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A cloud-based energy management system for large-scale electricity consumers

identification of the energy losses in the overall production process (e.g. by thermal screening of heaters/coolers, and similar). The system is composed of multipurpose network of measuring instruments that collect all relevant electricity more

North Macedonia

Licenses offered for photo-thermoelectric cell for conversion of thermal energy into electricity

, which can produce electricity when it is subjected to a temperature difference. To enhance this process, a spectrally selective coating (SSC) is applied in different areas; this SSC allows to increase the temperature... more


Ukrainian University invented Frenel solar energy concentrator, which produce electricity and heat water

based on the Frenel mirrors can be used as a solar power plant unit for getting electricity and heating various objects (water, for example) and for other purposes in the technological processes of various types... more


Novel technology for conversion of plastic, packaging and agricultural waste to electricity, process heat and commodities.

The UK SME is a bioenergy and biorenewables technology developer with factory facilities and a technology incubator. The company’s mission is to be one of the fastest-growing integrated clean energy production specialists driving carbon negative... more

United Kingdom

A Russian company is looking for a technology for the production of solid recovered fuel to be used in the generation of electricity

generating electricity from the obtained solid recovered fuel (SRF). At the moment, the construction of one pilot plant in Russia is under consideration to sort 700,000 tonns of municipal solid waste per year... more


Desalination technology: an environmentally friendly system that can create drinking water from the sea at the same time generating electricity and basic chemicals.

desalination process is able to produce: • drinkable water (for human, agricultural and industrial uses); • electricity in surplus on consumption; • chemicals products with high value and commercial demand: NaOH... more


An Italian researcher is looking for industrial or public research partners to develop an innovative system for the simultaneous production of electricity, hydrogen and oxygen

-iodine cycle and to produce oxygen and hydrogen gaseous. This combined-cycle gas-turbine / steam-turbine modified system enables the production of electricity with greater efficiency than currently available... more


Innovative coating for electric energy generation

The Italian SME has developed an innovative coating that is able to produce electric energy from heated surfaces (also from the sun). In detail the nanocoating produces electricity from thermal differential (Seebeck/Peltier)... more


Turkish new technology electric boiler inventor is looking for license or manufacturing agreements

The electric boiler invented by the Turkish inventor is not operating in the traditional ways of how electric boilers heat the water. In the traditional method, a metal allow is heated inside a water tank using electricity.... more


UK developer of grid integrated heat storage technology providing continuous balance between electricity generation and energy/heat supply seeks partners to test, validate, provide feedback through research, technical cooperation and financial agreements

support to the process of decarbonisation. Current devices are unable to concentrate big amounts of heat energy in small volumes and therefore they are not widely applied in industrial applications like electricity... more

United Kingdom

Multi-purpose solar power plant with increased efficiency

The solutions currently available on the market can only generate electricity (solar panels) or produce hot water (solar collectors). The Czech inventor approached this problem by designing a solar power plant... more


Biomass cogeneration unit is offered for licensing

Electricity is still used as a source of heating in many buildings, which is extremely disadvantageous in terms of operating costs. Developed cogeneration unit based on ORC technology for wood chips (biomass)... more


Multi-skilled revamping of street lighting

project is to generate electricity by photovoltaic modules and piezoelectric sensors. In a nutshell, the electricity is obtained both by the sunlight and the urban traffic. In fact,... more


Company seeks compressors using technologies for metallurgical plants

temperature of liquid metal. The company employs 164 employees: consumes 439 000 MWh/y of electricity, 2 700 m3/y of water. One of the main technological processes is the manufacturing of sampling instruments.... more


Brussels based SME that developped a modular, low carbon, autonomous tiny housing box is looking for partners that can provide sustainable technologies to improve the energy management systems used in the housing boxes

electricity, heat or water networks. Water and electricity needs will be entirely met by thermal insulation and sustainable water and energy sources (e.g. photovoltaic panels, storage... more


Waste heat recovery unit offered for licensing

Cogeneration units are used as sources of electricity and heat in many buildings and usually run on natural gas where waste heat is generated as by-product. Using the disclosed ORC unit, some of the unusable heat... more


Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production

This Bulgarian inventor SME is working in the energy management sector. One of its R&D projects is about the development of circuit breaker with zero electricity consumption while operating. The device is an essential... more


Novel smart management algorithms for integration and control of renewable and energy storage systems in distribution power networks.

Further deployment of renewable energy technologies and decarbonization of energy sup-plymix in electricity networks are both pending on a consensual solution for a series of complex legal, economic and technical... more


Looking for asset & grid management solutions for utility grid operators.

The Dutch company is one of the main electricity and gas distribution companies in the Netherlands (DSO), with over 6 Million grid connections. The energy transition is changing the demands on their grid: decentralized... more


Technology for energy trading among home consumers

Energy, and in particular electric energy supply, is becoming an important business area in which new technologies are needed. Currently, a variety of actors are involved in electricity supply chain to the home... more


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