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Parking monitoring system for mobility assistant solution in Smart City

The Italian company is a cutting-edge enterprise operating in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT). It’s active in the smart cities sector and provides solutions for monitoring parking spaces. The system is able to recognize and monitor,... more


Integrated smart road system of autonomous e-mobility for metropolitan city

The Italian company works in the fields of smart mobility engineering. The “Integrated suspended e-mobility smart road system" developed allows simple electric vehicles to travel... more


Smart system for analysis and optimisation of mobility networks

in Europe, public transport by motor coaches, buses and trolley buses is one of the main drivers of 21st century mobility and economy, with Hungary (22,3%) and Turkey (34.9%) being the countries with the highest... more


A Spanish company offers smart mobility solution to optimize vehicles daily occupancy

The combined influence of population growth, demographic change and changing urban form leads to increasing demand for travel in city centers, suburbs and between the two. Demand for improved intercity mobility... more


Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

The city council has extensive experience in knowledge management and innovation programs and actions oriented to reduce polluting emissions as well as to improve the mobility services and to reduce the congestion... more


Integrated system of autonomous e-mobility for urban/extra-urban cycle smart city

An Italian companies working in the field of engineering has designed an innovative e-mobility system. It, consists of an integrated technology of electric-powered mobility with dedicated... more


Autonomous device providing accessibility to aquatic environments of people with impaired mobility.

mobility impairments autonomous access to the sea or other aquatic environments since all available solutions require the help of other assisting persons. The Greek SME has developed an innovative device which... more


Wearable assistive mobility exoskeletons that will be affordable in non-medical markets

and IEC 62A. Recently, companies have been formed in the UK and India to develop wearable mobility assistive exoskeletons for supporting elderly persons to perform normal daily living activities, thereby improving... more

United Kingdom

German SME has developed a light communication and positioning system for e-mobility and smart cities and seeks partners for a serial production

The German company based in Berlin is active in the photonic sector and - based on optical methods - develops smart measurement and communication solutions - mainly used and suitable for the mobility sector. The... more


The design, engineering and production of customized coils for manufacturers of linear motors and actuators (motion) and rotating permanent magnetic motors (e-mobility)

A Dutch SME company with growing ambitions develops and produces high and low-frequency transformers and coils and is increasingly active within the field of electromagnetics with added-value. The company places an emphasis on design know-how... more


Turkish university is seeking research cooperation agreements for HORIZON2020 MSCA Cofund program CoCirculation2

. Researchers may be of any nationality or age. Researchers must comply with the mobility rule that applies to them, either the standard mobility rule or the flexible mobility... more


Spanish research center is seeking for an European university with experience on urban energy planning for knowledge exchange.

energy-mapping tool to be used in energy planning in cities. This cooperation will include staff international mobility in order to exchange expertise on this area and to start a collaboration line to develop... more


e-health assistance transfer solution to move the patient from bed to wheelchair and back without manual or mechanical lift

mobility. The system enables a prevention-oriented, safe and comfortable transfer while maintaining privacy and dignity. Its new software has been deemed for the easy management of its multiple different functions:... more


Spanish company seeks technologies for neurological rehabilitation

A Spanish SME is specialised in helping patients with neurological injuries to recover mobility and independence. The company has an innovative clinic, designed like a gym, with more than 250 sqm and equipped with... more


Power cable management for mobile construction machine

. 3. Machine mobility - To ensure mobility of the machines it has to be possible to drag along the cables during the movement of the machine. II. COOPERATION SOUGHT - The Austrian... more


Mobile forensic device for instant detection of drugs and explosives offered under commercial agreement

near to zero, especially in comparison to technologies such as ion mobility spectrometry and other screening devices. The system is flexible and capable of swiftly producing forensically acceptable results from... more

United Kingdom

Energy load peak management system for smart control and monitoring in energy grids

with high energy loads (e.g. e-mobility charging stations, industrial processes). As a consequence, energy load peaks are generated in local (e.g. industrial parks) and regional (e.g. municipal energy networks)... more


Digital real-time management and optimisation solutions for public transport networks

leader in the digital transformation of rural territories as well as a key actor of sustainable, safe and comfortable mobility. After only 6 years in operation, the French company has already convinced over 100... more


An Italian company, specialised in smart manufacturing in the microelectronics sector (in particular motor-drive) is seeking services agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance; the partner can be from any country.

of complete embedded applications. The referral sectors are: electronic, mechatronic, electric motors, mechanical electric mobility, fluid dynamic and materials dynamic. The company support 9 employees . The... more


Power factor correction as communication interface

or more to meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive. ECPLC can be integrated into the power supply of a load and send data, e. g. coupling messages for control and billing systems in the electro mobility,... more


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