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UK-based SME offers unique immersive experience incorporating mixed reality and the power of story to partner organisations under commercial agreements

writing and storytelling to develop immersive experiences that can fully engage audiences. They use the production values of high-end cinematic projects, having developed impactful storytelling skills in the film... more

United Kingdom

UK SME offers a novel interactive augmented reality technology and holographic booth for license agreements

A UK SME has developed an augmented reality, immersive technology in collaboration with a British University to enhance knowledge retention and engagement. Findings indicated the interactive, holographic technology... more

United Kingdom

Swiss SME offering soft artificial muscle transducer for robotics, automation, wellbeing and prothesis seeks commercial agreement

The Swiss company develops and produces high precision elastomeric sensors and actuator solutions for applications such as active feedback, shape-changing surfaces (morphing), immersive stimulation, user’s posture... more


Tactile/VR/AR/3D visualization solutions with intuitive use for conception, operation and dissemination of complex systems

is very useful for maintenance to be able to localize failures quickly and for training to improve learning process. - Digital communication AR and VR enhance the impact of communication throughout immersive... more


Virtual reality trauma simulation training technology for medical students, healthcare personnel and military personnel

, immersive, and real-time virtual reality clinical training experience what saves time and resources. A proprietary virtual reality trauma management decision trainer runs on a laptop, off the network, does not... more


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