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Plasma sensor

plasma sensor is based on the so-called active plasma resonance spectroscopy, whereby the sensor itself is flush-mounted in the wall of the reactor and thus does not affect the process.... more


Novel molecular sensor.

hampered by the low affinity of the cAMP binding moieties employed. A German university has now found a new biosensor that shows a higher sensitivity and a faster response in order to detect cAMP molecules. The inventors of the new sensor... more


IoT sensor hub solution for commercial applications

architecture is able to support up to 50,000 sensors on a single network and suitable for nation-wide or municipal-wide deployments with very high density of sensors. The proposed industrial grade IoT sensor... more


A highly sensitive quartz temperature sensor – a method of manufacturing

additionally diminished by putting the investigated sample and the sensor of the quartz thermometer in an aluminium block, which is placed in the working chamber of the thermostat. It is established that the more


Chip-integrated optical sensor offered under license or research agreement

A Berlin-based German university active in the field of optics has developed a new idea (maturity level 1) of a label-free, integrated HCG-based optical sensor platform technology. (A high contrast optical grating... more


German sensor manufacturer is looking for plant engineering companies

The German company founded in 2001 focused in the development, manufacture and distribution of microsystems. This includes components as well as electronic and electromechanical assemblies and devices. The product portfolio comprises: > pressure... more


Non-enzymatic lactate sensor system for intensive care applications

similar situation is given in the field of bio fermentation and environmental testing. Neither shall sensor material components contaminate the sample nor should the sensor surface... more


Solar-Powered Electronic Controller for Sensor Data Transmission.

The Bulgarian research unit conducts R&D in off-grid applications, remote monitoring and control, encrypted communication, sensor data, etc. They have excellent experience in international collaboration and project... more


Miniaturized ice detection sensor for aerospace and automotive applications

optical communications, hardware security and sensors. The system is a miniaturized ice detection sensor that not only detects the presence of ice but also identifies its type (glaze, rime, mixed) and measures... more


Advanced sensor concept for positioning and / or loading tasks in industry and logistics

carbon fiber reinforced plastic components. The company offers sensor and positioning technology that was developed within a sensor suite for large gantry cranes. This sensor... more


New technology for development of load cells with integrated MEMS sensor

has a technology for development of MEMS silicon devices. The new product presents a load cell with integrated MEMS sensor. The well known commercially available load cells on the market are with integrated strain-gauges.... more


[EUREKA/Eurostars2] Partners sought for development of products that apply on smart environmental sensor

particular, they can perform all processes from material development, synthesis to calibration, in-house and provide customers with high performance and reliability based on them. Furthermore, they are developing a complex sensor... more

South Korea

German company offers optical oxygen gas sensor for serial production and licensing

-sea to space. The company recently developed an oxygen sensor for gas measurements that has a similar geometry like the conventional galvanic sensors that are widely used in gas monitoring. These sensors are found... more


H2020 ICT-47 Novel safety sensor system for high-power collaborative robotic systems

) Application and integration of novel non-visual sensing methods for service robotics (including off-board, ambient and multi-scale sensing) to achieve new functionality. The aim of this research area will be achieved by using different more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

The novel magnetoelastic deformation sensor was developed by an established Slovak scientific research institute. The proposed technology uses the magnetoelastic phenomenon in amorphous metallic ribbons. Real conditions... more


Novel Electromagnetic Sensor for Contaminations in Fog Based on the Laser-induced Charge Effect

in the fog. These detectors should be triggered on when a toxic substance is detected in the environment and triggered off when the concentration of this substance falls below predetermined threshold. The ideal sensor... more


An electrical stable electrochemical sensor device based on Electrolyte-Gated Field-Effect Transistor (EGFET)

samples, etc. The sensor can also be inserted into a microfluidic circuit in order to achieve a compact device that only requires a very small sample volume. The Spanish research institution is searching for... more


Fast response Terahertz and far-infrared sensor for the inspection of complex coumpound or structure using spectroscopy or imaging

10 THz (working range of current prototypes is 2,5 THz). As compared to bolometer and Golay cell detectors, the innovative THz and far-infrared sensor can operate in ambiant temperature with a high sampling rate.... more


UK SME offering ‘vision control sensor’ solution for robotics seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance and joint venture partners.

: 1. Vision system and sub-components for safety 2. Advanced sensor technology for monitoring 3. Robotics electronics for unmanned vehicles The newly released solution (VCS for “Vision, Control & Sensor”)... more

United Kingdom

An established Slovak research institute has developed a pressure sensor for extreme conditions and is looking for licensees or investors

A team of breeders from the Slovak research institute has developed a piezoelectric pressure sensor. based on GaN material substrate, intended to operate in extreme conditions of high temperature and chemically... more


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