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Technology for development of 3 seater paramotor trike

production, manufacturing materials and the used fuel. The technology is oriented in the field of Ultra-light aviation, entertainment industry, The company is looking for cooperation with high-technological... more


Development of Magneto-Rheological Elastomer

mobile and entertainment devices. Magneto-Rheological Elastomer(MRE), a mixture of magnetic particles and elastic substances (e.g. natural or synthetic rubber), is one of the smart materials controlled by an... more

South Korea

A Turkish SME is offering their technology regarding virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation services with commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreement.

Retail, in such areas as Training & Employee Development, Engineering & Design, Modeling, Education, Real-Time Information Overplay, B2B Sales, Marketing and Entertainment. 5-years of experience and know how in... more


Multicamera tracking and high resolution 3D stereo vision

system, automated video surveillance and stadiums & smart city surveillance for instant situation awareness. The SME has a great international experience in entertainment industry with their solution for visual... more


An Italian association has developed an open source suite of hardware devices for electronic music and sound installations

potentiometers).The board can send data to a laptop through a serial port and it can be used for games, entertainment, education experiments, and sound installations. - A mixer with two inputs and signals' level... more


Artwork display device with audio and mail services dedicated to non-cultural public facilities

cases. Technical cooperation agreement is also expected with corporates interested to check consistence of the device with any specific environment of their public open facilities, such as public transport waiting areas, company lobbies, more


An Italian company is looking for laser technologies for cutting special lens filters

. fairs, ceremonies, meetings, local festivals, safety signs, etc.), possibly with dynamic effects (eg. rain effect). The overall solution is very effective for promotion, entertainment and artistic communication,... more


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