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Lightweight motor for bicycles

motor for bicycles. This motor is retrofittable and can be added to almost any type of classical bicycle. The motor weighs only 500 grams. Thus the... more


Access to information contained in motor vehicles by implementation of optical wireless

, hospitals, hotels, etc. The company has developed a system for the automotive sector based on VLC technology and vehicle-to-everything (V2X). It access and manages information stored in motor vehicles. This information... more


Motor controller and charger sought for a new light and environmentally friendly aircraft

The French SME working in the aircraft domain is looking for a motor controller and charger for use in an innovative light and environnementally friendly aircraft. Technical cooperation is sought with a supplier... more


A cloud usage based insurance (UBI) platform for the motor insurance industry

become safe and eco drivers. The company is in need of finding additional partners from motor insurance industry, fleet management, ride sharing and taxi hailing sectors as well as research associates willing... more


H2020: The Ukrainian manufacturer of carbon materials and products, is looking for partners to test a new generation EF-68 graphite-polymer universal material for electric motor brushes

The Ukrainian company was founded in 1993. The manufacturer produces brush materials for electric motors. The brush-and-knot assembly is one of the most important elements that affect the operational properties of electric machines and largely... more


Environmentally-friendly glycerol-based low-freezing point liquids with potential use as antifreezes for motor vehicles, or heat transfer liquids for solar heating systems, etc...

An academic research organization, with main interests in the field of organic chemistry, has developed non-toxic liquids with low freezing points, containing glycerol and various additives, novel corrosion inhibitors, bactericides, antioxidants,... more


An Italian company, specialised in smart manufacturing in the microelectronics sector (in particular motor-drive) is seeking services agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance; the partner can be from any country.

The company is located in the North-East of Italy. The company was born in 2016 and is a research and development start up. It is specialized in the development of motor-drivers sector and permanent magnet motors... more


A Chinese company is looking for modular integrated design and control technology for intelligent lubrication system of new energy vehicle

integrated design and control technology for intelligent lubrication system of new energy vehicle. . The technology request includes: 1. integrated design of high efficiency miniaturized brushless dc motor 2.... more


A French technology transfer office offers new treatment against spinal muscular atrophy

progressive muscle weakness, atrophy, and in severe types, premature death. It is classified as a rare disease affecting 1 in 10,000 births to 1 in 6,000 births worldwide. SMA is caused by the mutation or deletion of the survival motor... more


Innovative portable balancing machines

; steel sheet • drive unit: o Ac. motor/inverter – gearbox – (direct drive) • tracking of unbalance vector o optical encoder, direct drive o photo cell, belt drive • sensor: piezoelectric • balancing quality... more


A new control method and improved topology of bi-directional DC-DC converter for energy recovery or storage

In many applications the braking energy of electric motor still is wasted as a heat in a braking resistors – as example in more than 90 percent of installed elevators. By reuse of this energy the efficiency can... more


Technology for development of 3 seater paramotor trike

para-motor trikes with 3 seats (1 pilot and 2 passengers). The pilot could be seated in the front seat or in the rear seat for education purposes; 2 parachutists could left the trike during the flight; The load... more


Low cost automation device for conventional fire extinguishers

Common fire extinguishers (hand-held cylindrical pressure vessels containing an agent which can be discharged to extinguish a fire) are typically fitted in buildings at an easily accessible location and are also often fitted to motor more


A Slovak university has developed an additive for improving the cetane number in diesel or biodiesel fuels with a significant effect on the reduction of ignition delay of fuel engines

fatty acid methyl esters (bio-components for diesel fuel). Using the proposed additive helps to achieve the European Union limits on bio-component content in motor fuels. European Standard EN 590 prescribes minimal... more


Electronic control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessel

entire foil wing. It can control the cant, the rake and other axis if needed using sensors and specific parameters like the desired height of the vessel above the water. This system can be installed on sailing boats, motor... more


Robotic ankle for research.

-Sensors: joint position, joint interaction torque, foot/ground contact (heel and toe). -Actuators: 1 DoF (Degrees of Freedom), 1 motor, strain wave gearing. -Firmware free updates. The company is looking for... more


A Chinese company is looking for distributed energy and energy storage technology

transportation, intelligent process control, motor speed control, green lighting, waste heat and pressure utilization, industrial furnace renovation and brine removal. They are looking for distributed energy... more


Solution for the measurement of material conditions sought

motor engines. The start-ups should offer solutions to measure the material condition of industrial product components or systems and transfer the information wireless to a control system. Potential partners... more


Nanoceramic coating for light alloys, superior to anodising and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO)

machinery for weaving and packaging in parts such as shuttles, rollers, discs, guides. Also, marine and motor sport companies have started using it. There are technologies on the market for wear resistance and... more

United Kingdom

Condition based maintenance and fog computing technologies sought

motor engines. The companies are looking for solutions in the field of conditioned based maintenance. So far, a lot of data has been collected from the machines, but not further processed. Due to the huge amount... more


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