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Renewable energy: Energy-absorbing breakwater

The company is looking for investors or industrial partners specialized in the segment of offshore renewable energy and offers license agreement, manufacturing agreement and/or commercial agreement with technical... more


Buildings energy performance analysis

A Spanish technology center, funded in 1994, offers transversal, integrated and innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, developments, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: i) industry, ii) energy... more


Salt water battery based energy storage and management system for optimized renewable energy yields

An Austrian manufacturer developed a novel, compact energy storage system to optimize photovoltaic (PV) yields for residential- and apartment buildings as well as for business applications (agriculture, hotels,... more


Innovative coating for electric energy generation

The Italian SME has developed an innovative coating that is able to produce electric energy from heated surfaces (also from the sun). In detail the nanocoating produces electricity from thermal differential (Seebeck/Peltier)... more


Energy storage solution valuing low carbon available energy through lost heats for industries and renewables producers

Today, waste heat represents up to 20% of the production costs in industry. In the world, the deposit of waste heat is approximately 4000 TWh/year. The existing energy storage solutions are either non sustainable... more


Energy load peak management system for smart control and monitoring in energy grids

The Austrian SME is active in the field of energy management in industry and residential buildings since decades. In the past years the company developed a novel energy management... more


Construction of a sustainable, energy self-sufficient office building. Partners sought for transfer of implementation expertise as well as energy storage and wind energy solutions

life cycle assessment (construction, utilization, demolition). The concept includes the use of renewable raw materials and the reduction of space requirements. The building should be made from wood and it should be energy-self-sufficient... more


Low-energy pre-treatment of industrial wastewater

microflotation gas. The microbubble density enables high TS concentrations in the separated sludge. The separated flotation sludge can be disposed of in biogas plants without further treatment and used for energy... more


Energy storage in multifunctional structural composite material

laminated composite structure. The internal structure formed by the polymer electrolyte arranged between carbon nanotube fiber sheets provides high energy storage capacity to the material, while at the same time... more


Innovative system for energy storage and production

The need for increasing the production of energy from renewable energy sources is critical these days but the penetration of the relevant systems is not satisfactory for several reasons.... more


Building energy efficiency improvement and benchmarking tool.

The research team has developed an innovative system that allows benchmarking, evaluation and forecasting of energy efficiency in buildings using common parameters such as location and energy... more


Optimized circuit for high frequency energy harvesting

A German university offers a dynamic range extender for the recovery of electrical energy from electromagnetic radiation. There are different approaches to power electronic devices. Possibilities exist to charge... more


Technology for energy trading among home consumers

Energy, and in particular electric energy supply, is becoming an important business area in which new technologies are needed. Currently, a variety of actors are involved in electricity... more


Integrated distributed energy resources in the grid

Fossil fuels and centralised energy generation are giving way to clean and renewable decentralised energy generation. This transition however poses challenges to grid operators. The... more


Sludge thickening by low energy microflotation technology

biomass the sludge needs to be dewatered. If the sludge is to be disposed of, each percentage in volume reduction leads to savings. The low energy microflotation wastewater treatment technology developed by a... more


A clean energy company with materials for energy generation and storage offers collaboration opportunities in manufacturing, research and development.

A Greek company with 20 years of experience in materials research develops materials and components for clean energy applications in transportation, generation, storage. It also manufactures and commercializes... more


UK energy company looks for partners and investors for further development of its patent pending wave energy concept

Creating energy from ocean waves is still a big challenge. Despite emerging technologies in the area, there is not any commercially viable solution. The existing solutions have challenges such as substantial amounts... more

United Kingdom

Simple low-loss power converter allowing great energy savings.

control, this topology allows to reduce the power losses by approximately 50% compared to conventional switched mode power converters, which allows very high energy savings. Thus, conversion efficiency of 99%... more


Energy dynamic modelling simulation of new and existing buildings

A Spanish technology center, funded in 1994, offers transversal, integrated and innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, developments, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: i) industry, ii) energy... more


Wastewater bioremediation coupled with energy production via photosynthetic microorganisms

A Spanish Institute, working on sustainable fuel production, has designed a system for a dual purpose: wastewater nutrients recovery and production of energy as biogas. On one hand, nutrients required for microalgae... more


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