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Cloud-based software for livestock farm management

company has developed a new service useful for the effective administration of livestock farms. The cloud-based platform designed by the Romanian company is an online computer software for cattle and buffalo farms... more


Antigens for specific detection of antibodies against Coxiella burnetii, and some chlamydial and rickettsia species with practical use in agriculture, livestock production, slaughterhouses, milk production, animal skin-processing and veterinary industries

A Slovak institute active in virology and microbiology has developed new highly purified corpuscular antigens enabling rapid, simple, sensitive and specific detection of antibodies against Coxiella burnetii and some chlamydial and rickettsial... more


British start-up is seeking technology and research partners who can help analyse animal movement and behaviour.

The UK company is developing an electronic tag using the latest technology to allow farmers to track and monitor their livestock across wide-ranging farming conditions and reduce preventable losses. The system... more

United Kingdom

Bacillus probiotic as an alternative to antibiotics in animal production

global threat. Therefore the use of probiotics as feed supplements in animal production has increased considerably over the last decade, particularly since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in the livestock... more


After-harvest spray preparation helping in the decomposition of stubble and reduction of mineral fertilizers

The Czech family company is active in the formulation and manufacture of fertilizers for organic agriculture. At the same time it produces enzymatic products for the use in livestock production, and enzymes for... more


A Chinese environmental protection company is looking for European high efficient semi dry anaerobic digestion technology and equipment under a technical cooperation agreement.

The Chinese company was established in 1999. It is a national grade high-tech enterprise engaged in energy and environmental industry (comprehensive treatment and utilization of kitchen waste, sludge, livestock... more


Treatment of Teat Stenosis with Veterinary Argon Plasma Coagulation Device in Cows

are usually removed from the breeding. This situation causes great damage to the livestock economy. (Since the success rate of existing conventional methods is less than 1%, cows affected by this disease are removed... more


Fast and reliable molecular analysis device and method which guarantee affordable costs in comparison with current genetic tests

toxicity analysis, livestock management, genotyping. • Human health: Forensic analysis, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, epidemics control, genetic screening. • Environmental sector: Microbiological and toxicological... more


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