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First 100 % plastic based solar thermal system

An Austrian SME developed the first all-in-one solar thermal system made of 100 % polymers replacing high-cost individual components. The Austrian company itself is acting internationally with subsidiaries in China and India offering international... more


Non-combustible plastic door with excellent heat resistance and insulation

A Korean company established in 2016 has specialized in construction of complex buildings, such as an apartment. It has been increasing recently, fire doors are becoming more important to reduce the casualties and prevent property loss. In... more

South Korea

Biodegradability test: Determination of aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials or residual plastic materials by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide evolved.

biodegradability of plastic materials or residual materials in soil or in contact with mature compost by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide evolved. This test method is designed to rate the biodegradability... more


New green plastic produced with milk scraps from non-edible milk

An Italian University spin-off located in Rome has developed and patented green plastic produced with milk scraps. It has characteristics of high hardness and thermal stability in a wide range of temperatures,... more


Flexible plastic displays for consumer electronics, car interiors, digital signage and other applications

A UK company has been building on its revolutionary plastic transistor technology. It is being used to develop flexible organic LCDs on plastic that remove the constraints of glass... more

United Kingdom

New solution offered for welding, heating or bending plastic parts such as hoses and tubes

network that can be used for welding, heating and bending materials that have a sufficiently high dielectric loss factor like PCV, PA or PET. Therefore, this solution is able to treat plastic parts like hoses,... more


Fast Track to Innovation - FTI: Producers of rubber or plastic components for medical devices sought

A research institute of a German university, which is active in the area of contact mechanics and polymer friction and with experience with H2020-projects, is looking for partners for the above mentioned call. The aim of the proposal is to reduce... more


An italian creative hand-craft laboratory that produces handmade jewels is seeking for experts in plastic materials.

processing PET or plastic materials structurally comparable to PET. The PET is a transparent thermoplastic material, whose peculiarities have intensified its distribution and consolidated its use in the daily... more


Single-step process for the production of wood-plastic composites (WPC) for application in the construction sector and automotive industries

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) stands for the combination of a thermoplastic matrix with wood particles. WPC has found increasing applications in many areas, e.g. automobile industry and building sector, and has... more


Small Italian company in the furniture sector is looking for technical expertise and know-how in plastic materials

with foreign partners that can offer innovative know-how and technology solutions for the production of new plastic items. The aim is to expand the production in the plastic field... more


Technology for low cost manufacturing of singly and doubly curved composite and plastic panels without a mould.

. This technology is distinctive in realizing affordable one-offs and small series of composite and plastic products. For the manufacturing an adaptive mould is used, which reconfigures itself to the required... more


Cost saving surface pretreatment technology for optimizing gluing, coating, imprinting or painting of plastic parts and other components.

Plastic parts/surfaces for e.g. automotive or packaging applications often have to be coated, imprinted, painted or glued on other materials. A common problem with such nonpolar surfaces is the low adhesion which... more


Determination of the degree of disintegration of plastic materials under simulated composting conditions in a laboratory-scale test

A Spanish research centre specialised in plastics and composite materials offers its expertise and technical competencies for the development of tailor-made test for determining the degree of disintegration of plastic... more


Continuous close-loop fast pyrolysis technology for processing plastic, organic and end-of-life tires (ELT) waste

Cypriot engineering SME specializing in waste management solutions is offering a continuous close-loop fast pyrolysis technology for processing plastic, organic, and end-of-life tires (ELT) waste. The company represents... more


A Spanish research organization is looking for a test bench for high strain rate characterization of plastic/metallic/foam/composite materials

Spanish international application-oriented research organization specialized in the development of solutions for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and suppliers (TIER) for transport and energy sector is looking for a test bench for high... more


Single-step process for the economic production of natural fiber composites (NFC) like wood-plastic composites (WPC) for various applications e.g. in the construction sector and automotive industries

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) stands for the combination of a thermoplastic matrix with wood particles. WPC has found increasing applications in many areas, e.g. automobile industry and building sector, and has... more


JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-SYS-01-21: Spanish research institute seeks large companies in the field of production of plastic water tanks

work in the design, selection of the material and production of the plastic container which should be a thermoplastic material. Optionally, this company could work also in the production of the thermoplastic composite... more


Complete know-how and show-how for manufacturing decking boards, fences, and cladding made of wood-plastic composites is offered for licensing or joint venture

Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) are composite materials made of wood flour and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). In addition to wood flour and plastic, WPCs can also contain other... more


[EUROSTARS] Spanish company is seeking an electric bicycle manufacturer and a polymer manufacturer to design a plastic material which enables the production of a lighter shaft drive transmission for the bicycle.

mechanical engineering firm, with experience in transmission and bike design, has detected the opportunity to improve the existing shaft drive transmissions substituting the metal of the gears with Polyphthalamide (PPA), an advanced plastic... more


Patented soil mulching technology with environmental advantages

soil mulching is widely applied. Mulching can be simply obtained by laying cheap plastic foils on the ground, with holes evenly placed where the needed vegetables should grow springing off the soil. The positive... more


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