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Flexible plastic displays for consumer electronics, car interiors, digital signage and other applications

areas, including but not limited to consumer electronics, wearables, digital signage and automotive. Another application of the plastic transistor technology is flexible sensors. High resolution fingerprint sensors... more

United Kingdom

Leading companies seek proposals for innovation challenge (Infocomm & Electronics)

Leading companies based in Singapore are seeking partnerships with start-ups, SMEs and researchers with the relevant technologies and expertise to co-innovate solutions in the category of Infocomm & Electronics.... more


French Technology Transfer Office offers a new haptic interface useful in micro-manipulation for biology and micro-electronics sector

The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the leading French scientific based in the Paris region. High dexterity is required for manual assembly of micro elements. To perform their... more


A Korean company offers metallized ceramic substrate for electronics with its newly developed technology of sputtered thick coatings.

electronics to its customers. It also has repair centers in Korea, China, and Taiwan With long and professional experience in semiconductor testing market, the company has devoted to developing high efficient... more

South Korea

High tech microrobotic systems and automation of precision assembly for high speed production : partner sought in micro-electronics industry (MEMs, microsystems) and photonics for technical ccoperation

automatise the unrewarded, but difficult part of the work. Ideally the targeted companies are in the precision sector as micro-electronics : microsystems, MEMs (microelectromechanical systems), micro-photonics.... more


Power electronics converters, real-time simulation, controllers up to one microsecond, and development of electronic systems for control and simulation are offered

hardware and software for power electronics simulation (plants and controllers) in renewable energy applications and motor drive, with a resolution of one microsecond. 3) Electronic design of controllers based... more


UK electronics and embedded software design house specialising in connected devices offers feasibility, prototyping or design review services to product design companies

The UK electronics design company was established in 2015, their design team develops tailored-made solutions for a wide range of applications. However the company has specialised and has a specific interest in... more

United Kingdom

A Swedish SME offers a new very cost-effective and qualitative manufacturing method, to make flexible and sustainable lighting panels for printed electronics and medtech devices.

been developed by the company founder at the Organic Photonics and Electronics group at Umeå University in Sweden. The LEC can be printed in ambient conditions entirely from solutions. The market and potential... more


A Polish company offers professional engineering, research and development services to international partners

devices and electronics, development or improvement of complete products, processes and software (including embedded software). The other branch of services are numerical computations: from static and dynamic... more


French manufacturer of turn-key high-performance quantum instruments, photon detection, fast timing electronics is seeking technical and research cooperation in quantum optics, nanotechnology, biological sciences and aeronautics/space

electronics. As a worldwide technology leader, the company provides world-class Geiger-mode single photon counting, picosecond laser source, fast time correlation, and optical fiber sensing instruments. In addition,... more


LC-BAT-08-2020: A Spanish university is looking for companies with expertise in design and manufacturing of battery management systems as well as companies with capacity to manufacture printed electronics or equipment for these processes

Kingdom. In order to complete the consortium, the university is looking for companies with expertise in design and manufacturing of batteries management systems as well as companies with the capacity to manufacture printed electronics more


Power optimizer for photovoltaic modules

. The newly developed electronics is only working when needed. The long-life electronic circuits, specially developed for this application, lead to less strain on the power stage parts and thus to an increase... more


Spanish SME specialized in the development of unmanned vessels is looking for commercial agreements

standard boat design includes some specific modifications related to the physical configuration and the on-board electronics. The boat is also provided with the unmanned capabilities thanks to the installation... more


Real time emulation of electrical power networks, test environment for research, development and testing of control algorithms in energy systems.

power electronics converters, resistive load-banks, 47.5kWh battery system, distribution panels, and monitoring and control systems. This platform allows analysis, development, and testing of realistic scenarios... more


Cost saving surface pretreatment technology for optimizing gluing, coating, imprinting or painting of plastic parts and other components.

technology to overcome all above mentioned disadvantages. This was achieved by optimizing the nozzle construction and the electronics design. The plasma surface treatment can be easily implemented inline. It... more


Electronic control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessel

A French SME created in 2015, specialized in electronics and embedded systems, aims to simplify and make sailing accessible to everyone. The company has developed an electronic box which can control the movement... more


Advanced scientific instruments offered to control your R&D projects

A Czech SME was established in 2000 with the mission to deliver high-tech products and professional services in the field of scientific instrumentation. Its specialization is high voltage supplies, special electronics... more


Smart wearable devices for motion detection

The Research Institute has a long expertise in flexible electronics and physical sensors. Such technologies result key elements to design and fabricate smart wearable devices. The team is composed by physicists... more


Partners sought to collaborate in project proposals focused on advanced material developments for defence sector

materials. Flexible electronics and in-mould electronics - Additive manufacturing - extrusion, injection, compounding processing They would like to be connected to companies and... more


H2020 - SU-ICT-02-2020 Cyber security : a French SME expert in the IoT sector is searching for a consortium

The SME delivers turnkey connected solutions to smart and connected product manufacturers. The SME has strong expertise in secure IoT device design from electronics, embedded software development, RF protocols... more


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