplane and Flight Control System

A Korean company, specialized in drone and aviation industry is located in Sacheon in South Korea and has two American locations. The Korean SME is working to develop aircraft and aviation sector. It supplies raw materials for aerospace and... more

South Korea

Highly sophisticated industrial optical quality control system

assistance. Partners could be companies who produce machinery for feeding or separation of production items. The quality control system can be integrated easily into the production... more


Spanish public body seeks lighting control system for roads

energy efficiency in the network of regional roads and also in order to reduce the accidents rate, a Spanish public authority is looking for a Smart Lighting control system that... more


Adaptive control system that saves energy and reduces wear

leads to high wear and high energy consumption. A German university now responds to this problem: The university developed an adaptive controller that renders possible the optimal use of value-continuous control... more


Electronic control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessel

entire foil wing. It can control the cant, the rake and other axis if needed using sensors and specific parameters like the desired height of the vessel above the water. This system... more


Intelligent Lighting Control System based on LED technology

The research group has developed an intelligent road lighting control system based on LED technology and a network of presence sensors and communication devices on streetlights. The... more


Intelligent system for autonomous control in robotics cooperation

A research group of a Spanish university has developed the cooperaTive ExploRation Routing Algorithm (TERRA), a planning system that implements a paradigm for a novel cooperation between a team of heterogeneous... more


Energy load peak management system for smart control and monitoring in energy grids

technology, electrical and network engineering and central building control systems as well as expertise in the world of grid operators and energy suppliers (electricity tariffs). IV. Application fields The... more


Novel automated system for light signalisation of pedestrian crossing / walkway with traffic and safety control

The Bulgarian company was established in 2011 and has an experienced team of researchers and engineers in the field of innovative solutions applicable in urban environment, sensors, control measurement systems... more


Smart-system for the control and management of complex energy facilities and networks

The IT company occupies leading position in Ukraine in the development and implementation of new information technologies in the energy sector. Information technologies are oriented to optimize power consumption, energy saving, control... more


Innovative system to control both production data and energy consumption for industrial production plants.

novel system, made up of sensors, controlling both the production data and the energy consumption, including both electricity and gas. The data collection can be consulted both online and offline, utilizing any... more


Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.

An Italian start-up, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, has developed a novel drug release system based on a modular technology. The startup conduct research in the areas of solid dosage forms (tablets... more


Novel ion-selective sensor with WiFi-function for automatic online control of process water, where water hardness / water softening is crucial for system operability

industrial process. The ion-selective sensor system with integrated self-control functions measures water hardness values automatically and permanently (including flow rate surveillance),... more


Dutch based international company specialized in Customs & Trade Control is looking for a solution in the sense of an automated classification system according to Harmonised System standards (World Trade Organisation) and value validation.

Dutch internationally operating company with more than 170 years of experience and specialized in Customs & Trade Control with 20 offices in Europe supports its clients in the supply chain with all matters related... more


Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production

mechanism for electric power driven machines, including high power electrical machines and equipment. It is integrated into the control panel and is the connection between the start/stop command button and the... more


A Korean company specializes in developing and manufacturing Developer Recycle System and Developer Control System is looking for suppliers for module-type pumps with filter for the systems under manufacturing agreement.

suppliers of various components (such as nano-filter, absorbent photometer, densitometer, pump, pressure gauges, and flowmeters) for the "developer recycling system (DRS)" and "developer control... more

South Korea

A Korean Company is looking for concentration control technology on Developer Recycle System (DRS) to measure the concentrations of Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH), Carbonate (CO3) and Photoresist (PR) in real time

. These noticeable advantages also lead to cost reduction on both the process and treatment for wasted liquid. One of the components of the DRS system is the concentration control... more

South Korea

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