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Energy Geostructure Design

reduction of the initial installation costs. The company can support the clients from the preliminary assessment and the tender documents up to the thermal and mechanical design and the final construction stages... more


UK electronics and embedded software design house specialising in connected devices offers feasibility, prototyping or design review services to product design companies

The UK electronics design company was established in 2015, their design team develops tailored-made solutions for a wide range of applications. However the company has specialised... more

United Kingdom

Greek inventor offers wind turbine system with innovative blade design

demonstration. The prototype is working for years with no problem and it is capable to produce 1 KW of energy with just 15 km/h wind speed. The Greek inventor is looking for companies interested in producing and commercializing the more


Integrated circuit design and computer architecture for high performance computing

knowledge and experience in ASIC design/physical implementation, computer architecture (memory hierarchies/management), IP block development (distribution with encryption), SoC processor chip development, and... more


Electronic product design and development for new applications

Croatian SME specialized in electronic product design, embedded software development and product manufacturing are offering an in-house R&D department. They are providing hardware and software development at one... more


Solution for the design of utility-scale photovoltaics plants

. The solution allows to design photovoltaic plants (feasibility studies and conceptual engineering) and its development (basic engineering, engineering for RFP (Request for Proposal), financing process and... more


Services and expertise in the field of protein science, structural biology and drug design

interest to draw the development of inhibitors. The company thus provides solutions in the field of protein science, structural biology and drug design for the production of target proteins, their biochemical... more


Software for virtual design and optimization of Organic Electronics (OE) material and devices

and costly trial-and-error approaches. The SME facilitates the virtual design and computer aided optimization of organic electronic (OE) materials and devices by providing adjustable, easy-to-use software for... more


Design of a cheap microhydro plant, with the use of pumps as turbines

The Department of mechanical, energy and management engineering of an Italian university has developed a computer code based on combined statistical and numerical methods, allows the selection of a pump suitable for operation as a turbine (PAT)... more


Seeking collaboration with European companies in autonomous forklift design and development

company is designing and developing its own line of AGVs for logistics use and has the key capabilities to cross over to the autonomous forklift market. The company is seeking European forklift research, design... more


Design of novel multicomponent nanosystems for the treatment and diagnostics of solid tumors

develop the scientific basis for the design of effective nanosystems for chemo and photodynamic antitumor therapy. The University has patented a method for the synthesis of resistant nanosystems in branched polymer... more


Development of natural composite materials and product design for the transport industry

concept through to production ready solutions. Before that, they spent 20 years in the automotive product development business. With the natural composites and product design, they have introduced low cost tooling... more

United Kingdom

Design and implementation of electronic traps with sensors for detection and population monitoring of plagues.

Researchers from Spanish University have developed an automated electronic trap for control and monitor plagues. This electronic tracking system developed is capable of photographing any insect and sending them through a wireless communication... more


Methodology based on eco-hygienic design of food processing equipments, that significately reduces food processing environmental impact.

greenhouse gas emissions. A Spanish technological centre has demonstrated how the application of eco-hygienic design criteria in industrial equipment can be applied as a preventive and cost-effective measure that... more


A Polish inventor is offering design rights to a method of production of decorative panels made of wooden rings.

weather conditions and to a wide range of loads in everyday use. The client is offering design rights to partners interested in concluding a licence agreement in order to increase chances to put the product on... more


German start-up seeks technical, design and consultancy expertise to build own test bench for hydraulic components/systems under manufacturing agreement

A 2016 established, multiple award-winning company from Germany in the field of intelligent water networks had developed unique turbine systems for drinking water pipelines for self-sufficient generation of electrical energy in order to permanently... more


Advanced process for efficient hydrogen production through photoelectrochemical solar water splitting based on a new photoelectrochemical cell design and a new module architecture

design with a novel arrangement of electrodes and membranes and thus, an improved, much more efficient module architecture for the process of photoelectrochemical solar water splitting. In principle, sunlight... more


Slovak company is offering an information system based on relational databases and object-oriented design for use in customs administration. Partners for further testing and development are sought.

basic standards and diagrams generally used for documentation of structural or object-oriented design. Technological distributions of data and functions are placed in a WAN (wide area network) environment. The... more


A Chinese household appliance manufacturer is seeking intelligent manufacturing technologies and novel design of household appliance regarding refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters

to stay ahead of the market, novel design and intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more indispensable nowadays for this very company and also its peers. Though this company has already built over 10... more


The design, engineering and production of customized coils for manufacturers of linear motors and actuators (motion) and rotating permanent magnetic motors (e-mobility)

A Dutch SME company with growing ambitions develops and produces high and low-frequency transformers and coils and is increasingly active within the field of electromagnetics with added-value. The company places an emphasis on design... more


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