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Design of novel multicomponent nanosystems for the treatment and diagnostics of solid tumors

The Ukrainian University has developed the new technologies use polymer nanoparticles, as localized delivery systems, tend to minimize the negative effects of chemotherapy on healthy cells (target delivery of toxins precisely in tumor cells).... more


A Russian company, specialized in custom software development, offers a solution for ophthalmology diagnostics and is looking for technical cooperation and joint venture agreements

The Russian company was founded in 2006 in Tomsk, as a provider of integrated solutions in custom software development. The company offers an innovative solution for ophthalmology diagnostics, the technology which... more


Molecular oncology diagnostic tool in targeted therapy

differential diagnostics. They are available either as single-test format, or in panel based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), targeted for differential clinical needs. The test can be combined in a customized... more


Advanced scientific instruments offered to control your R&D projects

, optoelectronics, micro-positioning automation, plasma diagnostics, vacuum control & instrumental engineering areas. The key competing advantage is in comparison with similar other micro-electronics companies... more


Rapid multiparameter point-of-care testing system for inflammation, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and more

industry for the conjoint development of new applications in the fields of companion diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, food or environmental testing, dental diagnostics... more


A silent and compact micropump with ultra-smooth flow and rapid response for Medical, Life Science and Environmental applications; ranging from wearable medical devices, Point of care (POC) diagnostic systems and environmental sampling

: • Blood pressure monitoring • Wound care • Anaesthesia gas monitoring • Portable suction • Capnography • Drug delivery • Sleep therapy • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics • Intermittent compression therapy • Therapeutic... more

United Kingdom

Advanced diagnostic system for the monitoring of rotating machines in power systems

quantitative properties related to the non-stationary event (weight, momentum, energy, etc.) The technology enables vibration diagnostics to be carried out both by measuring sensors placed in contact with the... more


A Bulgarian multiprofile university private hospital for active treatment is looking for services agreement with partners in the field of exchange of good practices and research

; ophthalmology; physical and rehabilitation medicine; diagnostic imaging; clinical laboratory; microbiological laboratory; logopaedic therapy; psychological diagnostics and treatment; etc. The philosophy of their... more


Self-tonometer for contactless measurement of the intraocular pressure

An increased intraocular pressure (IOP) is the most common risk factor for glaucoma. For purposes of diagnostics and monitoring of the disease, ophthalmologists usually measure and follow-up on the development... more


A SME in Kiev (Ukraine) offers new information technologies in the energy sector.

, diagnostics and forecast of a technical state of the power electrical equipment; - generate express and full information about abnormal and emergency conditions; - provide a compressed view of an entire file... more


German SME is looking for an adhesive manufacturer or developer

A German SME active the development of innovative products in the field of diagnostics and analytics, life science and pharmacy is looking for an adhesive in order to complete the development of a product. The... more


Innovative method and device for very precise diagnosing of the "dry eye" condition

and clinic sector, ophthalmology and diagnostics for the implementation of the innovation into the practice, providing the necessary know-how and adapting it to the specific needs of the company. more


Single cell analysis systems for biotherapeutic and medical diagnostic discovery and development

many more. The domains of application may include but are not limited to: Biopharmaceutical discovery and development; Single cell diagnostics and prognostics; Bioprocessing (synthetic biology); Single cell diseases... more

United Kingdom

Innovative system for heating of biochemical testing apparatus ‘’lab-on-a-disc’’

Diagnostics in medicine, biopharmacy, molecular biology, etc. use different types of methods for their research and analytical purposes. One of widely used procedures in laboratories is the polymerase chain reaction... more


A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

turbines are available. SCADA diagnostics (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)/ CMS (condition monitoring) with data security detects differences in yaw misalignment, pitch control and wake. The wind turbine... more


A Korean company offers metallized ceramic substrate for electronics with its newly developed technology of sputtered thick coatings.

plasma diagnostics and synthesis of functional thin films. This newly developed sputtered thick coating(STC) technology can be applied not only to ceramic, metal and polymer substrates but also to various industries.... more

South Korea

UK-based SME offers its novel fluorescent molecular imaging probe technology to companies using fluorescent imaging in their products and workflows under a technical cooperation

cytometry, immunohisto/cytochemistry, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Rapid Diagnostic Tests, lateral flow diagnostics etc.) with no changes to protocols needed. The UK-based SME is looking to further... more

United Kingdom

Smart-system for the control and management of complex energy facilities and networks

the power supply system, as well as to predict and identify the places of occurrence of emergency modes. To manage the energy saving procedures, it is possible to carry out spectral analysis of abnormal modes, diagnostics... more


Aptamer targeting hormone refractory prostate cancer

was already present during in vivo selection. In so-called PEGylation, biopharmaceutical active ingredients or diagnostics are chemically combined with polyethylene glycol.The aptamer of the present invention... more


Early classification of aggressive prostate cancers

consequence that cells become deformable and consequently mobile. The university offers a license agreement to companies in the diagnostics industry, specialized in tissue detection and those specialized in detection... more


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