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Automatic production of new generation furniture using wooden eco-materials

The Bulgarian company is specialized in wood furniture production. The furniture manufacturing is realized by a lot of specialized companies on the world. The commercially available... more


Innovative solar photovoltaic cells which can be integrated in urban furniture

Polish well known producer of photovoltaic cells with huge experience in the sector has developed flexible PV cells which can be integrated in urban furniture such as bus marquees, benches, street lights. To date... more


Small Italian company in the furniture sector is looking for technical expertise and know-how in plastic materials

The small Italian company operates in the furnishing and manufacturing industry in the North-East of Italy and it is member of the Italian Chair District, geographically located at the heart of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, a region bordering Slovenia... more


Licensing partners sought by Italian company for mattress with integrated air-ventilation

An innovative Italian company, founded in 1996 has developed revolutionary furniture, trademark protected and patented worldwide, for homes and hospitals and has recently developed an air mattress with integrated... more


Modular multi-panel system, easy assembly and disassembly with no glue, no screws, no external fixtures

Background: Furniture for exhibition stands or storage container systems are two examples where mobility and adaptability in size and shape are important features. Preferably the objects are foldable and/or demountable... more


Partners sought to co-develop products on the integration of Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) modules

integrations or transparent material as ETFE for flexible integrations. These kinds of integrations could then be used for different applications: • Windows in building • Vehicle’ s market • Urban furniture •... more


Italian company developing a new type of bio leather is willing to make it available to a prospective partner.

; electronic papers; furniture; food packaging.The aim of these agreements is to find new market applications for this innovative material. more


Dutch developer and manufacturer of metal sheet machine with focus on roll forming is looking for cooperation based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance

profiles for furniture and horticultural applications, casings etc. The company is interested in technical and commercial cooperation with companies who are looking for application of roll forming technics in... more


Dutch institute seeks research partners to investigate the effect of aging, conservation treatments and environment on the appearance and condition of objects of cultural heritage

This technology partner is a Dutch applied research institute specializing in the conservation and preservation of so-called moveable cultural heritage in the broadest sense of the word, thus not just art, but also instruments, furniture more


Automation technologies for the production of sanitary ware requested under services agreement

A company from northwestern Poland, active in the bathroom furniture and furnishings industry, specialises in the production of sanitary ware. They manufacture bespoke washbasins and bathroom countertops made of... more


Coating, painting, glueing and cleaning of complex 3D-geometries

, gluing and painting) , Food (applying chocolate), infrastructure (bridges and electricity pylons) or furniture manufacturing. Features of the technology include: - Mechanical detection of edges and non-existent... more


A French company which has developed a simulation software for indoor air quality, is looking for industrial and academic partners in order to bring its expertise within a consortium to respond to European calls (e.g. Horizon2020 call “SC1-BHC-29-2020")

…). Depending on materials used, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), room occupancy, outdoor air pollution and furniture, this BIM compatible tool minimizes uncertainties, secures certifications such... more


Single-step process for the production of wood-plastic composites (WPC) for application in the construction sector and automotive industries

producers in the areas of construction (fiber slabs, floors, furniture), automotive, and various consumer goods. They could benefit from a transfer of rights of the existing IP (patent pending), licensing, or... more


New Class of High Performance Photosensitizers for Photocurable Polymer Coatings ready for commercialization

, adhesives and sealants, furniture, automotive and electronics is looking for cooperation. Ionic photopolimerization is supposed to be widely used in all processes where the oxygen access to the reagents cannot... more


Online collaborative tool for creating and costing of interior designs

integrate online and offline solutions of the visual editor for self-design of the room and selection of furniture, a platform where you can find the best architects and designers, construction companies, interiors... more


A high-volume, non-contact coating system for high-viscosity materials

video depicting the process and the end product. Partners are sought from manufacturing and fabrication industries that apply coatings to foodstuffs, medical dressings, consumer goods, furniture, architectural... more

United Kingdom

Portuguese SME offers its technology of pressure monitoring through textile pressure sensors. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is offered.

partners may include manufacturers of wheelchairs, anti-bedsore mattresses, hospital beds, geriatric furniture and other orthopaedic applications. The company is willing to establish a commercial agreement with... more


Photodynamic biomimetic nanotechnology for echological environmental protection and improvement from non-ionising electromagnetic fields

, textile fibers for mattresses, bed linen and garments, spectacles frames, plantars and shoes, furniture /equipment for house and car. The technology process is able to stimulate the electromagnetic activity... more


Single-step process for the economic production of natural fiber composites (NFC) like wood-plastic composites (WPC) for various applications e.g. in the construction sector and automotive industries

been produced with costs 30 - 50 % lower than in conventional processes. Partners could be (WPC-)compounders, pulp producers, manufacturers of refiners, or producers in the areas of construction (fiber slabs, floors, furniture),... more


Know-how to improve the performance of concretes or precast elements and reduce their cost

engineering applications • Integration of advanced materials in a structure to minimize resources, transportation and costs • Disruptive applications in non-construction sectors, as aquaculture, industry or urban furniture The... more


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