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Innovative Solar Tracking Technology

The German SME has more than 30 years experience in solar energy; is one of the leading technology engineering companies for concentrator and collector design, experts in structural engineering, optics, drive system,... more


Korean company offers solar powered road lighting device

The Korean company was established in 2015, specializing in traffic-safety facility production and has developed a road lighting device. It possesses both Korean and US patent about solar road marker. The company’s... more

South Korea

Technology for automatic cleaning of solar panels

The institute from Latvia, involved in physical energetics field, have developed a technology for solar cells to increase the efficiency of work by determining the degree of surface contamination and ensuring appropriate... more


Subtle concrete solar bench offered for licensing

Czech R&D Institution has developed a high-performance solar bench which is offered for licensing. Public and private investors into public space require solutions that offer durable furniture design with protection... more


Multi-purpose solar power plant with increased efficiency

The solutions currently available on the market can only generate electricity (solar panels) or produce hot water (solar collectors). The Czech inventor approached this problem by... more


Robust self-cleaning coating for easy solar panel maintenance

Current self-cleaning coating products in the market tend to be less durable or allow a reduced amount of the light to be transmitted. For solar panels, coatings are generally applied in two ways. Solution-based... more


Nanocoating for solar thermal collectors with a 98% absorption coefficient

Ukrainian institute established in 1918 working in a field of inorganic chemistry. Institute developed the light-absorbing nano structured composite material for the coating light absorbing area of the solar collector... more


Solar-Powered Electronic Controller for Sensor Data Transmission.

solar-powered electronic controller for sensor data transmission is developed for applications that require independence of the electrical power grid. The power supply is provided by two solar... more


A Brussels SME offering flexible thin film solar modules is looking for a company that can provide induction/laser technology for the development of wireless solar modules.

A Brussels-based SME active in the field of flexible thin film solar modules and specialized in offering EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services for the installation of flexible thin film more


Ukrainian University invented Frenel solar energy concentrator, which produce electricity and heat water

Ukrainian University is looking for partnership / investments to bring this innovation to the market and start to sell it to customers, energy companies and countries. The solar-energy concentrator, based on... more


[Eureka/Eurostars2] Seeking partners to cooperate development of solar high-reflective paint

A Korean company has been focused on high-tech materials for display industry and materials of automobile component since it was established in 2001. The company develops paint which can reflect solar light. The... more

South Korea

Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop an evaluation for nearly zero energy solar architecture

energy solar architecture derives from high energy consumption as around 25% of energy and 50% of it is expected to be used for cooling and heating. Solar architecture is a kind... more

South Korea

Expertise in coatings and nanomaterials for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants for applying to H2020 R&D projects

-coatings with advanced properties and is currently working in projects related with thermal solar power plants. In this way, in thermal energy storage, the centre could provide improvements in different systems... more


A Korean energy company (floating solar power system on water) is looking for technology-transfer and licensing partners

A Korean company specialized in developing, designing, producing and maintenance work of solar power system is looking for a partner to cooperate under a license agreement and commercial agreement with technical... more

South Korea

A Korean company specialized in hybrid solar panel is seeking European partners for its hybrid concentrated photovoltaic module under commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement.

The sun offers the most abundant, reliable and pollution-free power in the world. However, problems with solar energy, namely the expensive cost and inconsistent availability, have prevented it from becoming a... more

South Korea

A Korean company seeks a technological or research partner to collaborate on optical barrier tapes used on thin-flexible

In recent years, the solar power industry is getting more and more widespread and thriving, but in contrast with the commercial property market, the residential solar market is becoming... more

South Korea

Risk management of the effects of solar activity: device and procedure of obtaining in real time and high resolution, the Local Geomagnetic Disturbance at middle latitudes

to the solar activity: Electric power companies, Railway Network, Telecommunications, Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, etc. and it could also be of special interest to insurance companies. more


Technology for converting light radiation into electrical energy

The institute from Latvia, involved in physical energetics field, have developed a technology that relates to converters of light radiation energy into electrical energy, and can be used in manufacturing high-efficiency elements for solar... more


High reliability sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications that can be cost effectively produced in larger quantities

detector outputs to a satellite control subsystem, called Attitude & Orbit Control System (AOCS). This approach enables the AOCS to derive solar aspect angles needed to know how to de-spin the satellite and where... more


Romanian research institute is looking for partners to develop industrial applications for copper delafossite in the frame of a technological cooperation agreement

dopant) can be tailored according to individual client’s needs. The products offered can be used for the various applications such as the solar cells (CuCrO2, Mg-CuCrO2, CuGaO2, Fe-CuGaO2), batteries (CuFeO2),... more


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