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Software infrastructure and instructional design skills for e-learning

LMS (Learning Management System) and a mobile application. - Software Infrastructure: The suite was initially designed to facilitate the social inclusion of citizens and funded by EU FI-WARE / FI-ADOPT program,... more


Cost-effective remineralisation of purified sea water that reduces corrosive effects on water infrastructure

buffered water is aggressive to the infrastructure used for the storage and transport of water, as well as to plumbing systems, increasing costs required to maintain and replace these systems. Purified water... more


Spanish public body seeks development of an e-infrastructure platform for environmental monitoring

The environmental management, the administrations with competences in the monitoring of the environment and the development of indicators demand a large number of geo-referenced variables. The volume and scales of detail on them (remote sensing,... more


Intelligent roadside infrastructure unit to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety at uncontrolled crossings

infrastructure unit by the end of 2021 The desired cooperation type: In order to test the technology in operational environment pilot partners and potential customers are sought after under a commercial agreement... more


Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships

The Czech company designs and builds custom monitoring and control solutions. The use cases are as follows: - Incorporating “Industry 4.0” principles in their operations - Monitoring whether a facility is operating within the design parameters... more


Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. Controlling infrastructures (a bridge, a building) is mandatory, not only at the time of creating... more


Humidity measurement system on the terrain for remote multi-sensing and mentoring

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. The humidity measurement systems are devices used to measure the water percentage located in any... more


Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

infrastructure (offboard high power pantographs). -. e-Cars: internal electric vehicles (EVs) fleets. -. Car sharing service for council staff. -. Clean vehicles programme that prioritizes the purchase of EVs... more


Bulgarian SME offers its know-how for creation of multi-functional underground urban complexes under financial and license agreements

environment. The urban structure consists of underground exploitation spaces, representing self-contained architectural-engineering complexes, connected by network of streets and engineering infrastructure of... more


Spanish SME seeks partners providing a railway track section in Germany, United Kingdom or Ireland to run pilot tests of its innovative railroad environment monitoring device under technical cooperation agreement.

overhead line equipment (OLE) and energy supply networks, electric substations, signalling and communication systems in Spain and abroad. Supported by this wide knowledge of the railway infrastructure, one of... more


Problem-solving software development and know-how transfer

expectations An established German IT infrastructure services provider is specialised in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure. They utilise in-depth... more


Offline communication system exchange for proximity interactions

infrastructure, and a perfectly sustainable business model. The system is an interactive one-to-one communication system, consisting of a decentralized network in which each node can act both from client and... more


Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) calibrations

: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. The NIR technology is an analytical spectroscopic technique with great application in the industrial sector... more


Spanish company offers mobile survey technologies applied to roads for assessment of transport infrastructures.

size and sign offset to the carriageway edge. Finally, the services provided by this company apply the most advanced mobile mapping technology in order to provide 360ᵒ videos of any linear transport infrastructure... more


Innovative Serbian software solution for complex optimization problems as an internet service

teams and necessary computing infrastructure. Due to inability to provide adequate human and hardware resources, smaller companies and institutions are forced to avoid optimization of their business procedures,... more


Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction

entire city digitally and to simulate their characteristics virtually. Any site can be planned, simulated and engineered digitally. Furthermore the performance of real infrastructure of, e.g., buildings, bridges,... more


UK engineering company is looking for partners to further develop their Li-ion battery

The UK engineering company's goal is to displace diesel generation and fossil fuel based power plants and leapfrog grid infrastructure in developing nations using renewable energy and circular economy principles. Due... more

United Kingdom

Coating, painting, glueing and cleaning of complex 3D-geometries

, gluing and painting) , Food (applying chocolate), infrastructure (bridges and electricity pylons) or furniture manufacturing. Features of the technology include: - Mechanical detection of edges and non-existent... more


Intelligent Lighting Control System based on LED technology

infrastructure networks and cities (Smart Cities). Development contributes to future energy saving in public lighting and to reduce light pollution. The group is looking for companies from the construction, electronics,... more


Sensors to measure the filling level of waste bins are sought by a German city council

enhance the local digital infrastructure. To optimize the waste collection routes the city administration is searching for a digital LoRaWAN based sensor system for post-mounted waste bins in public areas.... more


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