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Ultrafast charging Li-ion batteries based on nanostructured electrodes

in severe capacity fading due to low electronic conductivity and severe volume change leading to the pulverization of electrodes. In order to mitigate these issues, they have developed high capacity nanostructured... more


High performance 2D electrodes for Li-ion batteries

Secondary lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) attracted tremendous interest due to their high energy density, good cycle life, and efficiency compared to Pb-acid, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. Natural/ synthetic graphite is commonly used as anode for... more


Solid-state, calibration-free pH sensor to be retrofitted into glass electrodes, or to be developed into new products for water monitoring and oceanography

pH sensors have changed little for decades. In many emergent fields they are simply not up to the task. The expensive and fragile glass electrodes need to be manually calibrated on a regular basis, and do not operate... more

United Kingdom

Electronic portable interface for epicortical activity acquisition and stimulation

Ultra-flexible passive microelectrode array (MEA) has been designed to allow an easy adaptation to the brain surface. The MEA is composed of 32 single ended channels for the neuronal signal recording and several stimulation electrodes... more


Nanotechnology to optimise batteries charging and discharging time

the continuity in power of any electrical device. The solution offered by the company is based on a revolutionary electrodes technology compatible with all kinds of chemistries from capacitors, ultracapacitors,... more


Italian SME is offering graphene and its derivates for several applications, from the polymer industry to metal protection, from printable circuit boards to new heat insulating materials.

produce graphene, allows itself to be used in different and several applications, such us to be smeared on the surface of different materials like electrodes used in electrochemical applications, extended their... more


Remote electrocardiograph monitoring technology

cause of death. Currently, the cardiovascular handheld diagnostic ECG devices market is growing at a considerable rate. There are two groups of devices: - one ECG lead devices - typically use integrated electrodes... more


New high performance electrode for capacitive deionization

electrodes is based on the continuous impregnation of CNT fibres with metal oxide precursors in-line as they are spun from the chemical vapour deposition reaction, followed by thermal treatment (350ºC). Consequently,... more


A clean energy company with materials for energy generation and storage offers collaboration opportunities in manufacturing, research and development.

A Greek company with 20 years of experience in materials research develops materials and components for clean energy applications in transportation, generation, storage. It also manufactures and commercializes electrodes,... more


Biosensors for food safety and quality control

Basque SME is working in different aspects of the development: • High reproducible fabrication of disposable electrodes • User friendly miniaturized device • Affinity systems • Large scale fabrication of enzymes The... more


An established Slovak research institute has developed a pressure sensor for extreme conditions and is looking for licensees or investors

gate sensing electrodes. Extreme operating conditions are frequent in the aerospace and automotive industries as well as in other industries and the quality of production and operation depends on the accurate... more


Resource-saving technology for the production of wire-frame composites for electrical purposes based on tungsten and copper

), electrodes for resistance welding and electrical discharge machining for electrical and other industries. Predicted operational properties are confirmed by industrial testing of experimental products. Using... more


Non-enzymatic lactate sensor system for intensive care applications

are developed in close cooperation with research institutes and commercial partners. Unlike the common glass housed liquid junction electrodes, those electrochemical sensors are based on a solid contact principle... more


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