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Bioactive atmosphere modifier for packaged food

A scientist from northwestern Poland that specialises in technologies for the food industry has developed a bioactive modifier of atmosphere for packaged food. The modifier has... more


Packaging of food – reducing empty space in food containers

Pre-packaged products, such as for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, plant protection and various chemical products, often involve a lot of empty space in the packaging. This blank space is intended either for... more


Novel food supplements encapsulation method

This Ukrainian company is actively involved in the creation and distribution of food supplements developed a new method of shell coverage for supplements that are not destroyed in the stomach, made from natural... more


Biosensors for food safety and quality control

This is a Basque biotech SME with broad experience in developing biosensors for application in the food industry. Concretely, it has already developed and commercialized biosensors in the wine sector for the determination... more


An improved challenge test for food products safety

This new microbial challenge test has been developed by an Italian company offering high-tech services to the agri-food and pharmaceutical industry regarding all aspects related to microbiology. The Microbial challenge... more


Innovative antimicrobial and antioxidant food packaging films and foils

Due to changes in increased public awareness about environment and health, strict packaging regulations and guidelines, a lot of effort has been put into development of innovative food packaging materials to achieve... more


Packaging that extends freshness and shelf-life of food.

A scientist from a university located in northwestern Poland that specialises in technologies for the food industry has developed a bioactive modifier of atmosphere for packaged food.... more


Biodegradable packagings for food industry are offered under license agreement

packagings, particularly suited for the food industry. They are made from paper-based materials, starch or a polymer derived from renewable resources (PLA, polylactide), with the addition of natural substances... more


Highly potent ligands of the ghrelin receptor to influence food intake

, liver and heart. The receptor possesses a high constitutive activity. It was suggested to induce constant appetite and to trigger food intake in between meals. Its endogenous ligand ghrelin is the only known... more


Polish scientists offer method of immobilisation and encapsulation of bioactive materials for food products

For a long time, the food industry has been using bioactive materials such as microorganisms and various particles as facilitators of food and alcoholic fermentation (for the production... more


Production technology of starch-based sorbing agent applicable in food, alcohol and agriculture industries

and dispersible. It has a neutral colour, smell and taste. It can be used: as a powdery diluent of flavoured food additives, as an adsorbent of liquids and odours, or to filter water or contaminants out of raw... more


Development of functional food ingredients from underutilised okara

from okara have the potential to help the industry in product innovation and optimisation, food supply sustainability as well as food waste reduction. Okara contains the following... more


Cholesterol emulsion and supplementary food for the treatment of the Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

The Smith-Lemli-Opitz (SLO) syndrome is a hereditary autosomal recessive malformation syndrome based on a metabolic disorder of cholesterol biosynthesis. As a result, there is a deficiency of cholesterol and at the same time increase of 7-dehydrocholesterol... more


Enzymatic/microbial platform technology offers solutions for biocatalysis for chemical, food, pharma and materials industry

is spearheaded by the integration of bioinformatic database guided design, computer modelling and simulations, as well as state of the art high throughput screening systems. Fields of application are fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a preventive and therapeutic treatment against food allergies

A French TTO acting on behalf of major life science research labs in Paris region, has patented the use of interleukin-2 (IL2) at low dosage to prevent and cure food allergy by inducing non-specific tolerance against... more


A new DNA marker family for microbial identification for food and analytical sectors

useful to identify closely related species and subspecies and also to differentiate strains that group together with MLST. Companies working in food and analytical sectors are sought to develop new diagnostic... more


Ukrainian food company seeks milk drying technology under license or manufacturing agreement

The production of high-quality milk is an important modern nutritional issue of humanity. The Ukrainian company produces 1,650 tons of dry powder milk and 300 tons of butter per year and has many years of experience in this field. As a result... more


Dutch multinationals seeeking sustainable solutions and technologies for cost reduction in catering and food wholesale logistics

Two corporates, based in The Netherlands, with business activities in the field of catering and food wholesale recently combined their strengths and knowledge to better serve their clients. These companies realize... more


French Technology Transfer Office proposes a machine learning system that identifies food items from any dish picture

most challenging problem in the computer vision field, particularly in food image recognition, one of the promising applications. *Innovative solution The solution is an application (currently a web search engine)... more


A French Technology Office offers a software to predict the kinetic of the drying process for food-processing plants

The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on the behalf of a public laboratory of the leading French scientific based in the Paris region. How to control the humidity in a food-processing plant after... more


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