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Motion and navigation open platform for the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) of things

, software, etc. In this context, a Spanish company specialized in satellite navigation technologies, has developed a compact integrated motion and navigation electronic device... more


Smartphone outdoor navigation solution for blind and visual impaired people

tiles that work reasonably, but are a very expensive solution that is not always deployed. In order improve accessibility, the Spanish company has taken advantage of its expertise in the field of localisation and navigation... more


Hardware and software solution from Estonian company for super accurate GPS-navigation in real-time

The core offer from the Estonian company is an online service providing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) navigation equipment users with means to achieve superior positioning... more


New generation of S, X and all Global Navigation Satellite System bands miniature high-performance antennas for SmallSats.

Antennas are key equipment for many applications: telecommunications, navigation, radar, … With the growing demand in the NewSpace sector, particularly for SmallSats, there is a need for a new generation of antennas,... more


Smaller and cost-effective vision-based navigation solution for GPS-denied environments

sensors which include lasers, sonars or computer vision, are used as navigation tools to determine location. Besides being costly, the autonomous systems that rely on sensors are heavy in weight and/or have demanding... more


UK Software company is looking for a C++ programmer under a services agreement

The UK software company is looking for a software program developer who has experience working on C++ programs using the Visual Studio software suite. The program has been developed to assist with marine navigation,... more

United Kingdom

Spanish company offers intralogistic automation solutions through innovative technological applications.

automated guided vehicles (AGV), from small turtle AGVs to 25 tons automatic tow tractors and collaborative moving robots. The navigation solutions are wide, from magnetic guidance, laser guidance, SLAM more


Spanish SME specialized in the development of unmanned vessels is looking for commercial agreements

high effectiveness. The Ground Control Station receives and processes payload data plus navigation & housekeeping boat/engine telemetries. All data are listed and plotted in ad-hoc software applications. Boat... more


Cleaning robot swarm

this purpose a German university developed an intelligent, image-based navigation method. Several cleaning robots in the swarm divide the space between each other during the cleaning process. The method uses inexpensive... more


OPTOBIOTICS: Novel antibacterial proteins activated by blue light

they become detrimental for bacterial growth. LOV2-WH1 optogenetics governs the assembly of mutually exclusive inert amyloid fibres or cytotoxic oligomers, thus enabling the navigation of the conformational landscape... more


New Vehicle tracking solution digitizing workflows

GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) are used. Relevant information is displayed then via internet or special software. Various solutions are available. The challenge is to provide accurate data in real... more


Conflation of datasets into higher quality Digital Elevation Models, at low cost

, due to recent advances in spatial data analytics and quality control, and my solutions for the national conflated DEM. The research institution is looking for an industrial partner, active on the fields of intelligent vehicle navigation;... more


Heavy-duty drone for firefighting and agricultural operations.

of fire, which makes them more efficient in comparison to other fire extinction methods. -It is equipped with thermographic cameras and navigation systems that allow for night operations. This system sends real... more


Risk management of the effects of solar activity: device and procedure of obtaining in real time and high resolution, the Local Geomagnetic Disturbance at middle latitudes

health, or indirectly, through failures in technology that society uses daily, for example, in radio communications, terrestrial and positioning navigation systems, and even more in critical infrastructures such... more


Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), stemming from its long-term air navigation and airport industry pedigree. 3. Security The SME implements next-generation security control for Internet protocol (IP) - based... more


Integrated platform for fire-fighting management and for improved emergency response

system is mainly a telecommunication and satellite navigation service that will provide public/private/public-private companies operating in the field of fire-fighting, with the possibility of remotely controlling... more


A Brussels based successful manufacturer of hybrid-electric (and non-electric) foldable- or modular- lightweight bikes is seeking a bike retailer for joint venture or commercial agreement whom are already active in the EU market.

, mileage, battery level, riding time, avg. speed, max. speed, total mileage. It is connected by Bluetooth and can relay messages from your smartphone: SMS, calls and navigation arrows. The modular bike is also... more


Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses

working aside other sensors’ data (such as inertial measurement unit, global navigation satellite system, depth sensors etc). The software solutions can also exploit the addition of a second camera for real-time... more


German startup company offers its toolbox for the development of devices for the Internet of Things under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

, for instance: • track and trace • freight monitoring • performance monitoring • predictive maintenance • indoor navigation • smart fuelling • asset tracking The team is already working with leading German companies... more


H2020 MSCA: German large company looking for researcher with expertise in collaborative robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI

• Autonomous vehicles/systems: autonomous intelligent navigation and localisation, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, automation technology • Artificial Intelligence: Image/gesture recognition, smart learning robotic... more


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