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Cloud-based software for livestock farm management

company has developed a new service useful for the effective administration of livestock farms. The cloud-based platform designed by the Romanian company is an online computer software for cattle and buffalo farms... more


Bacillus probiotic as an alternative to antibiotics in animal production

global threat. Therefore the use of probiotics as feed supplements in animal production has increased considerably over the last decade, particularly since the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in the livestock... more


Water treatment with very low-frequency electromagnetic resonance fields to optimise the irrigation process and achieve key benefits for water use, crop yields and soil quality

treatment for livestock farming and agriculture. The technology offered is an innovative electromagnetic (EM) water treatment that allows a precise modification of irrigation water structure. This optimises the... more


Greek SME active in the field of agro supplies is looking to develop beneficial microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, enzymes) production line under technical cooperation agreement.

livestock units would use these products for the biologically vaccinated feed which helps the animals to show no diseases of the gastrointestinal system. Also, in the primary sector, the products would be used... more


Greek start-up offers vertical microalgal harvesting solution which produces CO2-neutral, high-value bioingredient-based next-generation proteins

of their various strains and components have attracted researchers and industries’ growing interest. Indicatively, microalgae are used in the livestock and fish food sectors, as human dietary supplements, and... more


Fast and reliable molecular analysis device and method which guarantee affordable costs in comparison with current genetic tests

toxicity analysis, livestock management, genotyping. • Human health: Forensic analysis, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases, epidemics control, genetic screening. • Environmental sector: Microbiological and toxicological... more


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