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Off-grid solar charging system with stand-alone payment process

areas in a good number of countries within Sub-Saharan Africa, this UK-based company sees large potential for joint development and roll-out of an affordable and sustainable off-grid solar energy charging solution... more

United Kingdom

First 100 % plastic based solar thermal system

An Austrian SME developed the first all-in-one solar thermal system made of 100 % polymers replacing high-cost individual components. The Austrian company itself is acting internationally with subsidiaries in China... more


High flux solar simulator for testing materials, solar concentrators, receivers, PV modules and daylighting devices

High temperature solar thermal and thermochemical technologies require concentrated sunlight to achieve temperatures in the range of 300–2000ºC to produce fuels, commodities, and electricity while high-concentration... more


Solar photovoltaic monitoring system coupled with dual fuse method

energy generator. Therefore, the company developed solar photovoltaic monitoring system coupled with dual fuse method. The company came up with the idea of the technology applicable with remote monitoring and... more

South Korea

24 hour solar electric energy without conventional battery

manufacturing, safety systems and green energy. It has developed a new solar system, which can be especially applied to hot areas. The system has an over night capability and is interesting for islands. The system... more


Industrial IoT (internet of things) control and monitoring solution for solar and wind renewable energy plants

Following a global strategy, the energy industry sector intensifies its effort in lowering the dependency on fossil fuels by providing sustainable and profitable renewable energy sources. To achieve sustainable final energy consumption targets... more


Innovative solar photovoltaic cells which can be integrated in urban furniture

available on the market were basically based in passive solar energy concepts leading to energy saving depending on different insulation materials for the facades and roofs. In the last decade the concept of energy... more


Wet bench technology for chemical processing in microelectronics, solar and biomedical industry

operations in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology sectors (photovoltaic, solar, biomedical industry). Wet benches are essential components in the production and treatment of silicon wafers through... more


Solar energy system for producing hot water up to 140 ºC

and industrial sector, has developed an innovative high efficient system for the production of hot water from solar thermal collectors which allows significant energy savings. The solution developed consists of... more


Environmentally-friendly glycerol-based low-freezing point liquids with potential use as antifreezes for motor vehicles, or heat transfer liquids for solar heating systems, etc...

An academic research organization, with main interests in the field of organic chemistry, has developed non-toxic liquids with low freezing points, containing glycerol and various additives, novel corrosion inhibitors, bactericides, antioxidants,... more


Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop an evaluation for nearly zero energy solar architecture

energy solar architecture derives from high energy consumption as around 25% of energy and 50% of it is expected to be used for cooling and heating. Solar architecture is a kind... more

South Korea

Advanced process for efficient hydrogen production through photoelectrochemical solar water splitting based on a new photoelectrochemical cell design and a new module architecture

reforming or through expensive water electrolysis. An alternative method for the production of hydrogen without harmful waste products represents the method of direct solar water splitting. But until now hydrogen... more


A Korean company specialized in hybrid solar panel is seeking European partners for its hybrid concentrated photovoltaic module under commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial agreement etc.

The sun offers the most abundant, reliable and pollution-free power in the world. However, problems with solar energy, namely the expensive cost and inconsistent availability, have prevented it from becoming a... more

South Korea

A Korean company is seeking an international partner for their technology/know-how in energy generation & storage management system integration

The main activities of the Korean company are concentrated on the renewable energy integration business (solar/wind/geothermal power), and it possesses substantial expertise in smart energy platform design and... more

South Korea

High reliability sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications that can be cost effectively produced in larger quantities

detector outputs to a satellite control subsystem, called Attitude & Orbit Control System (AOCS). This approach enables the AOCS to derive solar aspect angles needed to know how to de-spin the satellite and where... more


An intelligent metering device for predicting the output of photovoltaic systems

performance in highly variable conditions is difficult without the use of precise data. When calculating the expected power yield from a system, there are many uncertainties in the estimation, but the solar resource... more

North Macedonia

A Chinese company is looking for equipment and technology of amorphous silicon thin film deposition for HJT cells

manufacture 500MW photovoltaic industrial chain. Crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell (HJT) is a semiconductor device composed of amorphous silicon thin film and crystalline silicon material. It has... more


Organic derivatives for the manufacture of electronic devices

Organic semiconductor materials The demand for energy is increasing solar energy is the future. Organic photovoltaic cells (obtain electricity from solar radiation) are the alternative... more


[EUREKA/EUROSTARS2] Partners sought for plasma lighitng technology development

A Korean SME has specialized in research and development based on South Korea, and the company develop devices for inspection of solar light and for a variety of investigation and supplies them to national and... more

South Korea

Self-cleaning additive for paints and coatings

material, which enforces the self-cleaning efficiency and helps in covering a wide range of solar light spectrum. These characteristics enhance the product attributes and benefits of the resultant paints and coatings.... more


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