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Technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming

Research institute from Belarus specialising in materials processing offers technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming. Present designs require materials with specific properties. With increasing... more


Fast method for determination of metal concentration in water.

method for metal concentration determination in water that is fast and exhaustive, offering information about most of the chemical composition of a sample. This approach saves time and reagents, while still allowing... more


Looking for manufacturer of metal bellows expansion joints

The Swiss NGO & research centre intends to place a contract (manufacturing agreement) for the supply of 600 metal bellows expansion joints. The metal bellows expansion joints will... more


Improved lithium-ion battery performance with nanofoam metal current collectors

The institute has developed innovative nanofoam metal current collectors using a low cost and scalable ultrasonic method. The nanoporous foam collectors are designed to prepare copper metal... more


Thermal spraying technology for applying metal coatings on polymer substrate

components and the small thickness of the coating (5-20 μm), which provides effective shielding only for frequencies above 1 MHz. To form thicker metal coatings the research institute from Belarus offers thermal... more


The technology of reinforced ceramic-metal composites based on titanium for extreme operating conditions

Today’s industrial development is needed of investigation and application of new technologies and materials which capable for working in extreme operating conditions. Proposed technology includes producing of reinforced ceramic-metal... more


New technology offered under license for chemical plating the surface of a metal shaft with nano-particles

disperse nickel coatings with, nanodispersoids and/or nano-particles included. Extruding (pressing by pushing) of sheet material from non-metal materials (Plexiglas, PVC, other plastics) is widely used in households.... more


Developer and manufacturer of open-cell hybrid metal foams is looking for use cases and industry partners to refine the technology

In cooperation with a German university, this German SME has invented a method to produce cost-efficient multifunctional open-cell hybrid metal foams. There are closed-cell and open-cell metal... more


Established Slovak research institute has developed a unique metal composite material for implants and is looking for licensees or investors

The Slovak research institute in cooperation with university has developed a novel metal composite material for biomedical implants. The composite material fabricated via powder metallurgy comprises bioinert titanium... more


Non-destructive measuring method and instrument to gain information about the mechanical characteristics directly on the metal component

CONTROL PROBLEM TO SOLVE To guarantee quality, safety and reliability of metal material products, companies had to rely on destructive testing methods to obtain information about the mechanical properties of components.... more


Partners sought for new metal-organic frameworks with application in gas storage and separation, membrane fillers, catalysis, lithium batteries, proton conductors, sensors, drug delivery systems etc.

Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are coordination polymers consisting of metal ions or clusters coordinated to organic linker molecules forming ordered structures. Additionally, their... more


Dutch developer and manufacturer of metal sheet machine with focus on roll forming is looking for cooperation based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance

The company is supplier of sheet metal working machines, developer of sheet metal production lines and also of mobile roll formers. The company is specialized in developing complete... more


Greek SME company in the field of metals recycling and treatment is looking for new energy management systems for smelting aluminum for technical cooperation agreement

The Greek SME is active in the field of metals recycling and scrap metal treatment. The Greek company is amongst the three largest recycling business in Attica region with a furnace facility for smelting. The company... more


Highly sophisticated industrial optical quality control system

inspected continuously. Domains of application comprise the metal, plastic and paper packaging industry (plastic, paper or similar cups, aerosol cans, lids, bottle caps, canisters, holders and dispensers), engineering... more


A Chinese company offers explosive cladding technology

energy, pushing cladder metal to collide with base metal at a specific velocity and impact angle, finally achieving a metallurgical bonding between different metals. The core technology... more


Low cost delamination process to isolate high quality graphene

sacrificial metal catalyst, e.g. by using a FeCl3 based solution, which is a very corrosive and environmental unfriendly chemical. Differently, EG-SiC presents a immediately readiness for electronic devices fabrication,... more


A Korean company offers metallized ceramic substrate for electronics with its newly developed technology of sputtered thick coatings.

plasma diagnostics and synthesis of functional thin films. This newly developed sputtered thick coating(STC) technology can be applied not only to ceramic, metal and polymer substrates but also to various industries.... more

South Korea

Sustainable technology to degrease all kinds of surfaces

The German company has developed a patented technology to degrease especially metal and non-metal surfaces replacing conventional methods (watery-alkaline as well as technologies... more


German SME wants to cooperate in developing an optical module for high-power LED (Light Emitting Diode) spotlights

port areas conventional lighting systems with metal halide lamp spotlights are still used. This kind of spotlights has a huge energy input of about 1000 to 2000 watt. They have a low colour temperature as well... more


High performance 2D electrodes for Li-ion batteries

graphite anodes triggered extensive research focused on the development of alternative high-performance anode materials. Carbonaceous and metal oxide 2D materials are promising candidates for Li-ion storage due... more


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