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Digital personal shopper

personal digital shopper is a system and app, which is based on the exploitation of billboards and their potential. The billboard is nothing other than a sensor that communicates with an app, from 1 up to a... more


Mixed reality training system for dynamic future digital trends foreseeing

The Bulgarian research institute has broad experience in the ICT field with successfully implemented projects on national and international level with R&D and business partners. Proactive understanding of the digital... more


Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction

development of the construction sector. A young German company with vast experience in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) is specialized in optimizing and planning processes in the construction industry with the support of a digital... more


Platform for analysing global competition in different digital marketing channels

A correct definition of marketing campaigns in digital channels is, for many companies, the most powerful tool for increasing sales. Because of that, it is important to know what competitors are doing in the different... more


Digital solution for quick access to baby´s health information

reached anytime, anywhere under a secure platform that uses video response or messaging. Experience of the SME in the sector comes from the development of the first digital child health card under World Health... more


High-speed, high resolution and radiation-hardened analog to digital data converter

device is a European analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 10.4 effective bit resolution for 2Vpp input signal at a maximum sampling frequency of 100Msps. Its application targets high-reliability uses under radiation... more


New concept for digital documentation of medical information offers language independent search functions

A German research company specialized in conceptualization of digital data is searching for a medium-sized company or institute to commercialize its know-how. The company offers a vast knowledge and a new approach... more


Digital real-time management and optimisation solutions for public transport networks

developed a new generation of digital ITS (intelligent transport systems) that is 100% smartphone and cloud-based. By harvesting the power and agility of smartphone and digital technology,... more


3D digital models to collaborate and support full cycle construction projects.

Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre is specialized in offering global solutions to companies. It provides them with its more than 20 years of experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic... more


Cost-effective digital holography microscope measurement system to minimize performance losses in diffractive optical elements

The measurement system developed by the Singapore research institute reduces fabrication errors in complex microstructure patterns. It offers an end-to-end DOE measurement process, enabling measurements during the design phase as well as after... more


Estonian SME is offering an e-paper based digital signage platform for system integrators

Estonian SME has developed an e-paper based digital signage platform (6.8”, 9.7” and 32” displays) for permanently installed signage solutions, that features paper-like displays that blend into the background and... more


Software for creative digital solutions and serious games for healthcare, research and education

, graphic design and psychology. The company is based in the south of Germany. Its strength is finding the optimal connection between the worlds of digital games and healthcare/ research/ learning industry, followed... more


An end-to-end solution for digital pathology for greatly improved accessibility and flexibility

Very few healthcare systems in Europe have moved towards the digitisation of work flow in histopathology. This field of medicine is possibly the most out-of-date. Various new tools and improvements in technology exist such as digital... more

United Kingdom

Flexible plastic displays for consumer electronics, car interiors, digital signage and other applications

areas, including but not limited to consumer electronics, wearables, digital signage and automotive. Another application of the plastic transistor technology is flexible sensors. High resolution fingerprint sensors... more

United Kingdom

Dutch insurance and finance company is interested in new possibilities to increase email penetration in order to have more frequent and valuable digital contact with their customers.

A Dutch insurance company, both active in insurance products as well as pension funding products for the private market, has chosen to digitize the current communication tools from physical post to a digital personalized... more


German startup company offers its intelligent digital product selector that innovates B2B sales and distribution processes within commercial agreements with technical support

business to business (B2B) sales and distribution processes. Product catalogues and sales representatives are still typical for B2B sales today, as many products require technical explanations. Also existing digital... more


A Spanish company that has developed a digital platform for the preventive control of natural and aquatic environments seeks to establish collaboration agreements.

A Spanish company has developed a digital platform for the preventive control of aquatic and natural environments. The platform consists of two different parts: - the physical component is a microcomputer responsible... more


Procedure for the association of imaging information obtained following non-destructive, non-invasive investigations conducted with photonic techniques

A group of Romanian researchers active in the field of fundamental and applied research in optoelectronics has developed an unified complex digital model. The digital package of data... more


A UK based company who is developing an educational app for dyslexia is looking to partner with schools and educational institutions to test the product under a technical cooperation agreement.

well as short term memory. It is an interactive game-based intelligent system accessible from any digital device, and radically reduces intervention costs: as no specialised hardware nor specialised professionals... more

United Kingdom

Sensors to measure the filling level of waste bins are sought by a German city council

enhance the local digital infrastructure. To optimize the waste collection routes the city administration is searching for a digital LoRaWAN based sensor system for post-mounted... more


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