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Horizon 2020: FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking – consortium seeks partner in the area of laser physics and molecular quantum control

Cutting edge quantum technologies are currently being used in the areas of communications, computing, and sensing. This project aims to extend the application of quantum technology... more


Polish university presents new class of high quality luminescent semiconductor quantum dots having positive surface charge and is looking for license agreement

The researcher group from Technological University from Poland which deals with production of high luminescent, semiconductor quantum dots having positive surface applicable in several types of industry such as... more


Single photon detection based on superconducting nanowires

amplifier reaches less than 15 picoseconds timing jitter. Important market segments are scientific and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) markets : • Quantum information technology (inclusive quantum... more


French Technology Transfer Office proposes a process to create a single photon source used in telecommunications sector or in scientific instrumentation

intercept messages, confidential data,… The quantum cryptography is new way to secure information exchange based on the quantum mechanics’ theory. The new French approach consists... more


License for SQUID-based noise thermometer to measure thermodynamic temperatures in the low-temperature range

A German research institute active in metrology in Germany has developed a SQUID-based (superconducting quantum interference device) noise thermometer to measure thermodynamic temperatures in the low-temperature... more


Post-processing antioxidant for polymers

developed an antioxidant system completely different to the traditional ones, because it is applied directly upon the surface of the polymeric material. The water-based formulation comprises the use of metal atomic quantum... more


UK-based SME offers its novel fluorescent molecular imaging probe technology to companies using fluorescent imaging in their products and workflows under a technical cooperation

core, encapsulated within a surfactant. These particles are brighter and more stable than currently used technology such as fluorophores and quantum dots, making them more sensitive. They are also non-toxic so... more

United Kingdom

Software for virtual design and optimization of Organic Electronics (OE) material and devices

custom-tailored solutions to address the clients’ specific needs. Their services include software licenses, software adaption and scientific consultation. The software runs on high-performance computing (HPC) architectures (32 cores and more),... more


Looking for producers of drones, including sensors and software, for inspections of marine structures

projects gets closed – or not started – as the overall costs seems too high for profitability. In the same time, quantum leaps has been taken in other industries introducing Internet of Things, digitalisation,... more


Hungarian research centre is looking for partners for developing miniature spectroscopy device based on a patented broadband near-infra LED technology

LEDs exhibit internal quantum efficiency as high as 0.6-0.9. The number and the position of the emission peaks can be tuned by controlling the composition and the dimension of the layer structure. The typical... more


Fast response Terahertz and far-infrared sensor for the inspection of complex coumpound or structure using spectroscopy or imaging

a research lab dealing with quantum physics in the Paris region. * Challenged markets : On one hand, infrared and far-infrared imaging are commonly used as a Non-Destructive Control (NDC) method for default detection... more


A Dutch SME offers Photonic Integrated Circuit modules based on silicon-nitride waveguide platform technology

such as beamforming, wavelength multiplexing, filtering and quantum computing. Life Science Since the PIC modules also operate in the visible range, applications in life sciences can also benefit from photonic... more


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