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German sensor manufacturer is looking for plant engineering companies

The German company founded in 2001 focused in the development, manufacture and distribution of microsystems. This includes components as well as electronic and electromechanical assemblies and devices. The product portfolio comprises: > pressure... more


Tailor-made protein engineering for companies and research organisations

The company was founded as a spin-off from one of the most renowned Czech universities in the field of life sciences in 2006. The Company has a tailored technology platform to engineer more stable proteins and enzymes. The solutions commercially... more


Expertise offered on advanced thermal engineering systems and technologies

The Ukrainian University successfully participated in many R&D projects aimed at the development of advanced thermal engineering systems, including the conceptual design and feasibility study of high power telecommunication... more


Engineering simulation services for European projects on Additive Manufacturing industry

A Spanish engineering company has the purpose to increase value to new technologies and results from R&D Projects.The continuous innovation is their philosophy; the best result is their main goal in every work... more


Development of tailor-made and high performance polymer materials - prototyping - reverse engineering

, printing ink and mastics, glues, man-made fibres etc. They can also make high-performance prototyping on demand (composite/plastics) and do reverse engineering: de-formulation, which means they can find the... more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

genetic engineering techniques, c) transcriptional regulation studies, including electrophoretic-mobility shift assays, footprinting assays, and bioinformatics of binding sites; d) transcriptomic analyses (real... more


Engineering and production of mechanical ground support equipment and/or flight components for the space industry

A Dutch SME is an experienced multidisciplinary mechanical and mechatronic engineering company with professionals in conceptual 3 dimensional design, engineering, stress engineering,... more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

, corrosion and EMF interference The presented technology is used for sensing the relative positions of several points, planes and layers, most notably as deformation sensor, and is applicable in a number of areas including civil engineering more


UK engineering company is looking for partners to further develop their Li-ion battery

The UK engineering company's goal is to displace diesel generation and fossil fuel based power plants and leapfrog grid infrastructure in developing nations using renewable energy and circular economy principles. Due... more

United Kingdom

Nanofluids for efficient heat exchange systems of power engineering, transport and industry

The Ukrainian scientific group from institute that established in 1949 made lab tested nanofluid samples for heat exchange systems of power based on aluminum silicate and carbon nanotubes. It could be used in engineering,... more


A Polish company offers professional engineering, research and development services to international partners

already selling its service in Poland, France, and Germany; engineering/development projects, implementation of the CAE solutions in current client’s development process (simulation driven engineering);... more


A Turkish engineering company, which is working on energy efficiency, is looking for license agreement

The Turkish company, which is active in the sector for almost 6 years, is working on R&D. The company is working for R&D projects of several sectors such as renewable energy sources, wind turbines, hydraulic turbines, energy-producing systems,... more


UK marine eco-engineering company seeks partners to create, develop and rebuild reef systems

them to create reef structures anywhere in the world which means anyone from scientists to remote fishers can contribute to rebuilding reef systems. Since 2015, this marine eco-engineering company has been experimenting... more

United Kingdom

Applied innovation engineering company with expertise in sustainable solutions seeks to join a Mediterranean project consortium under PRIMA 2020 calls

The Spanish SME is a technologically based enterprise specialised in applied innovation engineering and it carries out activity in the following main areas: (1) Safety protection of civil society; (2) Environmental... more


R&D partners sought for an electromechanical transducer based on sliding nano-actuator with applications in medicine, robotics and engineering

An electromechanical transducer is a device which transforms electrical energy into mechanical work. Transducers are applied extensively in all spheres of our environment. They are well established in classical engineering... more


Greek SME develops innovative technology that reduces effectively Sulphur Oxides (SOx) in ship emissions aiming at engineering companies or investors for system development prior to commercialization

state control) ensure that such systems are functioning correctly. If a scrubber system is not functioning properly, port States can sanction the ship. A Greek SME company, which specializes in environmental engineering,... more


Ultrasonic IOT sensors dedicated to the petrochemical or water industry to be taken over by an engineering or manufacturing company of hardware products under a technological partnership

providing logistical solutions for the petrochemical supply chain, but also for the water industry, seeks a engineering/manufacturing company for taking over its hardware technology composed of two IOT ultasonic... more


The design, engineering and production of customized coils for manufacturers of linear motors and actuators (motion) and rotating permanent magnetic motors (e-mobility)

electronics, sensoring, medical care and machine- and equipment manufacturing. The Dutch SME is looking for close cooperation with designers and manufacturers of electric motors and offers feasibility studies, design, co-engineering more


Novel composite frame modular system for engineering applications in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries for a commercial agreement with technical assistance

The conventional manufacturing of carbon components is based on lamination technologies. The increasing use of carbon fibre composites is displacing aluminium or steel in many engineering areas (aerospace, automotive,... more


Brussels SME with expertise in computational fluid dynamics that provides aerodynamic and thermal engineering simulation services is looking for technical partners to cooperate, also in H2020 projects, on energy efficiency of buildings

The Belgian Brussels based SME was founded in 2018 and offers a vast set of services related to aerodynamic and thermal engineering simulation services based on computational fluid dynamics. Simulation helps to... more


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