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Plasma sensor

plasma sensor is based on the so-called active plasma resonance spectroscopy, whereby the sensor itself is flush-mounted in the wall of the reactor and thus does not affect the process.... more


Chip-integrated optical sensor

A Berlin-based German university active in the field of optics has developed a prototype (maturity level 1) of a label-free, integrated HCG-based optical sensor. (A high contrast optical grating (HCG) is a single... more


Novel molecular sensor.

hampered by the low affinity of the cAMP binding moieties employed. A German university has now found a new biosensor that shows a higher sensitivity and a faster response in order to detect cAMP molecules. The inventors of the new sensor... more


Colorimetric sensor for detecting formaldehyde

extremely low detection limits, they required expensive instrumental techniques and experienced laboratory personnel that carry out the measurements. Furthermore, in the case of formaldehyde sensor based on enzymatic... more


Colorimetric sensor for detecting formaldehyde

extremely low detection limits, they required expensive instrumental techniques and experienced laboratory personnel that carry out the measurements. Furthermore, in the case of formaldehyde sensor based on enzymatic... more


UK SME offers sensor for finger-prick glucose monitoring devices

-based SME has developed an electrochemical measurement sensor for glucose monitoring devices. This sensor offers improved speed of response, reproducibility of results and sensitivity... more

United Kingdom

Holographic sensor for detection of adulterants in essential oils

essential oil in the photopolymer makes possible to detect an adulteration of the essential oil by means of the optical technique. The sensor consists of two laser beams and radiometers. The laser beams pass... more


German company offers optical oxygen gas sensor for serial production and licensing

-sea to space. The company recently developed an oxygen sensor for gas measurements that has a similar geometry like the conventional galvanic sensors that are widely used in gas monitoring. These sensors are found... more


Miniaturized ice detection sensor for aerospace and automotive applications

optical communications, hardware security and sensors. The system offered is a miniaturized ice detection sensor that not only detects the presence of ice but also identifies its type (glaze, rime, mixed) and... more


Sensor-based and machine vision waste sorting equipment

A Spanish company based in Barcelona, with more than 10 years of experience providing innovative solutions of sensor-based sorting for recycling, waste treatment and various industrial processes, has designed a... more


Looking for inductive sensor-based solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metals detection to be integrated in sensor-based sorting equipment

The Spanish company is a sensor-based sorting specialist in a wide range of waste material sorting solutions, including optical sorting. They are looking for metal detection solutions for the separation of ferrous... more


Advanced sensor concept for positioning and / or loading tasks in industry and logistics

carbon fiber reinforced plastic components. The company offers sensor and positioning technology that was developed within a sensor suite for large gantry cranes. This sensor... more


Sub-micron accurate, infrasonic (ultra-low frequency) vibration and absolute movement sensor

respect to the reference position. Therefore, a movement is measured in units of length (nano meters), and if the movement is repeated, then it measures the movement as a function of time. Since the sensor is... more


UK-based SME offers implantable sensor for glucose measuring and monitoring

devices fail to deliver consistent readings which can have a very detrimental impact on patient wellbeing. A UK-based SME has developed an implantable electrochemical sensor that can measure glucose levels with... more

United Kingdom

Cloud-based system for utility meter and sensor data collection and monitoring

In many cases there is necessity to collect various data. The best way is to use remote data collection approach. Especially convenient are cloud-based systems for meter and sensor data collection, providing frequent... more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

The novel magnetoelastic deformation sensor was developed by an established Slovak scientific research institute. The proposed technology uses the magnetoelastic phenomenon in amorphous metallic ribbons. Real conditions... more


A Korean optical semiconductors and sensor manufacturer is searching for a German automotive OEM suppliers and optical sensors companies

A Korean company develops and produces industrial sensors and element-level parts based on optical semiconductors. In the sensor industry, the extension of the application sphere brings the necessity of developing... more

South Korea

Fast response Terahertz and far-infrared sensor for the inspection of complex coumpound or structure using spectroscopy or imaging

10 THz (working range of current prototypes is 2,5 THz). As compared to bolometer and Golay cell detectors, the innovative THz and far-infrared sensor can operate in ambiant temperature with a high sampling rate.... more


A Greek company is looking for a company from abroad to supply or co-develop an electronic sensor for waste bin fullness monitoring.

. Investigating the current needs of the Greek market and with an innovative approach, it seeks for technological support to obtain an electronic sensor for monitoring the level of waste into a bin. The Greek... more


Fabrication technology of an Au optical Nanopore sensor for single molecule analysis such as DNA, RNA, protein

Nanopore sequencing is a fourth-generation approach used in the sequencing of biopolymers (i.e. DNA, RNA). Not like conventional sequencing approaches, nanopore sequencing provides relatively low-cost genotyping, high mobility for testing, rapid... more

South Korea

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