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Laser diodes for laser spectroscopy required

A large German manufacturing enterprise with many branches worldwide is looking for a developer and manufacturer of laser diodes which will be employed in the field of laser spectroscopy.... more


Inspection of infrastructures with 3D laser technology

even workers can have different points of view about the same specific part of the infrastructure checked. Using technology centre technologies based on 3D laser inspections, all these variables are overpassed... more


Needle-free Laser Injector

solutions and the natural recovery of skin can be achieved at the same time. This technology is all about pressure energy generated from the laser pulse. The energy from the laser... more

South Korea

Flexible graphene oxide electrodes by laser radiation

is an alternative technique for obtaining a stable rGO by laser radiation. The treatment consists of irradiating with visible light a GO membrane deposited on a flexible polymeric support, protected on both sides... more


Flow sensors calibration by means of Laser-Doppler

A German research institute, specialized on metrology, has developed an improved solution for the calibration of flow sensors by means of Laser-Doppler Anemometry (LDA). During LDA two laser... more


Laser-assisted wet chemical etching of gallium nitride (GaN).

thickness as high as 10um may be burnt or becomes difficult to be removed. The Singapore research institution has developed a novel wet chemical etching technique of GaN using laser. The new technique eliminates... more


An Italian company is looking for laser technologies for cutting special lens filters

able to create customized gobos upon request with very short-term delivery. Currently, the design and customisation of gobos is done using a clean laser-etching process on dichroic filters, with quality materials... more


Technology and equipment for production of porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene by laser ablation

developed method the solid PTFE is evaporated by a laser beam and condensed on cold surface as fibres. At present, the porous material produced in form of wool or felt. The wool consists of fibres 5-15 micrometers... more


Eurostars2: Partners sought to cooperate in research on inspection and laser utilization device.

A Korean SME is in a leading position of inspection device and laser utilization. This company was independent from a Korean major company in 2008, and still maintain relationship with. Also, this company is interested... more

South Korea

Photonic Jet, a new laser technology for sub-µm processing of different materials

A German company is looking for companies, preferably SME, which need a laser technology for processing or marking (e.g. semiconductors or metals) with sub-µm resolution. The new Photonic Jet Technology is a... more


Lithuanian research centre specialising in selective surface activation induced by laser ir seeking a technical or research cooperation partner

The research center is carrying out a unique fundamental research and technological development works in scientific fields of laser technologies, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnologies... more


German start-up company is looking for investment and technical cooperation for further developing and marketing its innovative infrared-laser scanner.

. The team members are active in research, business development and marketing. The innovative high-speed scanning process is based on an infrared laser for the qualitative detection of near-surface substances.... more


Ultra-short laser technology for surface texturing with various applications, provided by a French SME. Research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement with SMEs & research institutions from health, transport, space or optics sectors are sought.

The French SME is part of a multidisciplinary project that goes from the laser/matter interaction to fluid mechanics. They are gathering a federation of skills, in partnership with the local University, in the... more


Electronic unit for lаser rangefinder

A Bulgarian research institute has developed an electronic unit applicable for laser rangefinders. The unit has expertise in R&D and engineering in defence technologies and in the space research domain. The institute... more


UK additive manufacturing technology company offers its technology under licencing agreement

of laser powder bed fusion. Its unique technology gives greater control, enabling the manufacture of commercially ready complex components that have finer resolution, improved tolerances, surface finish and mechanical... more

United Kingdom

An innovative semiconductor manufacturing process based on an aluminium alloy

laser) or new types of sensors like Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or LIDAR. * State of the art : III-V semiconductors compounds are alloys containing elements from groups III and V in the periodic table. They... more


Quality control device intended for contactless measurement of rims profile thickness offered for commercial or license agreement

thickness. Measurement and evaluation of rim profile is completely automatic. Measurement of profile is based on two laser scanners on movable frame. The final accuracy of measurement is up to 0,005 mm. The software... more


An innovative semiconductor manufacturing process based on an aluminium alloy

laser) or new types of sensors like Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or LIDAR. * State of the art : III-V semiconductors compounds are alloys containing elements from groups III and V in the periodic table. They... more


A Chinese company is looking for cemented carbide 3D printing forming technology

-free 3D printing. Cemented carbide 3D printing can be achieved by selective laser deposition and spray binder. There are some problems such as low density and crack in cemented carbide products prepared by selective... more


Remote structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure

laser doppler vibrometers. Such devices, however, have serious drawbacks which prevent their application at a large scale. The Italian research center proposes a method which overcomes these critical issues and... more


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