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Bioleaching technology and bioreactors for metal extraction

over 90% in some cases. These microorganisms actually gain energy by breaking down minerals into their constituent elements. The metal extractor simply collects the ions out of the solution after the bacteria... more


Technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming

Research institute from Belarus specialising in materials processing offers technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming. Present designs require materials with specific properties. With increasing... more


Fast method for determination of metal concentration in water.

method for metal concentration determination in water that is fast and exhaustive, offering information about most of the chemical composition of a sample. This approach saves time and reagents, while still allowing... more


Method for the manufacture of nanostructured metal coatings

Nanoporous templates with different geometry for nanostructured metal coatings The method consists of the following steps (Figure 1): 1. Starts from high purity aluminium laminates. 2. The mold (CD,DVD and... more


New metal-free electrocatalysts for fuel cells

limiting factor is the use of platinum as a catalyst to accelerate electrode reactions. Platinum is a scarce metal, it has a high cost, platinum nanoparticles agglomerate during use (reducing its catalytic activity),... more


Thermal spraying technology for applying metal coatings on polymer substrate

components and the small thickness of the coating (5-20 μm), which provides effective shielding only for frequencies above 1 MHz. To form thicker metal coatings the research institute from Belarus offers thermal... more


Improved lithium-ion battery performance with nanofoam metal current collectors

The institute has developed innovative nanofoam metal current collectors using a low cost and scalable ultrasonic method. The nanoporous foam collectors are designed to prepare copper metal... more


New noble metal-free catalyst for the production of propylene oxide

group has developed a noble metal-free catalytic system for its use in the selective oxidation reaction from propylene to propylene oxide (PO), mainly using gas-phase H2/O2 mixtures. This system presents catalytic... more


A joint venture is offered for production of wood and metal processing innovative machines

A Bulgarian inventor in the field of technology improvement and manufacturing solutions has created a machine for welding saw blades that has numerous advantages and potential. The machine will be helpful in the wood and metal... more


Computer vision-based solution sought for quality control of metal stamped parts

The Catalan enterprise, founded in 1984, is a global Tier 1 leader providing shielding solutions to reduce heat and noise and eliminate electromagnetic interferences by means of metal based stamping parts. It currently... more


New technology offered under license for chemical plating the surface of a metal shaft with nano-particles

disperse nickel coatings with, nanodispersoids and/or nano-particles included. Extruding (pressing by pushing) of sheet material from non-metal materials (Plexiglas, PVC, other plastics) is widely used in households.... more


Established Slovak research institute has developed a unique metal composite material for implants and is looking for licensees or investors

The Slovak research institute in cooperation with university has developed a novel metal composite material for biomedical implants. The composite material fabricated via powder metallurgy comprises bioinert titanium... more


Non-destructive measuring method and instrument to gain information about the mechanical characteristics directly on the metal component

CONTROL PROBLEM TO SOLVE To guarantee quality, safety and reliability of metal material products, companies had to rely on destructive testing methods to obtain information about the mechanical properties of components.... more


Development know-how, simulation and testing capabilities for research in the field of transmission gears in metal and plastic

Plastic gears offer economic advantages, i.e design flexibility, reduced noise, ability to operate without lubrication and corrosion-resistance. Etc. In some cases they can be a better choice than metal gears.... more


Partners sought for new metal-organic frameworks with application in gas storage and separation, membrane fillers, catalysis, lithium batteries, proton conductors, sensors, drug delivery systems etc.

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are coordination polymers consisting of metal ions or clusters coordinated to organic linker molecules forming ordered structures. Additionally, their... more


Dutch developer and manufacturer of metal sheet machine with focus on roll forming is looking for cooperation based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance

The company is supplier of sheet metal working machines, developer of sheet metal production lines and also of mobile roll formers. The company is specialized in developing complete... more


H2020 - A Turkish company experienced in additive manufacturing and medical 3D printing based on custom made implant production, is looking for partners for a Eurostars project

An innovative Turkish company founded in 2013 and operated in Ankara, focuses on additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies as a result of its no geometry boundaries philosophy. The company aims to replace metal... more


Sustainable technology to degrease all kinds of surfaces

The German company has developed a patented technology to degrease especially metal and non-metal surfaces replacing conventional methods (watery-alkaline as well as technologies... more


Greek SME company in the field of metals recycling and treatment is looking for new energy management systems for smelting aluminum for technical cooperation agreement

The Greek SME is active in the field of metals recycling and scrap metal treatment. The Greek company is amongst the three largest recycling business in Attica region with a furnace facility for smelting. The company... more


High performance 2D electrodes for Li-ion batteries

graphite anodes triggered extensive research focused on the development of alternative high-performance anode materials. Carbonaceous and metal oxide 2D materials are promising candidates for Li-ion storage due... more


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