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A cloud usage based insurance (UBI) platform for the motor insurance industry

become safe and eco drivers. The company is in need of finding additional partners from motor insurance industry, fleet management, ride sharing and taxi hailing sectors as well as research associates willing... more


Seeking partners related to the products for motor & controller

A Korean SME, established in 2016, is specialized in electric motors for small electric vehicles/apparatus and related application technology. Now the company is looking for partners to commercialize and apply the technology on motor... more

South Korea

Online rehabilitation game that mimics physiotherapy moves for motor impaired patients

The UK university has developed a cost effective, easily accessible gaming solution that is beneficial in any situation where physiotherapy is used to improve kinematic ability of all motor-impaired patients. Examples... more

United Kingdom

System for improving accessibility in learning platforms by using push buttons for people with different motor capacities

, ergonomic and adapted to the needs of people with reduced motor functional capacity, consisting of the creation and control of a scanning applied to a learning platform, which allows them to access to the information... more


An Italian company, specialised in smart manufacturing in the microelectronics sector (in particular motor-drive) is seeking services agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance; the partner can be from any country.

The company is located in the North-East of Italy. The company was born in 2016 and is a research and development start up. It is specialized in the development of motor-drivers sector and permanent magnet motors... more


Minimal invasive right ventricular assist device

German university has now developed an axial blood pump with an integrated external rotor motor and foldable blades, which, among other things, is characterized by removable fixation, low wear and tear and low... more


Expertise in muscle-wasting disorders and aging

harvesting, cell culture, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry…), muscle regeneration analysis in vivo and in vitro, and preclinical testing of biomolecules in animal models (behavioural and motor tests, sample... more


A Brussels based successful manufacturer of hybrid-electric (and non-electric) foldable- or modular- lightweight bikes is seeking a bike retailer for joint venture or commercial agreement whom are already active in the EU market.

L85xH74xW30cm. The motor can be of 24V as support uphill or 36V to increase speed on flat roads too. The compact battery can be easily removed for charging at home. The bike weights 10kg; 13kg with battery and... more


The design, engineering and production of customized coils for manufacturers of linear motors and actuators (motion) and rotating permanent magnetic motors (e-mobility)

, prototyping and production of both self-supporting as well as coilformer wound motor coils. The Dutch SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance to come to the next generations of the... more


Robotic ankle for research.

-Sensors: joint position, joint interaction torque, foot/ground contact (heel and toe). -Actuators: 1 DoF (Degrees of Freedom), 1 motor, strain wave gearing. -Firmware free updates. The company is looking for... more


Electronic control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessel

entire foil wing. It can control the cant, the rake and other axis if needed using sensors and specific parameters like the desired height of the vessel above the water. This system can be installed on sailing boats, motor... more


A modular platform for electric transport of various types and load capacities

electric motor, a transmission, a turning device, an adjustable ground clearance system, tire inflation system, an electromechanical disc brake, an anti-roll bar, and corresponding control sensors and electronics. The... more


Dual-fuel retrofitting of marine power engines with liquified or methane gas, allowing savings and lower pollution.

boat" has transferred the dual-fuel approach to the marine sector. The particular problem of connection of the motor to the tank with a rigid piping has been solved, showing to reliably work also for outboard... more


Established Slovak technological company is offering hemming head cleaning device suitable for use in automotive industry and robotic applications

dimensions 350 x 350mm - Nominal power input 800W at 400V/50Hz/3ph. - Cleaning time 16s (can be performed during other operation steps) - Maximum revolutions 9000/min. - Connection by motor cable + sensor cable -... more


An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel highly effective device to damp vibrations and to reduce concurrently the natural frequency of the system and is looking for licensees or investors

transmission from the vibrating part to the bearing part, • vibration damping of rotary aggregates with electric motor, • reduction of noise emitted by rotary machines or rotary aggregate also in the steady‐state... more


Nanoceramic coating for light alloys, superior to anodising and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO)

machinery for weaving and packaging in parts such as shuttles, rollers, discs, guides. Also, marine and motor sport companies have started using it. There are technologies on the market for wear resistance and... more

United Kingdom

UK SME offers a self-repairing industrial robot system which eliminates planned and unplanned downtimes for large scale manufacturers

off, isolates the failed drive, and engages the second motor instantly. A repair robot is then deployed to remove and replace the faulty drive, without stopping or hindering the on going operation. Therefore,... more

United Kingdom

Multi-skilled revamping of street lighting

sensors that can exploit the transit of motor vehicles to generate electricity. The system consists in a revamping both aesthetic and technique, compatible with all kinds of street lamp and with all photovoltaic... more


Power electronics converters, real-time simulation, controllers up to one microsecond, and development of electronic systems for control and simulation are offered

hardware and software for power electronics simulation (plants and controllers) in renewable energy applications and motor drive, with a resolution of one microsecond. 3) Electronic design of controllers based... more


Decentralized refinery of used industrial mineral oils

to regenerate oils from production processes: - Transformer oil - Turbine oil - Hydraulic oils - Engine (motor) oil The device is manufactured both in a stationary and mobile version. The reconditioning device... more


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