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Device for automatic testing of power capacitors offered for licensing

A team of the Czech researchers have developed and successfully tested a new device, which principle is based on the invention that tested power capacitor is complemented with a low-loss inductor with loss factor... more


Power optimizer for photovoltaic modules

Today it is still a challenge to make photovoltaic modules more efficient and safer. Therefore, a German SME has put their focus on the development of power optimizers for the photovoltaic market that increase... more


Simple low-loss power converter allowing great energy savings.

An established research institute of a Swiss university of applied sciences has invented a new topology for highly efficient switched mode power converters with low electromagnetic interferences (EMI). Along with... more


Multi-purpose solar power plant with increased efficiency

The solutions currently available on the market can only generate electricity (solar panels) or produce hot water (solar collectors). The Czech inventor approached this problem by designing a solar power plant... more


System to generate ultra-short high-power pulses in lasers

Industrial partners from in laser sector are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement. Ultra-fast high-power sources of radiation Today’s fiber lasers stand out for their stability, simplicity... more


A range extender technology package is offered as a subsystem for hybrid power management systems to be used in automotive, marine and power generation applications

A Dutch SME, spin off from an urban mobility developer, is since 2008 active in developing hybrid power management systems, and is offering its range extender technology package for further adaptation and development... more


Innovative exoskeleton to boost workers' strength and performance without using electric power

completely mechanical, requiring no electric power to function. It provides assistance to the wearer's shoulder muscles as they lift heavy objects, reach above their heads, or perform other physically-taxing activities.... more


Low power, robust communications technology for smart metering, transport management etc.

A multinational SME, headquartered in the East of England, has been investing heavily in their technology for low power self-forming, self-healing radio frequency (RF) mesh networks. Such networks are best suited... more

United Kingdom

In-space power generation system based on floating electrodynamic tethers with low work function.

A Spanish university presents an in-space power generation system based on floating electrodynamic tethers to be use under the presence of ambient plasma and geomagnetic field, like Low Earth Orbit around the Earth.... more


Nanofluids for efficient heat exchange systems of power engineering, transport and industry

The Ukrainian scientific group from institute that established in 1949 made lab tested nanofluid samples for heat exchange systems of power based on aluminum silicate and carbon nanotubes. It could be used in engineering,... more


Innovative fish lift sluice - combined fish lift and lock system (which benefits both power plants and fish population)

needs no mechanical operation. The patented fish lift system guarantees both continuity of flowing waters in addition to the continued growth of the fish population near power plants. This brings benefits for... more


Dual-fuel retrofitting of marine power engines with liquified or methane gas, allowing savings and lower pollution.

/ gasoline. The engineering has been developed in collaboration with a company operating in the power engines sector. The use of dual-fuel power engines for terrestrial vehicles... more


Power electronics converters, real-time simulation, controllers up to one microsecond, and development of electronic systems for control and simulation are offered

hardware and software for power electronics simulation (plants and controllers) in renewable energy applications and motor drive, with a resolution of one microsecond. 3) Electronic design of controllers based... more


Novel smart management algorithms for integration and control of renewable and energy storage systems in distribution power networks.

underlines the importance of an introduction novel flexible power network architectures and develop new network management algorithms. The Spanish research institute focusing on the electricity network management... more


Slovak university is offering a new water power plant: a portable physical model of a pumped storage hydro-plant

control algorithms, and in shortening a test phase before their implementation in an industrial process. The main market for the result are universities and research laboratories. The technology could be also applicable in water power... more


Real time emulation of electrical power networks, test environment for research, development and testing of control algorithms in energy systems.

Renewable energies integration in electrical power networks is, sometimes, the key to make renewable energy enter the system. This integration represents new control algorithms that can connect them to the energy... more


Expertise in coatings and nanomaterials for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants for applying to H2020 R&D projects

-coatings with advanced properties and is currently working in projects related with thermal solar power plants. In this way, in thermal energy storage, the centre could provide improvements in different systems... more


A Korean energy company (floating solar power system on water) is looking for technology-transfer and licensing partners

A Korean company specialized in developing, designing, producing and maintenance work of solar power system is looking for a partner to cooperate under a license agreement and commercial agreement with technical... more

South Korea

UK-based SME offers unique immersive experience incorporating mixed reality and the power of story to partner organisations under commercial agreements

Storytelling is an art used in many sectors to connect and engage with customers. Developments in technology have increased the scope for more innovative storytelling that can truly immerse the audience and increase their engagement. To be most... more

United Kingdom

A Korean company specialized in hybrid solar panel is seeking European partners for its hybrid concentrated photovoltaic module under commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement.

The sun offers the most abundant, reliable and pollution-free power in the world. However, problems with solar energy, namely the expensive cost and inconsistent availability, have prevented it from becoming a... more

South Korea

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