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A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new compound for the treatment of diabetes

insulin and glucose metabolism. These kinds of intolerance cause serious damage such as liver fibrosis and abnormal fat liver content. Diabetes represents high levels of blood sugar over a long period. Therapies... more


A Romanian inventor of a novel device for the adjuvant treatment of glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension is searching for partners in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement

points. It could be used in the adjuvant treatment of glaucoma diabetes and hypertension. The device consists of four modules. One with electrical stimuli, a module with vibrational and electromagnetic stimuli,... more


Novel drugs for the treatment of aging-related diseases like chronic wounds, glaucoma, skin fibrosis and skin-aging.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the major health concerns worldwide affecting 425 million people and its prevalence is expected to increase to 629 million in 2045. It is estimated that 12% of the global health expenditure... more


A Finnish company is looking for licensees for a mobile health platform

a mobile terminal either manually or by automatic wireless data transfers from measuring devices like blood pressure and glucose meters. The service is developed for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes,... more


A druggable small molecule manufacturer looking for technology cooperation to develop meis protein detection kits

play a critical role in cell metabolism and are proven to be highly associated with diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. The benefit presents to the targeted drug discovery researchers... more


A German SME offers costumized mobile healthcare apps

healthcare apps comprised software applications for diagnostics, surgery, and diabetology. Their healthcare software includes, for example, applications for diabetes management by connecting with the blood glucose... more


A Spanish biotechnology SME with in vitro cell-free assays expertise for the screening of biological activities of natural extracts seeks technical or research agreements with agro-food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries or R&D institutions

) - Superoxide dismutase activity; inhibition of lipid oxidation. b) Enzyme inhibitor screening assays related to: - Diabetes - Hypertension - Hyperlipidemia - Hypercholesterolemia - Inflammatory processes c) Evaluation... more


A Korean company of probiotics looking for a partner in need of lactic acid bacteria isolation, cultivation, production and coating technology

effects of probiotics. Its functional research developments include various types of high-quality probiotics including diet, immune activation, anticancer assistance, oral, vaginitis, diabetes, and alcohol and... more

South Korea

Personal decision support system for heart failure management

depends on the patient’s physical capacity and current heart rate, while the nutrition education is adapted to the patient’s comorbidities (diabetes etc.) and focuses on topics the patient has difficulties with.... more


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the service of investigating the correlations and the enhanced treating of the multiple chronic diseases

conditions. The constantly ageing population will only increase the magnitude of this challenge. Chronic conditions require ongoing medical attention and/or limit activities of daily living. Examples include arthritis, diabetes,... more


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