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A Japanese cyber security company has developed an endpoint security software to detect unknown threats.

The Japanese company is a cyber security software developer that is now approaching the EU market after successfully expanding in Japan and the US with their products. The company offers seeds based R&D in Cyber... more


[EUROSTARS2] A Korean IT security company is looking for R&D partner in developing the next-generation intelligent security gateway and cloud-based integrated security information analysis system based on edge computing for IoT system security

This Korean IT company was founded in 2006 to support IT security business firms that are trying to obtain IT security evaluation and certification on the basis of the Common Criteria(CC),... more

South Korea

Looking for a consortium for Security - Human factors SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020

societal challenges. They are currently looking to participate in a Security project with their expertise in gender and the role of women in post-conflict areas. Through a network of partners with ties to women... more


Eurostars2: The Korean company looking for developing Internet of Things(IOT) security technology

The Korean SME established in 2004 has been a portal system development company based on global web agency. They are interested in web-based security technology, such as IoT security... more

South Korea

Plug & play technology for local and cloud data security in enterprises and SMEs

The volume of digital data is growing (estimation of 40 Zeta bytes by 2020) and at the same time the data management security has become more complex due to the backup policy and the legal compliance (some companies... more


H2020 - SU-ICT-02-2020 Cyber security : a French SME expert in the IoT sector is searching for a consortium

offers a more secure and quicker transition towards IoT business and connectivity. Thanks to strong internal expertise in electronics & software, it can be your partner to tackle a new IoT Business. By following the security... more


A Korean SME is seeking a commercial and technical partner for their customized network security equipment and servers

Companies that are sensitive to their confidential information and newly developed technologies should have reliable network security equipment to protect valuable information by taking good care of their network... more

South Korea

Slovak company is offering technology for security of voice communication via commercial agreement with technical assistance or via joint venture agreement

A Slovak technological company specialised in the area of communication security has developed patented technology in the field of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) communication security.... more


A Dutch leading accountancy, tax advice, governance, risk management and compliance consultancy company is looking for automated solutions that may support medium sized companies in international trade compliance and security.

may help in assessing the validity of third parties and third party transactions in order to protect the small, medium sized companies and to improve their international trade compliance and security. Cooperation... more


Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures

prevention and management of potential disasters. Those in charge of coordinating the security will be able to minimize the risks currently taken due to a scarcity of available information, which in general is... more


Synthesis and development of a new type of phase relief nano-optical elements rebuilding 3D images with a full parallax

in short period of time, reduction of the used raw materials. The commercially available hologram technology is extremely complex, slow and unstable for manufacturing of thick or volume holograms. The old technology for documents security... more


A Polish company of mobile solutions for financial and public institutions is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance

A Polish company has been building innovative mobile applications since 2004 (as a part of another, mid-sized Polish security solutions vendor). In 2012, as a result of a spin-off, the company is working as an... more


European Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA – i.e. Local Police) required for a H2020 project proposal aimed at empowering LLEA to fight against crime and terrorism.

One of the main challenges proposed by the European Union within the framework of the H2020 research is that of secure societies, establishing for this concept a general perspective. Security is a first magnitude... more


UK-based SME offers its expertise in textiles and headwear manufacture to companies looking to incorporate technological devices and sensors into textile products

to aid diagnoses and promote wellbeing in healthcare and sports, and in providing intelligent textiles solutions for personal protective equipment and security. The materials and devices used for this therefore... more

United Kingdom

Russian company specialized in neural networks is looking for international partners for technological cooperation

. The technology allows you to analyze the data and make predictions. Some of the analogs include international frameworks developed by transnational companies. Applications: the public sector (voting, access control system, security... more


Secure communication for emergency responders

Authorities and organzisations with security tasks require wireless communication systems that guarantee a particularly high degree of reliability against unauthorized interception or even manipulation of transmitted... more


Greek organisation that provides certification services seeks innovative technologies in the fields of environment, bioplastics, food and sustainability.

The Greek organisation is a subsidiary of an international organisation which has a long-standing experience in the provision of integrated audit, inspection and certification services for security, safety, quality,... more


Innovative software technology for law enforcement and decision making in traffic management

A software development company from B&H founded in 2013 is specialized for customized, complex business solutions development based on Microsoft .NET technologies. It currently employs 17 experts working mainly with security... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Portuguese company specialised in intelligent computer vision software is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or services agreements.

The Portuguese company´s potential applications include: security for places (theft, suspicious motions, covered faces, area breaches, crowd formation, and weapon detection), safety for workers (bad posture, excessive... more


UK-developed ultra-high hardness lightweight steel for armour is available for licence

hardness lightweight steel has multiple applications, e.g. in compound (fortification) protection, security barriers, and other wear resistant steel components such as digger buckets. The company is looking to... more

United Kingdom

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