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A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new device for single cell manipulation.

encapsulate cells in a very small volume (2nL). This is an innovative approach because a single cell can be easily extracted and isolated for further analysis such as cloning and genomics. The channels of the... more


Spanish biotechnological centre offering complete services and know-how for research companies is interested in joint research projects in the field of bioplastics

) isolation from natural sources, taxonomical location, microbial manufacturing capabilities development, raw materials degradation, scale-up (5, 20, 300 liters) and metabolites production analysis. Genomics,... more


Reprogram microorganism technology for biological sensors

) Genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics and metatranscriptomics - identification and phylogenetic classification of microbial isolates based on PCR amplification and sequencing of SSU rRNA regions, - shotgun... more


Spanish research center is seeking for a research group with experience in small RNA regulation for knowledge exchange

. The researchers of the centre have a long experience in molecular microbiology of actinomycete, especially on the regulation of secondary metabolism, and in techniques such as genetic engineering, genomics, transcriptomics,... more


Proteomics service allowing genome analysis

mutant analysis and metabolites production enhancement. Proteomics is allowing the complementation of other omics analyses (genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics), which are easily integrated in the center... more


Bioinformatics polishing service for pacific biosciences sequencing of microbial genomes

assemblies. Biotech companies interested in the study of microbial genomics as well as academic research groups can benefit from the bioinformatics polishing service for pacific biosciences sequencing of microbial... more


A silent and compact micropump with ultra-smooth flow and rapid response for Medical, Life Science and Environmental applications; ranging from wearable medical devices, Point of care (POC) diagnostic systems and environmental sampling

screening • Clinical chemistry analysis • Proteomics and Genomics • Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics • Plant science • Molecular diagnostics • Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering • Titration calorimeter • Liquid... more

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