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A Chinese company is looking for an automatic control system for drilling jumbos

The company which established in 1999, is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. The company's products mainly on engineering machinery, including underground engineering equipment, mining machinery, modern... more


A research institute from Slovakia is offering a ferro-fluid production applicable in the treatment of primary or secondary raw materials

Established Slovak institute has developed a new ferro-fluid with application in mining industry and recycling. The institute has nowadays a dominant position in Slovak Republic within the basic and applied research... more


A Chinese company is looking for cemented carbide 3D printing forming technology

The company which established in 1980, is located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. It mainly produces metal cutting tools, mining and oil field drilling tools, hard materials, tungsten-molybdenum products, tantalum-niobium... more


Universal accumulator powered traction unit

loads. The device is equipped with hoist of 1,5 ton lifting capacity on hook for handling of loads. Areas of utilization: - deep mining of coal and/or other minerals (where there is a danger of explosion) -... more


A Polish research institute offers an advanced and innovative device for environmental biological samples transport

The Polish research institute during its near 90-years activity has achieved leading position in creating science development in such disciplines as environment engineering, engineering geology and mining. The... more


A Polish innovative company with photonics technology is looking for R&D partners and distributors

devices. Such photonic technology is developed for telecom, metrology, quality analysis, medical, mining, space, transport and safety applications. The company offers new technology for optical fibers which... more


A clean cost-effective technology, to recover gold from waste electrical and electronic equipment, including computers, printed circuit boards and mobile phones.

and sea, resulting in lower return. The Basel Convention and the European Union favour waste treatment close to producer. Cyanide Leaching: Cyanide can dissolve gold but is highly toxic. It is generally used for gold mining... more


A Turkish company specialized in software development offers its dairy and breeding farm management software under commercial agency agreement with technical assistance

manufacturing. Data mining technology is integrated into the solutions in order to increase benefits of the applications. The company provide solutions to the clients to let them increase productivity by re-planning... more


Innovative and environment-friendly synthesis of polycrystalline boron phosphide

any toxic regaent and is less energy consuming. * Market challenges Boron phosphides can be used in automotive, mechanical engineering and mining as cutting tools, construction part or wear resistant coatings.... more


Offline communication system exchange for proximity interactions

devices (nodes) in the surroundings. All the data passing through, is managed by a unique platform that allows complex Data Mining and Business Intelligence operations, connected to an IA, able to make autonomous... more


A Korean network company is offering P2P (Peer to Peer) security communication protocol under a commercial agreement and technical cooperation agreement

The recent privacy scandal of the largest social media enterprise brought about fear among SNS users on the data protection of the service providers. User’s data are exposed to hackers and data mining firms which... more

South Korea

A Chinese company is looking for distributed energy and energy storage technology

, coal chemical and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as public institutions such as schools, hospitals and municipalities. The company has come up with a series of energy saving technical solutions... more


Statistical modelling to predict events based on georeferenced data

and time. These multivariate statistical and data mining techniques allow offering public administration and companies solutions for prediction in fields such as public safety, environmental pollution, engineering... more


H2020-MSCA: Data Scientist (PhD) or researcher with several years of experience in computer science or related discipline sought for moving Know Your Costumer prototype to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

content globally and generates various opportunities for small businesses. The SME participates in the data science and machine learning evolution offering modern sentiment news analysis and advanced text mining... more


Airborne Quality Assurance System for Infrastructure (e.g. wind-turbines) with autonomous flight robots and special analysis software

is possible to compare damages of the object between inspection intervals with the goal of preventing future extra repairs and maintenance (predictive maintenance). This is also supported by a data mining system... more


Sensor-based and machine vision waste sorting equipment

computer control. Touch screen based interface systems allow configuration and control of the optical unit, as well as the data mining and alarm management. The equipment facilitates plant management through the... more


Rust converter LR-3

complies with the requirements for better corrosion resistance and protective ability. It can be used in the energetic, engineering, metallurgy, chemical and ore mining, for different constructions in the civil... more


A Dutch multinational is looking for sustainable bio-based surfactants

, in applications including agriculture, cleaning, personal care, fuels, mining and oilfield chemicals, and water treatment. Customers and governments continue to put a higher demand on renewable sourcing and... more


Applications sought to be fitted onto a platform of an omnidirectional track drive system for (off-road) vehicles

wide range of applications where high flexibility is required in a harsh environment. Partners from the fields of construction, (hydro-) demolition, agriculture, mining or milling are sought to attach their applications... more


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