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UK-based SME offers engineering led product development tools to engineering companies under technical cooperation agreement

, money and reputational damage. It is therefore important that issues with product design and development are identified as early in the process as possible. A UK-based SME specialises in engineering led product... more

United Kingdom

R&D on demand services in biomedical engineering

This research and development company was founded in 2016 as the idea of four graduates of Biomedical Engineering. They were passionate about engineering design, numerical analysis... more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

, corrosion and EMF interference The presented technology is used for sensing the relative positions of several points, planes and layers, most notably as deformation sensor, and is applicable in a number of areas including civil engineering more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

genetic engineering techniques, c) transcriptional regulation studies, including electrophoretic-mobility shift assays, footprinting assays, and bioinformatics of binding sites; d) transcriptomic analyses (real... more


Tailor-made vibration damping technology saving costs and increasing quality in mechanical engineering and testing applications

In mechanical engineering applications (such as machine tools) vibrations have a detrimental impact on quality of products and tool life. Conventional solutions to reduce vibrations such as grey cast components... more


Tailor-made vibration damping technology saving costs and increasing quality in mechanical engineering and testing applications

In mechanical engineering applications (such as machine tools) vibrations have a detrimental impact on quality of products and tool life. Conventional solutions to reduce vibrations such as grey cast components... more


A Portuguese research group is offering their mechanical tests (structural materials for civil engineering)

to perform relaxation tests on prestressed steel products. This Engineering research group is open to cooperate with partners from industry, universities or other R&D institutions, seeking for knowledge and expertise... more


Development of actinobacterial platforms for production of natural products using genetic engineering tools and omics techniques

chromatography (HPLC)-based quantification of products; b) gene cloning and genetic engineering techniques, including species that are difficult to modify, c) protein expression and purification, d) transcriptional... more


A German engineering company offers expertise to optimise rubber and plastic production processes

The German company has more than 30 years experience in injection-moulding production of rubber and plastic parts for different applications in the automotive and furniture sector and offers solutions, in-depth know-how and expertise to optimise... more


A Polish company offers professional engineering, research and development services to international partners

already selling its service in Poland, France, and Germany; engineering/development projects, implementation of the CAE solutions in current client’s development process (simulation driven engineering);... more


R&D partners sought for an electromechanical transducer based on sliding nano-actuator with applications in medicine, robotics and engineering

An electromechanical transducer is a device which transforms electrical energy into mechanical work. Transducers are applied extensively in all spheres of our environment. They are well established in classical engineering... more


Ukrainian company, producer of cooling towers and cooling towers components, is looking for dealers/agents, end customer or engineering companies

Ukrainian company works in the sphere of energy saving technologies of industrial water supply since 1994. The company includes the coolers production plant, design bureau, engineering center and customer service. Cooling... more


Partners sought for the development of movement-based learning modules for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) education

The Bavarian company is managing several collaborative innovation networks with the following core fields: health, (elite)sports and mobility. The goal of this request is to find motivated partners to build up and extend an international sports-innovation-network... more


A Czech company specialized in advanced engineering services and development of innovative products is looking for cooperation in automotive, railway or aerospace industry

technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement. In the case of commercial agency agreement with technical assistance: The partner sought is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or engineering companies... more


Engineering partner for a technical cooperation on reducing the operational costs of liquid waste processing by replacing / supporting conventional atmospheric evaporators with membrane unit is sought

research institute is missing means for a final engineering to implement the ideas successfully into the practice. However, (thanks to the acquired knowledge during the tests and prototype creation) Czech research... more


Serbian institute offers plasma technology know-how and engineering support for optimisation of combustion systems in small and medium industrial plants

Serbian laboratory offers plasma technology on-shell solutions, know-how, and engineering support for optimization of combustion systems in the small and medium industrial plants. In particular, the laboratory... more


Multivariate analysis with Fourier Transform Near Infra Red analysis for process modelling and process engineering: new tool for technical cooperation in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, industrial biotechnology and chemistry

The German R&D company is specialized in multivariate analysis and modelling, FTNIR (Fourier Transform Near Infra Red Analysis) with applications in PAT (Process Analytical Technologies), process modelling, process engineering... more


Innovative self-aligning lead screw and ball screw nut to be used in linear actuation

The UK SME was established in September 2013 to patent and commercialise their engineering technologies/products. Their primary business activity is in the development of patents for novel and improved products... more

United Kingdom

Solution for the design of utility-scale photovoltaics plants

. The solution allows to design photovoltaic plants (feasibility studies and conceptual engineering) and its development (basic engineering, engineering... more


A Chinese company is looking for an automatic control system for drilling jumbos

The company which established in 1999, is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. The company's products mainly on engineering machinery, including underground engineering equipment,... more


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