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Thick film heating technology sought

targeted areas in a really efficient way. These types of heaters are of high-power densities and low thermal masses which result in ultra-fast heating of any kind of media. On the other hand, thick film heaters... more


Process for delamination of multilayer film

Sometimes, a single type of plastic alone is not capable of reaching the characteristics demanded by the industry. Still, it is necessary to use a combination of plastics glued together to form a multilayer composite material (laminated plastic).... more


Polymeric drug loaded film to implant for local release of anticancer drugs after tumour resection.

An Italian innovative start-up has developed a thin and flexible polymeric film, sufficiently resistant to be applied intrapleural or in other districts, adhering to the mesothelial or epithelial surfaces. The... more


A Brussels SME offering flexible thin film solar modules is looking for a company that can provide induction/laser technology for the development of wireless solar modules.

A Brussels-based SME active in the field of flexible thin film solar modules and specialized in offering EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services for the installation of flexible thin film... more


Offering advanced Platinum thin-film temperature sensor elements for highly-accurate and reliable temperature measurement in automotive, energy, safety, building, life science and home applications.

) thin-film technology. These are not only highly sensitive and insensitive to extreme temperatures but also show highest stability even in smallest dimensions. They are thus able to detect overheating very quickly... more


A Brussels SME offering flexible thin-film modules applicable on different surfaces is looking to join a consortium for the H2020 call LC-MG-1-12-2020

. The proposed flexible thin film solar modules are based upon an innovative copper indium gallium selenide solar cells technology (CIGS) where low-weight flexible modules can be placed on smooth surfaces /... more


A Ukrainian R&D institute offers technology for a substantial heat transfer improvement between the liquid film flowing over a solid surface and its gaseous environment

The Ukrainian R&D institution in field of energy and energy efficiency offers a technology allowing for a substantial intensification in heat transfer between the film of a liquid, flowing over a solid surface,... more

Ukrainian food company seeks milk drying technology under license or manufacturing agreement

overflow water consumption. A company needs a new drying plant of film evaporation type drying tower with special cleaning equipment by capacity of 9,8 tons of clean water per hour to improve the plant’s efficiency. The... more


Photonic Jet, a new laser technology for sub-µm processing of different materials

- Generation of electronic functionalities - Thin film processing - 3D-machining below 10 µm - Local thin film deposition Commercial users are sought which need to generate features... more


Spanish Technological Centre is searching a company to participate as end user in a FTI-H2020 project aimed to develop a biodegradable and compostable high barrier multilayer packaging

Sustainable Agriculture (agricultural plastics) and in major standardization committees on plastic items, especially for agricultural use (film, pipe, etc.). Furthermore, it is a member of The Bio-Based Industries... more


[Eureka network] A Korean electronical technology institute is looking for partners to develop acoustic levitator for powder ALD (atomic layer deposition) process

acoustic levitator for a joint program of developing acoustic levitator for powder ALD (atomic layer deposition) process. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a thin film deposition technology based on sequential... more

South Korea

[Eurostars2] Looking for partners for developing precursors for ALD (atomic layer deposition) process

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a thin film deposition technology using sequential use of a gas phase chemical process. The ALD process uses two chemicals typically called precursors. These precursors are deposited... more

South Korea

UK-based SME offers unique immersive experience incorporating mixed reality and the power of story to partner organisations under commercial agreements

technology such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, GPS trigger technology, image mapping, projection mapping, motion capture and virtual reality. This is combined with their skill in live action film-making,... more

United Kingdom

Transparent Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glazing (BIPV)

The company is a developer and producer of thin-film transparent architectural photovoltaic glazing. The technology is specifically designed for building integrated applications, delivering high energy yields... more

United Kingdom

New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

unique and has many advantages over currently most used deformation sensing techniques based on resistance, vibration, resonance, string and film sensors. Furthermore, the properties of the sensor predetermine... more


Licenses offered for photo-thermoelectric cell for conversion of thermal energy into electricity

. The photo-thermal thin-film cell presented is similar to photovoltaic cells but, due to the nature of its materials, its manufacturing can be accomplished with much simpler technologies. The cell consists on... more


High voltage electrochemical oxidation technology to form decorative and hardwearing aluminium oxide coatings on aluminium alloys

to 520 V during the oxidation process. Application of pulses with different shape and duration allows increasing the growth rate of the oxide film, its microhardness and corrosion resistance. The coating properties... more


Robust self-cleaning coating for easy solar panel maintenance

) of thin film sputtering onto any surface that requires transparent, anti-soiling coating or fouling. This includes solar panels, building façades, windows, vehicle windscreens and aquariums. This coating technology... more


Innovative antimicrobial contact lenses for human and animal therapeutic purposes

serious risk to vision. Topical drug administration to the anterior segment of the eye is often limited by clearance mechanisms of the corneal surface and other factors, including eye blinking, tear film, tear... more


Patented soil mulching technology with environmental advantages

spraying process builds on the soil a protective geo-membrane (biodegradable film) which accomplishes its mulching function as well as a traditional foil. After having performed its function, the layer can be... more


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