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Power cable management for mobile construction machine

. By using low-noise solutions the construction site could be prepared already very early in the morning without disturbing residents. Currently the mobile electric construction machines have to be connected to the electrical power... more


Power factor correction as communication interface

communication or control unit, particularly current-modulated data are suitable. These are virtually uninterrupted and can only be detected within limited network areas. A German university developed an electric current power... more


Intelligent control system in electric power substations of the transmission and distribution grid, improving voltage quality and reducing power losses.

A Greek SME specialized in designing and producing advanced electronics solutions is presenting a highly affordable and operational system for controlling the voltage quality and the power losses of the transmission/distribution... more


Power unit technology: Multi-sources micro co-generation unit

The Czech university department is offering cooperation in commercializing their innovative solutions. The multi-source power unit developed by Czech university department is intended primarily for applications... more


New immersion heater controller: controlling Power to Heat

: the PV system produces energy while the sun is shining. The energy produced is used as household power, e.g. demostic or elctrical appliances. The controller redirects the the excess energy to an electric heater... more


Monitoring and control of off-grid power systems

The power sector has the biggest potential for replacing fossil fuels and cutting emissions thanks to renewable sources of energy. However, this will require strong investments into transition from the currently... more


Innovative modular sea and ocean wave electric power generator.

This Bulgarian SME is situated in North-east of Bulgaria and is working in the field of renewable energy sources and marine technologies. The power generator is to be positioned offshore in shallow waters, fixed... more


Power unit technology: Multi-sources micro co-generation unit

The developed multi-source power unit is intended primarily for applications in housing estates and, where appropriate, for small, less energy-intensive manufacturing sites and plants. The unit's main target is... more


High power fuel cell for portable and mobility application

conventional fuel cell systems. The novel hydrogen-powered fuel cells are lightweight and compact power sources with specific power of 1.2 kW/kg for a 0.3 kW system and 1.6 kW/kg... more


Greek company active in power electronics is looking for European suppliers of electric power transformers and auto-transformers under a commercial cooperation agreement

The Greek company has a long-standing experience for more than 27 years in the field of power electronics and provides a wide range of products that are able to support any power... more


Zero-power receiver for touch communication and touch sensing

school of technology proposes a receiver that is able to be “always-on” for receiving data/signals. The receiver is able to achieve down to microWatts of power consumption. This energy consumption is so low that... more


Device for power grid parameters optimization offered for manufacturers

The presented technology is located in Czech Republic, originating in university, which has rich experience in heavy industry environment and this is one of the reason why the presented technology arise. The technology is completed and the prototype... more


Controller and communication system development for grid-converters applied to power quality and renewable energies.

The Spanish research group has worked on projects with both public and private companies in the development of communication and control systems for power electronic converters that operate as an interface with... more


H2020-SC3-RES-1-2019 : Companies with expertise in photovoltaics fabrication, power device, sensors are sought

The objective of the PROXY consortium is to develop a solution addressing the issue of efficient energy conversion. The consortium will develop novel approaches for the fabrication of power devices/ PV cells /... more


Marine power pedestal with monitor and air conditioning system for yachts

A small Italian company designed and patented a new marine power pedestal providing electricity and water to moored yachts and, with two upgrades, air conditioning/heating and any kind of multimedia contents through... more


Power metering device and method for correcting error of MOF (Metering Out Fit)

A laboratory of electric power of South Korea has developed a technology to diagnose and measure the error of MOF(metering outfit). Customers who use high-voltage and the large current cannot utilize direct measurement... more

South Korea

Controller and communication system development for grid-converters applied to power quality and renewable energies.

The Spanish research group has worked on projects with both public and private companies in the development of communication and control systems for power electronic converters that operate as an interface with... more


Automated data analytic technology that is applicable on power plant equipment operation.

A Korean company founded in 1961 specializes in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. The organization came up with the idea of technology because they found out that the data analyzing system performs on the power-time... more

South Korea

Monitoring of water release during vacuum treatment of high power capacitors

quality control of small evacuated sealed devices whose functionality inherently relies in the low level of pressure. The techniques and skills are particularly suitable for developers and producers of vacuum devices. In high power... more


Business hour indication and prediction service based on real time power consumption

The Korean research is engaged in the development, transmission, distribution and related sales, research and technology development, overseas business, investment or appearance, and real estate utilization business of electric power... more

South Korea

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