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Innovative technologies for medical devices

, balance, movement and load transfer) • Monitoring in hospital environment (location and vital signs) - Telemedicine and Support for Clinical Decision (integration of telemedicine software into hospital hardware) - Medical... more


Technical product development for medical devices

Development of medical technology from a proof-of-concept in a lab situation to a user friendly, tested and approved working device for healthcare professionals is an extensive process. Sensor information needs... more


Printed medical solution

industrial partners working in the health-care area (pharmaceutical or biomedical companies) interested in the development of innovative medical devices in the regenerative medicine field. The startup wants to... more


Online medical diagnostic tool using automated video responses to all pertinent questions on a specialist medical topic

Traditional online diagnostic tools and medical information is generally presented to users in textual format however studies have revealed that humans are able to process visual information 60,000 times faster... more

United Kingdom

Surface modifications and coating technologies for the medical industry.

With over 25 years of surface modification experience, the Dutch company develops leading-edge surface technology for medical implant and other medical device applications. A number... more


Looking for medical hydrogel (conductive and adhesive) expertise.

This Dutch SME has a wide experience in both development and market entry of new medical products. In the past this company has worked with both research (Medical Universities) and... more


Protein-Polymer materials for energy- and medical-related applications

as functional components for developing sustainable and stable medical and energy-related technologies. This approach must ensure an excellent stability of the biofunctionality under storage and device operation... more


Research and development of nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices

special medical purposes and medical devices. Over the years, the company has worked with global renowed partners in research and development, manufacturing and sale of new more


New concept for digital documentation of medical information offers language independent search functions

digital information in number sequences in regard of his needs. He knows the best which information is important and relevant for his section. For example medical expert associations can prepare an internationally... more


A Belgian company specialised in medical devices looks for partner to develop a personal defibrillator

A Belgian SME specialised in the security and safety at work fields is active in the distribution of security equipment (extinguishers, sprinklers, respiratory protection...) and medical devices in particular automated... more


Fast Track to Innovation - FTI: Producers of rubber or plastic components for medical devices sought

reduce friction in medical devices under relative motion by altering the surface structure. In this way it is not necessary to alter materials or add lubricants to reduce friction and no authorization process... more


Polish company is looking for innovative pharmaceutical formulation or technology of production of medical devices.

The Polish company was founded to commercialize innovative technologies and knowledge developed at universities and companies and to bring them into the market. Company is offering innovative medical products like: - Iron... more


A Chinese company is looking for intelligent medical Internet open service platform.

The company was established in 1998, located in Changsha City. It mainly focuses on medical information products and solutions, including hospital information system based on electronic medical... more


3D additive manufacturing machine for tubular medical devices for technical cooperation or license agreements

A research group of Spanish university has developed a 3D additive manufacturing machine specially thought for tubular devices such stents. Metallic stents are effective in preventing acute occlusion and reducing late restenosis after coronary... more


Portable medical device to detect the venous reticulum in child’s forearm for blood sampling

An Italian company with expertise in medical sector is developing a portable device that helps the medical staff in blood sampling and peripheral venous catheter fixation on newborn... more


Single cell analysis systems for biotherapeutic and medical diagnostic discovery and development

An established life sciences tools company based near Cambridge (UK) provides unique collaborative services and products for single cell and molecule analysis and characterisation. The company has patented novel, biochip systems that automatically... more

United Kingdom

Highly sensitive and competitive microfluidic biosensor for medical diagnosis or pollutant detection

production. Finally, a suitable analyzing method using both the main and the secondary microfluidic channels has also been patented. Manufacturers of biological sensors for either medical or environmental analysis... more


UK-based university seeks companies with expertise in medical device development to help produce protoype diagnostic device

Biomarkers are a powerful tool in medical diagnostics. However many of them require labels in order to be detected or otherwise require detection methods that reduce the possibility of integration into a compact... more

United Kingdom

A silent and compact micropump with ultra-smooth flow and rapid response for Medical, Life Science and Environmental applications; ranging from wearable medical devices, Point of care (POC) diagnostic systems and environmental sampling

flexibility, infinite turn down ratio The micro pump platform can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from medical and life sciences, to environmental and defence. In the Medical... more

United Kingdom

Highly specialised medical system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in human body on Earth and in space conditions

examination of highly skilled and trained people working in extremely harsh conditions. The technological product is new generation medical measurement device designed for examination of the neuro-regulating... more


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