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Advanced charging station for supporting infrastructure connection

Czech university developed several prototypes of charging stations for electric vehicles and is looking for company or investor interested in joint venture or manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement. Nowadays the development... more


Remote structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure

The dynamic characterization of a large size structure (building, wall, bridge, …) implies the knowledge of its fundamental oscillation modes and provides crucial information on the elastic response of the structure to seismic events, environmental... more


Integrated system of technical infrastructure management for water and sewerage companies

-friendliness. In order to obtain such qualitative/ economic effect and ensure operational reliability, Polish water and sewerage company developed a methodology of implementation and an integrated system of technical infrastructure... more


Cost-effective remineralisation of purified sea water that reduces corrosive effects on water infrastructure

buffered water is aggressive to the infrastructure used for the storage and transport of water, as well as to plumbing systems, increasing costs required to maintain and replace these systems. Purified water... more


Positioning technology for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles to navigate in dynamic indoor and outdoor environments without requiring infrastructure

The fast-growing mobile robotics industry requires solutions to be increasingly mobile and autonomous. For that reason a Dutch SME is specialized in the development and production of positioning sensor modules for infrastructure... more


Dutch rail infrastructure manager is looking for innovative solutions to prevent flooding in tunnels at railway stations after extreme rainfall

have their disadvantages: Their use of energy, they are expensive and complex to fit in existing situations. And it would be preferable to reuse the water. The rail infrastructure manager is looking for solutions... more


Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships

The Czech company designs and builds custom monitoring and control solutions. The use cases are as follows: - Incorporating “Industry 4.0” principles in their operations - Monitoring whether a facility is operating within the design parameters... more


Airborne Quality Assurance System for Infrastructure (e.g. wind-turbines) with autonomous flight robots and special analysis software

system and a data-base running in the background. This inspection system is thought to be part of an Asset Management System with an integrated Quality Cycle. State of the art inspection of infrastructure is... more


A Korean SME is looking for a partner company in the video contribution and distribution infrastructure field for commercial agreement and R&D cooperation

The main business areas of this Korean SME are broadcasting devices, mobile terminal solutions, and broadcasting multimedia services based on multimedia codecs and hardware device technologies. In particular, the company has commercialized terrestrial... more

South Korea

Smart platform to calculate price and assemble customised pcbs (printed circuit boards) for industry, buildings, infrastructure, connected transport, enabling IoT, energy, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing

support for companies active in different industrial sectors (buildings %26 Infrastructure, connected transport, enabling Io, energy %26 utilities, healthcare, manufacturing) where the electronic components are... more


A Spanish engineering SME seeks companies with expertise in underwriters laboratories (UL) certification for a product devoted to the railway infrastructure

infrastructure has fostered an innovative approach of every task, its employees have to deal with in their everyday work. As a result of this, the company is currently developing a device which records and evaluates,... more


Inspection of infrastructures with 3D laser technology

, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. Inspection of infrastructures is an action taken in all the companies on the sector under a regular basis over the... more


Quality of Service in IT networks for points of sale

tools, but cannot afford the costs of an elaborate IT infrastructure. Its equipement is deployed over 2000 sites (mainly Renault and Volkswagen Group sales points) in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy.... more


Humidity measurement system on the terrain for remote multi-sensing and mentoring

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. The humidity measurement systems are devices used to measure the water percentage located in any... more


Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life. Controlling infrastructures (a bridge, a building) is mandatory, not only at the time of creating... more


Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

infrastructure (offboard high power pantographs). -. e-Cars: internal electric vehicles (EVs) fleets. -. Car sharing service for council staff. -. Clean vehicles programme that prioritizes the purchase of EVs... more


Telecommunications Services GIS based Platform for remote management and edition of networks and infrastructures

two lines: FTTH (Fiber to the home) and infrastructure that support the following main functionalities: a) Geolocation and management of information. Visualization module for intuitive, intelligent and detailed... more


A Turkish SME is offering their technology regarding virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation services with commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreement.

our team and its strong grasp of technology -Rapid attainment of new technologies and programs through its strong partnership structure • AR&VR Multi-user know how • Strong System infrastructure and Render Farm -more


A German SME offers innovative modelling and simulation software and services for domestic and industrial water supply and sanitation. They are interested in joining a water related Horizon 2020 project.

-edge computational technology in developing IT-systems for water infrastructure management. The company’s main product is a modular software environment that covers virtually all aspects of urban water management.... more


Spanish SME seeks partners providing a railway track section in Germany, United Kingdom or Ireland to run pilot tests of its innovative railroad environment monitoring device under technical cooperation agreement.

overhead line equipment (OLE) and energy supply networks, electric substations, signalling and communication systems in Spain and abroad. Supported by this wide knowledge of the railway infrastructure, one of... more


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