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Innovative magnetic proxy evaluation of soil pollution

various methods for evaluation of soil pollution. The institute has long-term experience in international collaboration and project implementation. Soil pollution can cause serious... more


Patented soil mulching technology with environmental advantages

An Italian start-up company, working in the agricultural field, has developed and patented a solution for soil mulching, that improves the traditional systems both in terms of disposal and environmental impact. In... more


Magnetic method for estimation of soil erosion and re-distribution

evaluation of soil pollution. The institute has broad experience in international collaboration and project implementation. Land degradation caused by soil erosion is a serious... more


New generation deformation sensor with application in civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics

, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics and other fields (e.g. placement of buildings in a terrain with unstable geological features). The institute is looking for an industrial partner for licensing... more


Optimized extraction of PLFA (Phospholipid Fatty Acid) from soil for gas-chromatographic analysis

able to perform various chemical analyses. Within the Romanian research institute, a group of researchers has developed a method for the extraction of PLFA (Phospholipid Fatty Acid Analysis) from soil for gas-chromatographic... more


An innovative Italian start-up is looking for collaboration in R&D for geotechnical, chemical-soil interaction and raw material management

. The SME has developed a series of experimental protocols able to provide in a short time the elements necessary for the management of the injection of chemicals into the soil, adapting to the companies' requirements... more


Patented technologies for the decontamination of soils polluted by organics contaminants

The Belgian company invented a mobile thermal system for thermal desorption. This process heats the soil to a level where pollutants vaporize as they reach the gas phase. The technology extracts and recovers contaminants... more


Cost-effective base and sealing layers made from resisdue materials for waste disposal sites, brownfields and fallow land

-developed mixing process. The mixing process can however be carried out with conventional equipment. The product has a homogenous structure. Its shear strength is similar to that of granular soil, whereas the... more


The company that carries out ecologically safe organic fertilizers production allowing to obtain bio-gas is looking for partners

organic fertilizer at planting, fertilizing all types of agricultural crops, forestry, horticulture, as well as resuscitation and soil restoration. Ecological products company allow to enrich plants with humic... more


A Spanish technological center is searching partners to complete an advisory board for a Fast Track to Innovation - Horizon 2020 project

of soil-borne pathogens growth with an efficient, cost-competitive and sustainable disinfection method and elimination of non-recyclable agricultural plastics. Soil pathogens are... more


Innovative production process in hydroponics to overcome the critical issues of hop’s production

overcome the critical issues of the cultivation on soil: the production is protected from atmospheric agents (greenhouse), the crop per square meter is four times higher, significant savings in water and more


Romanian company seeks the integration of its farming management system with other complementary systems.

fertilization, seeding, and harvesting could be achieved. Collecting information from sensors, the system monitors vital soil, air, and light parameters, sends the information to a central unit where the database... more


UK company with an IOT based farming management solution is looking for test partners and investors

Farmers have challenges to monitor soil health and to guarantee yield efficiency in all seasons. Irrigation and energy costs increase day by day and farmers need to have new ways to improve their farms' management.... more

United Kingdom

A Greek SME has developed an advanced simulation software package and is looking for cooperation with other entities for dealing with various engineering challenges under a technical cooperation agreement

solutions to various engineering problems such as multi-cracking fracture mechanics problems, outdoor & underwater acoustics, soil mechanics, radiation and scattering etc. The company is currently looking for... more


Research and development into new fertilizers and biostimulants

physiological action of biostimulants (humic substances and amino acids) and its impact on the mobilization of nutrients in the soil. • Study of effectiveness of chelates of micronutrients, especially iron. •... more


An Italian company specialised in development and manufacturing of wireless technology IoT devices is seeking services agreements

• Sensibility 0.2 mm • Average accuracy +-2% • Leaf wetness sensor WMO • Power supply 3.6 V lithium battery 3 years duration or external 12 Vdc • Data transmission 15 minutes - GMH-S/GMPH-S Soil moisture and... more


Innovative greenhouse heating technology for cost effective plant growing

heated, but surrounding objects, plants and soil, or gas heating systems heating the whole volume of a greenhouse. The SME from Latvia has developed a heating system which is based on circulating air helping to... more


H2020 CE-SFS-36-2020: looking for industrial partners in Europe and farming organisations in South Africa

, ceramic tubes or products. Another type of partners sought are South-African farmer organisations or agricultural companies that will be willing to test the different combinations of types of tubes and fertiliser formulation, adapting the... more


Decision support system for precision kiwi fruit cultivation

-dimensional soil water balance and plant disease. The user can control the actions performed in the field and correct the model’s outputs. The expert system combines all the outputs, including models, forecasting... more


Satellite data exploitation system for precision coffee farming

timely and accurate information and suggestions to improve coffee farming. The data collection system collects hourly weather data. Mathematical models calculate every day all the plant growth outputs, three-dimensional soil... more


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