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Super-food protein mixture as a component of food products

chemicals and preservatives. This food protein mixture used in its natural form is a fully substantial food with a naturally high content of high-quality complete protein, and with a minimum of carbohydrates. It represents a nutrition... more


Personal Decision Support System as a Mobile Application for Heart Failure Management

wristband and mobile device, and providing advice about physical exercise, nutrition, medication therapy and environment management. The solution aims at providing medical advice to patients using predictive... more


A Chinese research institution offers technology service for cannabis byproduct application in feed industry

conditions. 1.After taking off the flower leaves required for extraction of the CBD, the remaining stem and leaf can be used as raw materials to carry out evaluation on nutrition and feed value , feed processing... more


Digital solution for quick access to baby´s health information

A Southern Spanish SME from the area of e-health has developed an application for provinding quick access to baby´s health information (vaccination, allergies, nutrition, recents medications, growth charts etc.).... more


Contract manufacturer sought for innovative probiotic food

Stress, mal nutrition, lack of exercises - there are many factors which contribute to an imbalance of the body. A German biotechnology start-up will launch an innovative dietary supplement at the beginning of... more


A Chinese company seeks high-end fine chemicals, new materials technology from European market under a technical cooperation agreement.

This is a Chinese chemical industry company established in 1988 with 18 subsidiaries and employs around 4,000 staff. The company is engaged in R&D and manufacturing of petrochemical, new energy materials, nutrition... more


British start-up is seeking technology and research partners who can help analyse animal movement and behaviour.

improve the output and yield for the farmer. This means that they will build underlying capabilities in nutrition, grazing, breeding, genetics, management and farming economics that can be relevant to different... more

United Kingdom

Russian developer of an equipment for aerodynamic drying is looking for partners.

products, provided by ready powder mixes with a long period of storage and by the minimum loss of nutrition value. Selective categories are ready flour mixes, bakery products, pasta, flour confectionery, confectionery,... more


An innovative composition for the modulation of the inflammatory processes in joint and infectious diseases, such as arthritis and acne.

A Spanish research group specialized in human physiology, nutrition and biochemistry has developed an innovative topical treatment from 5-dodecanolida involved in inflammatory response. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory... more


Complex microbial preparation for increasing plant productivity based on nitrogen fixing and phosphate mobilizing bacteria

for different countries of the world. The use of biopreparations based on bacterial strains can provide a solution to this problem. The proposed preparation improves nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of plants,... more


Knowledge, methodologies and solutions for a free-residue agriculture projects

stages and to solve different problems in the crops: - Crop nutrition, including rooting compounds, amino acids and deficiency correctors - Plants resistance to problems arising from excess of moisture - Plants... more


Research and development into new fertilizers and biostimulants

The Spanish research team is focused on finding the most appropriate solutions related to the agricultural chemistry, such as scientific and technological solutions: • Improving plant nutrition. • Optimization... more


Greek technology company of the agro-food sector offers innovative insect trap for Diptera insect order attacking the olives, grapes, figs, citrus and other fruits

the insect’s trophotropism (the movement of the insect towards the source of nutrition) as well as on its attractiveness to humidity, with the outer color of the trap being an extra feature of attractiveness.... more


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