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Big data analytics services

data. These problems are produced by the big amount of information that these organizations have to deal with (including complexity and speed of the information). This information is often very difficult to curate... more


Satellite data exploitation system for precision coffee farming

was funded by the European Commission. This system combines satellite data with other data sources (ground-based sensors, manned and unmanned aircraft) and sends them to a spatial... more


Enhancing manufacturing by using predictive data

Modern manufacturing sites collet big amounts of data, which is often due to complexity not efficiently used. The German SME is focussed on simplifying complex production processes by generating automated insights... more


Trusted, system independent IoT data sharing solution

The Austrian technology company provides software services for verifying sensor data collected by IoT systems and thus make them auditable. The company developed a novel software solution for trusted exchange of... more


Artificial intelligence and advanced encryption technology aimed at enhancing data privacy is offered to be integrated with media agencies, demand-side platforms, data management platforms and digital publishers.

Around 93% of websites use cookies and other techniques to track user behaviour without receiving consent. Online advertisers use this data to profile users and create audience segments for targeted advertising... more

United Kingdom

Solar-Powered Electronic Controller for Sensor Data Transmission.

The Bulgarian research unit conducts R&D in off-grid applications, remote monitoring and control, encrypted communication, sensor data, etc. They have excellent experience in international collaboration and project... more


UK SME offering low-cost cloud-based data solution supporting data governance around GDPR seeks to collaborate in market-testing and identify new customers

Under GDPR, companies must be able to respond to subject access request made by their customers, for example to remove the requested customer data from all their systems. Knowing where the customer data... more

United Kingdom

Bioinformatics service for differential expression analysis of ribonucleic acid (RNA) sequencing data

be reluctant to apply RNA-seq analyses to their investigations due to the complicated bioinformatics procedures that are needed to obtain significant data from the output of the sequencing machine. These reads... more


Environmental Satellite data exploitation in real time and fully automated manner for precision viticulture

combining satellite data with other data sources (ground-based sensors, manned and unmanned aircraft) and by including them in spatial data infrastructure... more


Innovative system to control both production data and energy consumption for industrial production plants.

novel system, made up of sensors, controlling both the production data and the energy consumption, including both electricity and gas. The data collection can be consulted both online... more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

The organization is a Spanish biotechnological private non-profit research institute, founded in 1993, whose main activities are related to molecular biology and microbial biotechnology. The institution keeps close links with industrial research... more


High-speed, high resolution and radiation-hardened analog to digital data converter

A Spanish SME has developed a novel radiation-hardened A/D converter that presents a sampling rate of 100 Msps (Megasamples per second), 12-bit resolution and an effective resolution (ENOB, “effective number of bits”) of 10.4 bits. The device... more


Method to obtain useful data for the screening and diagnosis of osteoporosis

markers reabsorption, being intestinal and pancreatic peptides the most important effectors of the acute response that occurs in bone metabolism regard to food intake. The Spanish research group has developed a drug to obtain useful more


A blockchain-based system for registered electronic delivery of data offered for licensing

Researchers from a Spanish university specialized in the field of security and e-commerce protocols have developed a novel protocol for certified notifications and deliveries of confidential or public digital data.... more


Real time massive big data system for Internet of Things (IoT)

The development of Internet of Things (IoT) systems has provided a technological revolution. Nevertheless, due the huge amount of data collected, Big Data tools are needed in order... more


UK research organisation looking to develop its analytical code for analysing ion beam analysis (IBA) data in to new markets

A research organisation based in the UK wishes to develop its analytical code for analysing ion beam analysis. It is a general purpose analytical code for analysing ion beam analysis (IBA) data. IBA DataFurnace... more

United Kingdom

Austrian industrial company is looking for start-ups with solution for big data analytics of industrial assets

components for high temperature applications. The alloys and composite materials are used in electronics, coating technology or high-temperature furnaces. The company is looking for solutions in the field of big data... more


Italian ICT company offers advanced system for the exploitation of Eumetcast data able to monitor up to 50 environmental variables.

An Italian ICT company has taken part in a european funded project with 6 european research centers to create an advanced system for the exploitation of data provided by a multi-service dissemination system, for... more


A French SME, expert in precision weather services, proposes high spatial and temporal resolution data throughout Europe

The availability of accurate weather information is now essential to the agricultural sector and many economic actors (industry, energy, insurance, etc.). A French SME expert in precision weather services has developed a data... more


EUROSTARS: A French SME is seeking industrial and research partners to set-up a novel system for recycling destructured data

The volume of digital data is growing exponentially. Within this digital data, nearly 80% is non-structured and 50% hence is industrial data. In this... more


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