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Smart system for analysis and optimisation of mobility networks

in Europe, public transport by motor coaches, buses and trolley buses is one of the main drivers of 21st century mobility and economy, with Hungary (22,3%) and Turkey (34.9%) being the countries with the highest... more


Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

The city council has extensive experience in knowledge management and innovation programs and actions oriented to reduce polluting emissions as well as to improve the mobility services and to reduce the congestion... more


Wearable assistive mobility exoskeletons that will be affordable in non-medical markets

and IEC 62A. Recently, companies have been formed in the UK and India to develop wearable mobility assistive exoskeletons for supporting elderly persons to perform normal daily living activities, thereby improving... more

United Kingdom

A Spanish company offers smart mobility solution to optimize vehicles daily occupancy

The combined influence of population growth, demographic change and changing urban form leads to increasing demand for travel in city centers, suburbs and between the two. Demand for improved intercity mobility... more


A Belgian company develops tailored-made gamification products for local soft mobility stakeholders.

A company based in Brussels with more than thirty years of experience in the field of urban architecture and mobility has developed a product to steer companies and citizens towards sustainable mobility... more


The design, engineering and production of customized coils for manufacturers of linear motors and actuators (motion) and rotating permanent magnetic motors (e-mobility)

A Dutch SME company with growing ambitions develops and produces high and low-frequency transformers and coils and is increasingly active within the field of electromagnetics with added-value. The company places an emphasis on design know-how... more


Replicable urban regeneration model to transform together energy in buildings and districts, urban mobility and covering the integration of the city infrastructures through ICTs

fields of sustainable buildings and districts, sustainable urban mobility, and integrated infrastructures and processes. This model provides solutions in both technical and non-technical fields addressing the... more


Brussels-based start-up is looking for energy providers to test a new concept of energy and soft mobility as a service based on modular stations to enter a joint venture or technical cooperation agreement to develop this new service.

A Brussels-based start-up is addressing the mobility problem of cities by envisaging a combined community service of energy and soft mobility. The start-up is already active in... more


A belgian start-up is looking for partners active in the micromobility sector including innovative solutions not yet on Brussels market to conclude commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Mobility is identified as one of the main pains of companies and citizens. A belgian start-up based in Brussels is launching a hub on mobility to bring closer other innovative more


Intelligent roadside infrastructure unit to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety at uncontrolled crossings

The Estonian SME has specialised in developing Smart City, Smart Road, and Mobility related innovation products to improve traffic safety and urban mobility. The company intends to... more


Spanish company seeks technologies for neurological rehabilitation

A Spanish SME is specialised in helping patients with neurological injuries to recover mobility and independence. The company has an innovative clinic, designed like a gym, with more than 250 sqm and equipped with... more


Mobile forensic device for instant detection of drugs and explosives offered under commercial agreement

near to zero, especially in comparison to technologies such as ion mobility spectrometry and other screening devices. The system is flexible and capable of swiftly producing forensically acceptable results from... more

United Kingdom

An Italian company, specialised in smart manufacturing in the microelectronics sector (in particular motor-drive) is seeking services agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance; the partner can be from any country.

of complete embedded applications. The referral sectors are: electronic, mechatronic, electric motors, mechanical electric mobility, fluid dynamic and materials dynamic. The company support 9 employees . The... more


Energy load peak management system for smart control and monitoring in energy grids

with high energy loads (e.g. e-mobility charging stations, industrial processes). As a consequence, energy load peaks are generated in local (e.g. industrial parks) and regional (e.g. municipal energy networks)... more


Digital real-time management and optimisation solutions for public transport networks

leader in the digital transformation of rural territories as well as a key actor of sustainable, safe and comfortable mobility. After only 6 years in operation, the French company has already convinced over 100... more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

genetic engineering techniques, c) transcriptional regulation studies, including electrophoretic-mobility shift assays, footprinting assays, and bioinformatics of binding sites; d) transcriptomic analyses (real... more


New business models for rural areas through co-living and co-working - partners with specific expertise sought

to develop joint projects and events on a European scale covering issues such as: - smart mobility for rural areas - co-working and co-living financing models - rural value creation together with local stakeholders... more


Online rehabilitation game that mimics physiotherapy moves for motor impaired patients

with long term mobility issues, stroke patients, and patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or spinal cord injuries (SCI). Patients playing games have demonstrated a significant improvement in motor performance... more

United Kingdom

A Brussels SME offering flexible thin-film modules applicable on different surfaces is looking to join a consortium for the H2020 call LC-MG-1-12-2020

smart and clean mobility: new approaches towards demonstrating and testing innovative solutions’ within the subtopic of Innovation Action where their technology could complement the living labs. Deadline for... more


A modular platform for electric transport of various types and load capacities

An Ukrainian SME develops original engineering solutions in the field of e-mobility and industry 4.0. Innovative products of the company: A modular platform for electric transport of various types and load capacities,... more


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