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High-end systems for small-sized animal imaging.

A Greek SME with significant research and professional experience in the field of biomedical engineering and mainly in the emerging molecular imaging technology has developed three innovative systems for small-sized... more


Nanoparticles doped with copper for magnetic resonance imaging

In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the majority of nanoparticles (NP) based on iron oxide provide a negative (T2) signal which results in the area where these NPs accumulate to appear in black color. For several... more


UK-based SME offers its novel fluorescent molecular imaging probe technology to companies using fluorescent imaging in their products and workflows under a technical cooperation

restricts sensitivity. A UK-based SME has developed a novel fluorescent molecular imaging probe technology that overcomes these limitations. They have developed conjugated polymer nanoparticles containing a semiconductor... more

United Kingdom

Benchtop small sized systems for affordable in-vivo molecular imaging

A Greek SME with significant research and professional experience in the field of biomedical engineering and mainly in the emerging molecular imaging technology has developed two novel systems for in-vivo molecular... more


Smart sensors and thermal imaging offered for energy efficient cities

slot. On the other hand, thermal imaging technology is also available to identify homes and buildings that may need improvements in their isolation installations. A special vehicle is equipped with infrared cameras,... more


Up-to-date and advanced surface imaging, analysis and metrology software for use with profilers and microscopes

The French company has been developing surface imaging and metrology software for profilers and microscopes for more than 25 years. Its main focus is on working as a partner with instrument manufacturers worldwide,... more


Fast response Terahertz and far-infrared sensor for the inspection of complex coumpound or structure using spectroscopy or imaging

A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) offers a cutting-edge Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology to be used as the sensitive part for the Térahertz (THz) and far-infrared spectroscopy or imaging... more


Optical quality monitoring system for the production process of industrial chains - continuous telecentric imaging of each individual chain link ensuring product quality and technical safety

each other and placed at the appropriate quality control spot in the production, are measuring continuously all visually recordable dimensions of each link through telecentric imaging. From the recorded data,... more


Photoacoustic in vivo imaging with near infrared-dye doped nanoparticles to further develop by a reasearch/technical agreement

A German research organization which is responsible for the nanoparticle (NP) development and a Dutch company in charge of the development of the pre-clinical imaging technique are developing novel NP based more


Procedure for the association of imaging information obtained following non-destructive, non-invasive investigations conducted with photonic techniques

actually a 3D online interactive graphic interface based on a procedure for the association of imaging information obtained following non-destructive, non-invasive investigations conducted with photonic techniques. Currently,... more


Multicamera tracking and high resolution 3D stereo vision

This Croatian engineering company is specialized in 3D object tracking in single and multicamera environment setup and high-resolution stereo imaging. They have developed several tracking and surveillance solutions:... more


3D additive manufacturing machine for tubular medical devices for technical cooperation or license agreements

overcome these limitations with important advantages: complete bioresorption, mechanical flexibility, does not produce imaging artefacts in non-invasive imaging modalities, etc.... more


Mammary Immobilization Device for Breast Screening Applications.

the imaging method, the mamma size and shape, and the tissue density level. Patient studies estimate that up to 46% of all women refrain from participating in a second screening or break off such a mammogram due... more


Gas detection system for the 4.0 industry based on infrared camera and sniffer.

problems because there are gases that produce higher greenhouse effect than CO2. In this context, the Spanish company has developed a gas detection system for the 4.0 industry. It combines an optical gas imaging... more


French Technology Transfer Office offers a novel reactive form of solid boron

with varied technological applications, from superconductors for magnetic resonance imaging to high temperature ceramics for spatial applications. The size of the nano-objects which make up this material is between... more


Automatic gas detection system and alert software for smart industrial monitoring through infrared cameras

infrared imaging (thermography, surveillance, gas imaging, fire, etc.) to artificial vision, creating a huge potential in a single multifunctional device. The solution combines different... more


Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses

necessary image spatial resolution that is needed to distinguish an object on the image. A dedicated handheld imaging device has also been developed, based on embedded machine vision cameras and a powerful processor... more


New device for continuous monitoring analysis, organisation and visualization of integrated cardiovascular and respiratory signals

analysis and monitoring field (the principal investigator has 2 PhDs in this field), as well as and Magnetic resonance imaging and positron-emission tomography imaging and data analysis... more


Investigations of physico-chemical properties in solid compounds.

imaging by macro- and micrographs, and several spectroscopic methods are able to evaluate fundamental information in research, development and manufacturing. There exists an unbelievable complexity in solid-chem... more


A Spanish research centre offers a non- destructive analysis of objects from different nature using an X-ray micro-computed tomography technical platform and seeks technical, research, and services agreements.

testing laboratories, also on the ISO / IEC 17025 standards, as a tool for creating value for the organization and for users of the infrastructure. The computed tomography technique offered is an X-ray imaging... more


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