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Multilayer coatings as functional materials

The university has experience in working with functional materials. The staff has experience (including international) in electrochemical formation of functional coatings. The group of researchers has equipment... more


Expertise in surface treatment of wooden materials

The current lines of development and objectives of the Spanish company dedicated to innovative surface treatment of wooden materials are particularly focused on circular economy. Their aim is to develop added-value... more


X-ray based screening technology to identify unknown materials like crystalline, amorphous and liquid materials behind thick barriers.

, resulting in high penetration depths. 2.The x-ray signals coming back from the materials also have very high energy, so that the signals can be easily transmitted and finally detected by the sensing module. With... more


Expertise in Construction Materials, Energy efficiency and Renewables energies

: - Development of different methodologies to reuse mineral waste such as obtaining geopolymer, or polymer matrices and bituminous materials, in order to boost circular economy. - Incorporation of novel nanotechnological... more


Protein-Polymer materials for energy- and medical-related applications

“green photonics” concept: development of eco-friendly and highly stable materials for an efficient generation and use of the energy. In this context, the use of bio-molecules as operational compounds is a major... more


Novel platform for Secondary Raw Materials management and matching

Secondary Raw Materials (SRM), Waste management, together with recovery and recycling, represent an emerging field of business, where the need for authorizations and verifications has to be satisfied by each organisation... more


Thermal insulation materials developed with cross-linked foaming technology

A company is a Korean-based organization that has manufactured thermal insulator since founded in 2005. Heat insulating materials are commonly used in order to make the temperature steady by decreasing loss and... more

South Korea

Patented drill-reamer for drilling the latest composite materials

generation in CUD and in nano-coated The continue research in these fields allowed them to develop a new patented drill-reamer tool, that is the ideal device for drilling the latest composite materials, such... more


Biodegradability test: Determination of aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials or residual plastic materials by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide evolved.

A Spanish research and development (R&D) institute specialised in plastics and composite materials offers its expertise and technical competencies for tailor-made biodegradability test or standard test for determination... more


Powerful 3D microstructure simulation suite made for analysing metallic materials behaviour

the most comprehensive microstructure simulation library available. It provides materials data such as stress-strain diagrams and composition maps without the need for extensive experiments as well as 3D data... more


New materials to simplify the creation, manufacturing and end of life processing of polyolefins

A UK innovation network, in collaboration with a European manufacturer of petrochemicals, is seeking materials and methods to facilitate circular economy around various industrial polymers. The manufacturer makes... more

United Kingdom

French research center offers a new new technology for measuring the materials strength

The French laboratory specialised in signal treatment dedicated to optical measurements has developed a new sensor of contact strengths. Thanks to the biomimicry, this research centre has studied the effort created by the hands and feet of... more


A French laboratory offers a non-destructive humidity measurement tool in materials

A French research team has developed a non-destructive method to measure the humidity level in bulk materials. This research team is represented by a technology transfer department established more than 8 years... more


Slovak research institute has developed a novel thermal storage materials based on molten salts applicable e.g. in corrosion testing of construction materials. The institute is looking for cooperation via financial agreement or services agreement

oriented to optimization and development of new materials and technological processes in the following branches of science: inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry,... more


Processing technology for gentle drying of biologically active and thermolabile materials offered

The Czech SME has developed novel technology for gentle drying of biological and thermolabile materials. The new device combines micro/nanoparticle production by centrifugal micro/nanomaterial technology with... more


Development of tailor-made and high performance polymer materials - prototyping - reverse engineering

activity in 2014, based on their experience and on an identified need on national and international scope: the development of innovative, high-performance and tailor-made materials. Since then, they grow continuously... more


Biomimetic antireflective coating technology for transparent materials aiming watch or micro-optics manufacturers

A Greek research center has developed a novel laser processing capable to provide functional (antibacterial, friction reducing etc) antireflective coatings. The process can be applied to a variety of transparent materials... more


High flux solar simulator for testing materials, solar concentrators, receivers, PV modules and daylighting devices

operate above 100 kW/m2 of irradiance. High solar flux is also required to conduct research on synthesis and surface treatment of new materials. High-flux solar simulators are designed to recreate the high radiation... more


Technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder

Belarus scientific institute developed new method and equipment for synthesis of metallic powder, which is then used to produce soft magnetic materials with new properties. Produced materials... more


Photonic Jet, a new laser technology for sub-µm processing of different materials

A German company is looking for companies, preferably SME, which need a laser technology for processing or marking (e.g. semiconductors or metals) with sub-µm resolution. The new Photonic Jet Technology is a laser technology using optical... more


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