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Enzymatic/microbial platform technology offers solutions for biocatalysis for chemical, food, pharma and materials industry

Traditional ways to produce pharmaceuticals and other chemicals often require environmentally unfriendly reagents and harsh conditions, such as heavy metals, corrosive acids and high temperatures. Enzymes, functioning as proteins with green... more


Fast Track to Innovation: Spanish biotechnological enterprise seeks a research company, a big data company and a big pharma in order to develop a personalized cancer therapeutic research.

) carrying out NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) studies such as sequencing, transcriptomics. In addition, it is required bioinformatics analysis. - A big data company: to create a database with all obtained data (software). - And a big more


Solubilization and stabilization excipients for the formulation of insoluble or unstable molecules

fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, agrochemical, environmental and analytical applications of cyclodextrins. The company operates globally and partners with pharma and non-pharma... more


Small molecule hit and lead compounds for most indications

An international chemistry contract research organisation has built an extensive skillset in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. At the same time, they have built a good customer base in the Pharma industry. The... more

United Kingdom

Innovative and accurate drug delivery systems suited for injections in the dermal layer of the skin.

therapeutic areas: treatment of infectious diseases (e.g. polio), cell therapy for genetic diseases like MS, intradermal allergy testing and anti-inflammatory injections in skin diseases They are actively looking for pharma... more


Bioinformatics based platform enabling precision medicine, nutrition and cosmetics through the discovery of biomarkers

significant bottleneck of research in biotechnology, personalized medicine, pharma & personalized nutrition is the identification of accurate prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers which will enable... more


Fluorescent biosensors for multiplexing G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) functional assays

looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a licensing agreement with pharma or biotech companies, research centres or government institutions interested in accelerating and improving their... more


Improved strains for production of tacrolimus and analog compounds using genetic engineering tools and omics data

streptomyces tsukubaensis is seeking pharma companies or academic partners to provide services agreement or to form collaborative research projects in order to achieve research cooperation agreements. For this... more


Serpin inhibitors for the treatment of prion and prion like diseases - License agreements and joint venture opportunity

structural models of the binding of the small molecules with the protein should allow the identification of novel inhibitors with improved potency. The research center is looking for licence agreements or joint ventures with industry (more


Dutch SME offers cooperation and technology for production improvement of biopharmaceutical proteins and cell line development

their development. The technology is licensed to pharma companies. The technology is patented, generally applicable (cell types, selection markers, expressed proteins), awarded and commercialized by licensing... more


Investigations of physico-chemical properties in solid compounds.

special know-how and expertise, among others in European projects. They are looking for partners from the field of pharma, food and chemical industry who require discovery-to-development transition of research... more


A Finnish SME is looking for technology for harvesting blue-green algae from oceans

A Finnish SME, established in 2019, is developing a technology for refining ingredients from marine biomass (especially from blue-green algae) for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharma industries. The... more


Handheld and stationary gas leak detectors for quick and highly-selective detection of gases like methane, propane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia and refrigerants for applications in buildings, installations, automotive, energy and safety plants.

detectors can be used for a wide range of applications, such as in industrial plants, refineries, vehicles, pharma and cosmetics manufacturing, fumigation facilities, paper pulp mills, aircraft and shipbuilding... more


Method to produce enzymes

research center is looking to establish license, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements with industrial partners, mainly from the Biotech and the Pharma sectors, for entering into preclinical... more


Development of novel class of compounds for eye delivery to stop neurodegeneration in glaucoma

pharma industries specialized in biopolymers and/or surface chemistry are sought to contribute to develop and improve drug formulation and delivery solutions into the eye. The idea is to attach the compounds to... more


Development of actinobacterial platforms for production of natural products using genetic engineering tools and omics techniques

hosting, among others, a battery of four 5-liter fermenters, as well as HPLC apparatus to analyze secondary metabolites production. The research institute is looking for industrial and academic partners from pharma... more


Micro fluidic system for simulating in vivo-equivalent cell barriers

The German university is specialised in micro fluidic systems and carries out applied research in biological barrier systems. In vivo like models are very important in the field of pharma- and medical research.... more


Italian University is offering the construction of stable mammalian cell lines hyper-producing recombinant proteins to pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres

innovative application and research and development solution on recombinant protein and service agreement addressed to pharma companies needing recombinant proteins in mammalian cells in culture to produce specific... more


Self-assembled functional acrylic polymers as vehicles of bioactive compounds

industrial partners either from Biotech or Pharma sector. These types of cooperation are envisaged in order to enter into pre-clinical collaboration for drug testing and to continue researching until a clinical... more


Novel drugs for the treatment of aging-related diseases like chronic wounds, glaucoma, skin fibrosis and skin-aging.

parallel. The partner sought could be a big pharma company interested in: - A licence agreement to commercialise the technology. - A research cooperation agreement to launch clinical trials. - A financial agreement... more


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