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Steam cycle for utilization of waste heat for electricity generation

The research team from Czech university developed a system for electricity generation. The aim of the invention is to utilize waste heat from industrial processes for production of electrical energy at peak demand.... more


The SME is looking for partners to develop the system for the production of electricity and air heater on the basis of a technical cooperation agreement.

should produce a electricity and steam with the following paramets: up to 2 MPa and 350oC. The company is expected to cooperate for the development of innovative technologies aiming to improve the production... more


An Italian researcher is looking for industrial or public research partners to develop an innovative system for the simultaneous production of electricity, hydrogen and oxygen

-iodine cycle and to produce oxygen and hydrogen gaseous. This combined-cycle gas-turbine / steam-turbine modified system enables the production of electricity with greater efficiency than currently available... more


UK-based SME seeks partners for development of novel tidal turbine technology through joint venture or licensing agreement

Renewable energy sources are increasingly important for the generation of electricity with offshore wind turbines providing a significant contribution. However, the turbines can only provide electricity... more

United Kingdom

Company seeks compressors using technologies for metallurgical plants

temperature of liquid metal. The company employs 164 employees: consumes 439 000 MWh/y of electricity, 2 700 m3/y of water. One of the main technological processes is the manufacturing of sampling instruments.... more


Multi-skilled revamping of street lighting

project is to generate electricity by photovoltaic modules and piezoelectric sensors. In a nutshell, the electricity is obtained both by the sunlight and the urban traffic. In fact,... more


Off-grid solar charging system with stand-alone payment process

have highly unreliable connections to national electricity grids or are without access to reliable electricity. These consumers turn to costly and unhealthy energy alternatives,... more

United Kingdom

Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production

This Bulgarian inventor SME is working in the energy management sector. One of its R&D projects is about the development of circuit breaker with zero electricity consumption while operating. The device is an essential... more


Novel smart management algorithms for integration and control of renewable and energy storage systems in distribution power networks.

Further deployment of renewable energy technologies and decarbonization of energy sup-plymix in electricity networks are both pending on a consensual solution for a series of complex legal, economic and technical... more


Industrial cloud-based energy management system

Electricity costs are usually the largest utility expenditure for many facilities, particularly the industrial ones. At the same time, electrical power consumption possesses great potential for reduction by optimising... more

Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

Innovative modular sea and ocean wave electric power generator.

electricity to be delivered to shore based substation by special underwater isolated power electrical cable. This conception will provide great opportunities in utilization in remote urban areas, close to shore... more


A novel wind turbine system extracts more energy from intermittent wind energy in day night cycle.

An Israeli start-up has developed a standalone mid-range Wind Turbine based on Hydro-Mechanical HK-CVT drivetrain; it is a new comprehensive solution for electricity production in order to extract the maximum energy... more


Battery charging management system for lead acid and lithium ion batteries

electricity costs of charging, control charging lithium ion and lead acid batteries in real time, it could solve the problem of the maximum charging for older lead acid batteries, longer duration lead acid batteries,... more


Turkish entrepreneur based company developed new type of electric generator from sea wave. He is looking for further development of this product under commercial agency with technical assistance agreement.

The company, located in Izmir/Turkey has been founded by a mechanical engineer. The company is based on R&D of innovative energy generation from wave. The company aims to convert ocean and sea wave energy into electricity... more


Low-maintenance, long-lived animal trap and luring device for application in remote and low-tech environments (seeking sponsorship)

mechanisms in combination with different termination mechanisms, e.g. carbon dioxide, electricity, or toxic molecules. Currently available traps have limited longevity and other drawbacks. Many lure molecules,... more


UK engineer is looking for investors or industrial partners for patented electrical energy storage system, which enhances thermal power plants.

form of backup generation for when electricity demand exceeds supply. When supply exceeds demand, excess generating capacity, which cannot be stored, is either wastefully curtailed or sold at a very low price.... more

United Kingdom

Innovative refrigeration energy recovery system seeks manufacturer

Within the UK alone 16% of electricity generated is consumed by refrigeration. Worldwide power consumption for air conditioning is forecast to increase 33 times by 2100 and is estimated that by 2050, people will... more

United Kingdom

Solar photovoltaic monitoring system coupled with dual fuse method

. To overcome those disadvantages, various data can be collected, analyzed, and transferred from advanced functions of their system. It is equipped with data acquiring and telecommunication functions of existing electricity... more

South Korea

Monitoring and control of off-grid power systems

The power sector has the biggest potential for replacing fossil fuels and cutting emissions thanks to renewable sources of energy. However, this will require strong investments into transition from the currently centralized electricity... more


Device for cleaning heat transfer surfaces of boilers of small and medium thermal outputs

device easily without any qualification or having pre-training. Electricity is necessary for compressing the air and proper production of pulses in the shockwave generator. The purpose of the invention is to enable... more


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